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Yes, I had 5 actually. 3 of them were R.V's that I made on people whom I haven't seen all winter. They were all exceptionally chatty. Made me feel like they were waiting for me to come back.  :tea:


The 4th was with my struggling bible student of 15mths. I had been feeling less than enthusiatic about continue to study with her (wanted to pass her on to someone I felt could motivate her) because, she hasn't attempted to come to the mtgs. Well, she had a changed in her household, (3 people moved out), and she states, she now feel free to come to the mtgs, because she wasn't comfortable leaving them in her home. So...we'll see :ok:

 Last, but not least...your smiley post made the top five! So what made you smile today?

Psalms 51:6 "In the secret self...may you cause me to know sheer wisdom"

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That sounds like good reasons to smile Yvette ;)


Mine? I woke up and it is Friday! That is one. Thinking of my assembly on Sunday and I am excited! (2)

On my way to work, I had to walk against a strong wind and for some reason, I found it funny how the wind made me feel like I was as light as a feather! A little and it would have had me flying! (3)


I work in Kindergarten, we were watching a movie today (we had a PJ day) and a little girl tells me: Miss, I am boring this movie! I am forgiving up! (4)


Then on my way home: the sun came out! First time since Monday...I smile back to it (5) and make a detour to walk a bit and enjoy it as who knows how long it will last!


Then tonight reading posts here always make me feel connected to a large family, which feels nice. (6) Actually, I cannot wait to see some here. Anyone having their assembly in London Ontario on Sunday?


There is always a blessing here and there throughout the day! We just need to count them!

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You sound poetic.

Anyway it's Saturday in India here.

Got up. Cleaned and brushed the toilets and the bathrooms. Had a good breakfast. Waiting for my wife to bring me coconut sweet she made. Anyway enjoy the assembly.

And what was the movie you were watching.

We will be watching how to train your dragon 2 today.

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You sound poetic.

And what was the movie you were watching.


This must be the 1st time someone has told I sound poetic.... :) It is pure coincidence, don't have that talent at all.

We were watching Lego - Trucks. The boys won the vote this time. I ended up taking those not interested in the movie play an extra 30mn outside, that was much nicer any way!

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Oh I do have a reason to smile today. I went to a Pioneer Seminar today although it wasn't "mine."

You see, mine was held when I hospitalized way back in December'14. So I just figured there's next year, so I didn't worry about it. Then last week while in service with a sister from another congregation, she mentioned her seminar which was held today. I was totally dumbfounded when she mentioned it.

So there I was sitting right next to her today and two other sisters which one missed hers too from illness, and another sister who wanted to come because hers was being held when the kids were dued back to school from the Easter vacation and she didn't want the conflict. And to top it off...drum roll...my son and his wife were there it being their Circuit, as well as other friends I knew but not knowing it was their Circuit too. Oh we all had a grand time!!

Jehovah certainly knows how to provide!!!!!

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