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Call to ban teaching of creationism in schools.

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These people never give up! Daily Mail article.

Ban teaching creationism at school, say academics

By Fiona Macrae

Last updated at 1:27 AM on 19th September 2011

Science curriculum must evolve: Sir David Attenborough says creationism should be banned from the classroom

Science curriculum must evolve: Sir David Attenborough says creationism should be banned from the classroom

The teaching of creationism should be outlawed in school science lessons, a group of leading scientists have said.

And the curriculum should be changed to ensure evolution is taught from when children start school, according to academics including Sir David Attenborough and Professor Richard Dawkins

Those behind the call for ‘evolution not creationism’ say teaching that God created the world is dangerous and must be prevented by law.

Drives by creationist groups at schools mean there is a sense of urgency, they add.

Evolution – the idea that we are shaped by advantageous genes being passed through generations over billions of years – does not feature in the national curriculum until the time of GCSEs.

The discussion of creationism and the theory of intelligent design – a view that evolution is fine-tuned by God – is encouraged but not part of the curriculum.

Prof Dawkins, a geneticist and author of the God Delusion, said last night: ‘We need to stop calling evolution a theory. It is as solidly demonstrated as any fact.’

Jack Valero, of Catholic Voices, said evolution should not be used to suggest God does not exist.

Dr Peter Saunders, of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said pupils should be taught to respect all views about how life began.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2038992/Ban-teaching-creationism-school-say-academics.html#ixzz1YPRWrLe5

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Thankfully when this was debated on the BBC Radio 4 News programme today they had Professor Dawkins versus, not a creationist, but a School Science teacher. This teacher made the point that he did not like the way this petition by 'scientists', to be enacted from Primary school onwards, Demands that they teach Evolution as fact and not mention creationism. He says he teaches deductable Science = Scientific answers based on the logical conclusions from the evidence revealed by repeatable experiments. The beginnings of things (meaning universe and various life on it) happened only once a very long time ago and none of us was there, so anything we say about it is a non-repeatable experiment,therefore, in his view, Scientifically was only a theory. Dawkins then spoke about evolution's datable data and mentioned the fact some believe aliens could have brought life here, but how and where did aliens start is a question, which sounded more like the way 'a politician uses distracting answers to not answer the previous statements' the teacher brought up.

Actually, I would be glad they don't teach Creationism in schools. It's Satan's tool to make Bible believers look foolish, with it's 6 literal creative days and dinosaurs left out in the rain at the Flood and other ridiculous non-Biblical ideas I've heard from these so-called 'literalist Creationists'. Leave teaching Creation to those who believe it like it really is - and we know who they are!

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Attenborough, Dawkins et al must be really worried by Intelligent Design theory - they have really stepped-up their anti-theist campaign in recent years.

Creationism has been around for a long time, but previously it was not considered to be worth attacking. The ID theory is a much more reasonable approach, being misrepresented by these men as "creationism in disguise".

The inferential reasoning used in ID is used in exactly the same way by scientists working in other disciplines, and indeed is the basis of the SETI programme! (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence).

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In line with your thought Christopher...I liked this readers comment ...at the end of the article...

Evolution is simply ridiculous if you're really honest about it. Why has Dawkins dedicated his life to discussing something which he doesn't believes exists, God? What a stupid waste of his life! Would I take my education from someone who spends his time like this? NO WAY! If evolution had really been proven then we wouldn't still be having discussions like this one would we? If survival of the fittest was the natural way then why do we look after the weakest in our society? You can't have it both ways! One final thing, if evolution was true then there would be nothing wrong in going out into the street and killing other people. God is in charge, he has the right to make the rules and we have no right to break them. We can deny things but that doesn't make them non-existent.

- Rob, North Yorkshire, 19/9/2011 7:10

these atheists are like apostates....if we are so simple why do they feel so threatened?....

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