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Brothers if you have been following my country Nigeria election that will be coming up by 14th and 21st February 2015, you will agree with me that Satan is thirsty for blood and he is looking for the u fortunate ones and that was why Jesus Christ withdrew from the crowd when they wanted him to be their human king in a world he has said no to Satan's offer in which as his disciples we are follow sooth accordingly based on the instruction not to be part of the world and for that reason the world will hate just as they have hated him.

Brothers can you imagine what they use as the title of their news headline. Please kindly click on the link and see what Satan is up which he knows he has already failed. Please read http://www.nigerianeye.com/2015/01/2015-elections-jehovahs-witness-asks.html

Your opinion please. Thank you.

Bro. Peter


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"He warned that their belief was not consistent with biblical teaching, adding that if such teaching is followed it could lead their members to imbibe false doctrine that could lead them to hell."


Wow that's some irony right there.....




Anyhow, I have no opinions for you bro, you know the facts. This IS Satan's system, and yes, we MUST respect the authorities and laws but we are still citizens of the Jehovah's Kingdom under Christ Jesus.


Here's an upbuilding thought, however:

The brothers here in Germany, 70 years ago, went to concentration camps because they refused to be part of an earthly Kingdom, despite the bible's command to respect the worldly authorities. Think about that for a minute.


And we in Germany have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Many people respect this decision. According to this pastors logic, Jehovah's Witnesses should have served Hitler. And we don't even need to discuss whether that is the case.


We can be so proud of our strict, Christian neutrality!!!

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interesting article...

 it draws attention to our neutrality.

  and Why we are neutral. 

  it quotes the bible.

  while pastors spew false doctrine with no mention of scriptural backing.


  "When our reporter sought the views of non members, especially pastors, their response was contrary to the teaching of the Witnesses."

 of course, because "the teaching of the Witness was strongly embedded in the Bible".


 best of all it advertises the King and his Kingdom :thumbsup:

                   At that time those who fear Jehovah spoke with one another, each one with his companion,

                             and Jehovah kept paying attention and listening..." ~ Malachi 3:16

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If anyone is a thinking person, they would wonder why the witnesses show the scriptures that they abide by but one preacher supposedly quoted a scripture and the other didn't even bother. 

Most people can reason that God's Kingdom is not here on earth now with all the bad stuff going on. Also most people think that anyone involved in politics is a liar and hypocrite. 

Another thought is many people do research to learn that "hell" is not a bible doctrine or they have turned away from God due to the "hell" doctrine so that last person's quote would make a thinking person wonder what Jehovah's Witnesses teach. 

I think this article even though trying to be negative toward Witnesses may get some spiritual people thinking about what Jehovah's Witnesses really do teach. 

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I recommend reading the Watchtower article from November 1st 1999 that somebody is quoting in the comments.


Not available on the WOL but the Watchtower Library


As far as I know, partaking in elections may lead to compromising your Christian neutrality and therefore losing your privileges, but not to being "excommunicated"


Maybe an elder could elaborate on this.

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