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Iraqi army stands ‘no chance’ if ISIS continues intl recruitment & brainwashing

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“If Daesh [iSIS] continues to recruit so many from other countries, then no army in our region can stand up to it,” al-Abadi said in an interview with the German magazine. “They keep on recruiting people, they have huge financial resources and, honestly, a uniformed army alone cannot face it on its own.

They are very powerful because they are ideologically motivated.


Well..  they have to stop influx of new recruits ....  control over religion would help ..or better still ..removal of religion !


Full article here: http://rt.com/news/246881-iraq-isis-recruitment-abadi/

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Man was created as an intelligent creature with the desire to explore and understand :)


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They are a Force for sure.

So Glad we have Jehovah.

Whilst preaching online. One guy asked why is it happening all over the world?

I have been reading up on their tactics.

Girls between 14 yrs & 18 are runing away from home to support these mobs. They see the action & want to come home but can't escape them.

Their tactics..they paint a promising future.

"It's a known fact that eighty decibels of rushing water is one of the most pleasing sounds known to mankind. On other hand, ten and a half days at sea is enough water for anybody." 


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Interesting. I saw this April 1st,

Iraq declared a "magnificent victory" Wednesday over the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in Tikrit, a key step in driving the militants out of their biggest strongholds.

Iraqi Defense Minister Khalid al-Obeidi made the pronouncement, saying security forces have "accomplished their mission" in the monthlong offensive to rid Saddam Hussein's hometown and the broader Salahuddin province of the militant group.

"We have the pleasure, with all our pride, to announce the good news of a magnificent victory," Obeidi said in a video statement. "Here we come to you, Anbar! Here we come to you, Nineveh, and we say it with full resolution, confidence, and persistence," naming other provinces under the sway of the extremists.


I guess they aren't as unbeatable as previously thought.

Plan ahead as if Armageddon will not come in your lifetime, but lead your life as if it will come tomorrow (w 2004 Dec. 1 page 29)





Soon .....


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I think this is a follow-on on what the Taliban started.  That was pre-internet days, and it relied on that shocking 911 incident and its subsequent terror.  Offshoots spread in other muslim lands aimed at mainly non-muslims for shock value - Bali, other bombings in Kenya etc.  When the heavies weighed in with the 2 Gulf wars, it looked like "traditional" containment procedures would work initially.

But this has spawned another growth of offshoot terror organisations - fueled by the internet, and at first it looked promising (in the word's eyes).  It happened first in Iraq with the removal of Saddam.  Then the muslim nations themselves joined in.  They called it the Arab Spring, but it really unleashed the monster as the "restraint" of oppressive governments holding some sort of control gave way to instability and growth of new underground and overt movements, like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  And the islamist minority groups in Syria opposed to Assad, the last man standing.  To the west at least, these minorities seemed like other groups in search of liberation from non-democratic dictatorships. 


But it is more complicated, it turned out.  The monster is unleashed, and it is wrecking it's effect on all muslims and westerners alike who are in opposition of its ideology.  And that ideology is very appealing to the huge numbers of oppressed minority groups all over the world - even disaffected non-muslims are joining in the slaughter.  Doesn't that show it is not a man-oriented ideology? Satan has united his earthly hordes with his propaganda to bring some sort of "peace", or submission by slaughter. That even white youths in Australia, never having been indoctrinated in any way by islam, but highly negative about their future in western society (who can blame them for that bit), have been misled.  One youth did manage to avoid the scrutiny of border security and managed to join isis, dying as a suicide bomber (see http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/content/2015/s4196697.htm ). And incidents in London, Paris and other communities show that the dangerous indoctrination is within communities now, all aligned with the aims of the terrorist cells and branches of isis and others that are joining in this huge, sick, power trip. To unify the world under the banner of islam - their version of course.

The only chance humanity has is Jehovah's Kingdom, and how much clearer this is now than when I first learned the truth back in the MAD days of the 1980's with the cold war still raging.  Things are really MAD now, and satan knows his time is crucially short so it's his last hurrah.  This is really the time to stay firm and steady in the truth and keep very busy in spiritual activities, and hang on to the true reality of the situation.  The CO's talk this time was regarding not being "terrified" at what is to come.  We are very close.  I'm just so grateful we know the outcome and can try to help others to find real peace.

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The monster is unleashed, and it is wrecking it's effect on all muslims and westerners alike who are in opposition of its ideology.



* edit * - I meant to say, that the monster, now released, is wreaking its effect on all who oppose its ideology.

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