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The Young Messiah

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I'd be a little suspect, seems to be a lot of biblical or biblically based movies coming out. Im suspect because people in general don't get the significance of Jesus' baptism  and how the knowledge he didn't have prior opened up to hiim.

<p>"Jehovah chooses to either 'reveal' or 'conceal' - cherish what he reveals and be patient with what he conceals."

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I will not watch this. I see it's written by Anne Rice. Didn't she state she's atheist or some other odd religious stance. I'm not 100% sure. I do know she wrote all those vampire books.

"May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart Be pleasing to you, O Jehovah, my Rock and my Redeemer."

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I'd recommend avoiding this one. The film implies child (maybe even baby) Jesus had special powers, you can tell by the scene in the trailer where he's at the beach with friends and making clay birds and breathing life into them. This is a common, known miracle by Jesus found in the Quran, along with other stories like that newborn Jesus spoke to those present exclaiming he is a prophet of God. They have their origins in apocryphal and sometimes gnosticistic writings.  The claim that young Jesus breathed life into birds does originally come from the gospel of Thomas as mentioned earlier.



The text describes the life of the child Jesus, with fanciful, and sometimes malevolent, supernatural events, comparable to the trickster nature of the god-child in many a Greek myth. One of the episodes involves Jesus making clay birds, which he then proceeds to bring to life, an act also attributed to Jesus in Quran 5:110,[1] although Jesus's age at the time of the event is not specified in the Quran. In another episode, a child disperses water that Jesus has collected. Jesus, aged one, then curses him, which causes the child's body to wither into a corpse. Another child dies when Jesus curses him when he apparently accidentally bumps into Jesus, throws a stone at Jesus, or punches Jesus (depending on the translation).

When Joseph and Mary's neighbors complain, they are miraculously struck blind by Jesus. Jesus then starts receiving lessons, but arrogantly tries to teach the teacher instead, upsetting the teacher who suspects supernatural origins. Jesus is amused by this suspicion, which he confirms, and revokes all his earlier apparent cruelty. Subsequently he resurrects a friend who is killed when he falls from a roof, and heals another who cuts his foot with an axe.


Gnosticism in this sense is a perverted, Satanic form of Christian gospel. What is gnosticism? WOL says



Ideas of a purely symbolic resurrection were later developed by a group called Gnostics. Believing that knowledge (gnoʹsis in Greek) could be derived in a mystical way, Gnostics combined apostate Christianity with Greek philosophy and Oriental mysticism. For instance, they held that all physical matter is evil, and for that reason, Jesus did not come in the flesh but only seemed to have a human body—a belief called Docetism. As we have seen, this is precisely what the apostle John had warned against....

Gnostics believed that spiritual things are good and that all matter is evil. Reasoning that all flesh is evil, they rejected marriage and procreation, claiming that Satan originated these. Some of them believed that since only that which pertains to the spirit is good, it does not matter what a man does with his physical body. Such viewpoints resulted in extreme life-styles, either asceticism or fleshly indulgence. The Gnostic claim that salvation came only from mystical Gnosticism, or self-knowledge, left no room for the truth of God’s Word....

Such Gnostic gospels often claimed that the prominent apostles of Jesus misunderstood his message and that there is a secret teaching that Jesus passed on that was understood by only a select few.* Some of those Gnostics believed that the physical world was a prison. Therefore, the “creator god” of the Hebrew Scriptures was actually a lesser god who was opposed to the various perfect gods. One with true “knowledge” understood this “secret” and sought release from physical existence.


According to some other gnostic views, Jesus wasn't the son of God but a human being who achieved a higher state of consciousness.


So if you're not okay with watching movies with deep, dark, satanic content, you'll probably want to avoid this one.

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On 3/1/2016 at 11:26 AM, Omo_Yeme said:

Yes, I read somewhere that she is an atheist.  She was the screenwriter for that old Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt movie "Interview with the Vampire". <_<


To this movie coming out I would say :nope:.

She (Anne Rice) was raised in an observant Catholic family but became an agnostic as a young adult.  At least, that is what I read on Wikipedia.

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