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Beef Burgundy Pot Pie

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I made a wonderful new dish today  by combining a few of my favorite dishes.  It was easy but time consuming --definitely not a 30 minute meal. I took a grass feed package of stew meat since I had it on hand, but a roast would have worked just as well.  I browned the beef cubes in a small amount of coconut oil then transferred them to a crock pot.  


Then I prepared a savory, rich batch of Burgundy mushrooms with whole pearl onions.


4 pounds white button mushrooms--as small as you can find/or cut in half
1 litre Burgundy wine (other dry red wines will work)
2 cups boiling water
1/2 pound (2 sticks) butter
1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon dill seed
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
4 beef bouillon cubes
4 chicken bouillon cubes
4 cloves garlic, peeled
 And  2 lbs pearl onions Hold back to use in the pan gravy.


Clean mushrooms with a damp rag and put into deep Dutch oven pot.  (Not the rag-just the mushrooms.) Add remaining ingredients except onions I used frozen 2 pkgs--and then bring to a boil then turn down heat to a low simmer.  No lid please because you want to let the wine reduce.  It took about 6 hours for this to happen--once the liquid got down to about 2 cups I removed the mushrooms then added the onions which had thawed out from sitting in the fridge.  Bring the onions to a boil then add a package of frozen carrots.  Add a package of brown gravy mix which has been throughly mixed in 1/2 cup of water to your onions and carrots.  You will have a georgeous rich, thick shines brown sauce with rustic cut vegetables in it.  


To the crock pot I added enough mushrooms, onions and carrots to make my  beef Burgundy for the pie.  The remaining mushrooms I refrigerated to use as a meal along crusty French bread later this week.  After mixing the beef, mushrooms, onions and carrots I laddeled them into a large oblong casserole dish and covered with phyllo dough then baked till the crust was layered and flakey, perfectly golden brown.  I have done this before using individual ramekins and deep onion soup bowls for individual servings.  


There is no comparing a Pot Pie to this decadent, rustic dish.  It takes Pot pies to a whole nother level. This is as close to a fancy looking dish I will ever get.  


I made a large casserole and 4 individual dishes which I took to two couples that needed a lift in there circumstances.  It was so much fun to see the look of surprise on their faces.  I also added a mini bottle of Champagne in a cheap vase loaded with ice--and made my own miniature ice buckets.  I delivered the pot pies with clear cellophane wrapped around them and a rope string tied around the top.  Made such a beautiful surprise!





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1 hour ago, LeslieDean said:

I made a large casserole and 4 individual dishes which I took to two couples that needed a lift in there circumstances.  It was so much fun to see the look of surprise on their faces.  

You surprised me as well. I read the above as it took two couples or  4 people to lift the casserole. Lol.


Thought it was a desperate Dan Cowpie you were making. :D

First Desperate Dan Cover (1984).jpg

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I use to make and keep beef and chicken stock if my freezer when I had kids at home.  Now I do not have a separate freezer but only the two smaller freezers within the frigerators.  So no extra space just for broth.  I usually use the jars of paste but the too must be refrigerated after opening.  I just find these quick to add extra flavor for quick recipes.  I also drop a couple in a pot of water for boiling potatoes for mashing or for flavoring pastas

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