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The surat trip

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13 minutes ago, dilip kumar said:


Recently I went for a business trip to a state called gujarat.


Sharing many photos of the trip.


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 I am not sying I am Superman, I am only saying that nobody has ever seen Superman  and me in a room together.

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Sorry for taking four months time to share what happened on my trip.
Pls read this interesting passage

When I reached Surat I was not sure where I would stay.
Though there were plenty of lodges I always feel a creepy feeling going and staying alone in a lodge.
So I always wish to stay with a jw family.
But this was a new congregation.
I don't know anybody here.
Nobody knows me.
I came to know that there was a family who spoke my mother tongue.
Was little happy.
They may invite me to their home.
Also I am going to a place which has around 70000 wholesale shop dealing in sarees.
So I wanted someone who would accompany me to buy.
I know many of the trades were not righteous.
They may not send the right goods.
So my requirements were
To stay with a jw family,
To get home food
Someone to accompany me the whole day.

The family who spoke my mother tongue said they were unable to accommodate me.

(Ironically I had not even asked them to arrange for my accommodation. )

All this took place on phone before I reached there. 

So I got down at the station. No idea where to go or How to purchase.

Felt  lonely and left out in a big Hindu city.

So after some thought I decided to go to the Kingdom Hall first.( it was Sunday morning when u landed there. ).
I had a feeling that Jah will arrange something for me.

At least some guidance I may get. 

Went to the meeting.
Gave answers.
Meeting over. Was sitting.

One sister gave a smile and approached me.
She looked a little bit like from my wife's place.
(Malayalam speaking) and hence I asked her whether she was from Kerala. (my wife's state) 

To my biggest surprise she said she was from the state from which I came. Tamil Nadu.

And when I spoke to her in her native tongue she was more than happy.
And immediately she called her husband and introduced me.
They asked me when I came and where I was staying.
I told them the details.
They immediately invited me.

Actually they were two fleshly brothers staying under one roof.  .

both were Jehovah's witness.

Married and living with their families.


Both of them very loving invited me to their home. 

So the first issue of staying securely was sorted out .

Next after reaching their house and refreshing they asked me how I plan to go for purchase.
I said I was new to the city and everything was Greek to me.

So one of the brothers said that he would be free the next day and would gladly accompany me for purchase.
In fact he also knew of some one who would also help me in buying the required sarees.

I had no words left.
How Jehovah is grateful and protective and caring. You can just imagine.

So all my problems were sorted out.

But is that's all.


Being with the good family for two days I noticed some things which surprised me .

The two baptized brothers and their family were living very far from the city and hence

no spiritual communication with other brothers and sisters.

Thursday meeting were mostly missed.

Occasional Sunday field.

No preparation for meetings.

No family study.

And none of the brothers and sisters were able to come and encourage them.

So I understood why Jehovah God made me visit this family.
We had a good practical discussion about everything.
Family study was started .
We went to field the same evening.
And I put up a timetable for them.
They were more encouraged and happy.
It seemed that they were slowly
drifting away.
How perfectly and timely Jah guided all of us.

Also when i started back they made food for a whole days journey.

So much of love.
Thanks for reading.

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