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Our color season here, in Michigan's central Upper Peninsula, is running about two to three weeks behind schedule.  Normally, we would be past peak colors and many of the trees would have already dropped their leaves.  This year, the leaves haven't even begun to change colors yet.   According to the info below, the reason for our delayed Autumn may be related to a warmer than usual Fall...so far. ^_^ 


Why do tree leaves change color in fall?



The vivid yellow and orange colors have actually been there throughout the spring and summer, but we haven’t been able to see them. The deep green color of chlorophyll, which helps plants absorb life-giving sunlight, hides the other colors. In the fall, trees break down the green pigments and nutrients stored in the leaves. The nutrients are shuttled into the roots for reuse in the spring
As leaves lose their chlorophyll, other pigments become visible to the human eye, according to Bryan A. Hanson, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at DePauw University who studies plant pigments. Some tree leaves turn mostly brown, indicating that all pigments are gone.
Burgundy and red colors are a different story. Dana A. Dudle is a DePauw professor of biology who researches red pigment in plant flowers, stems and leaves. Dudle said:
"The red color is actively made in leaves by bright light and cold. The crisp, cold nights in the fall combine with bright, sunny days to spur production of red in leaves – especially in sugar maple and red maple trees. Burgundy leaves often result from a combination of red pigment and chlorophyll. Autumn seasons with a lot of sunny days and cold nights will have the brightest colors."




Anybody else missing their color season? :unsure: 

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LOL :lol:  I ain't 'missing' Fall.  I meant that our Fall is MISSING...as in, 'missing in action'. ^_^ 

I hate Winter, too. :wacko:  I have to look for the beauty in it, or I could never endure our 

"...nine months of winter and three months of bad snowmobiling."   :D

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We are planning an extended weekend trip to Manitoulin Island (in Ontario, Canada for those geographically challenged ;)), leaving after work on the 22nd (it's a six-hour drive if you don't stop anywhere, but we will make a few pitstops, both for me and for the pups - just not at the same stop). I really hope we don't miss the colour display, as that is the only bright spot until next spring.

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We are actually in sort of a drought.

We've only gotten 7 inches of rain in the past four months.  

Normally, we get about 16 inches from June 1

through September.  

That hurricane in the Atlantic may drench us, though.

We are supposed to get high winds from it.

Hopefully, those high winds will blow in a little rain. ^_^ 

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I miss home in Michigan but not the frigid winters. Getting out in service in the winter was brutal but the preaching had to get done. We did a lot of letter writing, apartment high rises during the winters. After a good day in service warm cocoa or hot tea with a cinnamon stick to warm up my bones lol lol

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