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No one forcibly forces people to join the "Jehovah's Witnesses", they come to faith themselves. As Anton Chivchalov, a follower of Jehovah's Witnesses, told Telegraph, he got acquainted with this teaching quite by accident, when he was still a teenager, finding their literature in the house of his grandmother. "It was in the Ukraine, Lviv region, the city of Chervonograd. I was immediately attracted by the logic and reasonableness of the presentation. All this contrasted sharply with the perception of religion that I had before: something gloomy, tangled, mixed up with strange rituals, "for grandmothers," and so on, "Anton explained.


He wrote a letter to the branch of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany and asked for the literature that he soon received. According to Anton, for a while he corresponded with believers from another city, then began to study the Bible more seriously, to attend meetings - first in Ukraine, then in Russia. In 1996, he himself was baptized as a follower of Jehovah's Witnesses.

In his teaching, he was primarily attracted by reasonableness, clarity, logic and integrity. "Before that, religion was associated with me with stupidities like the holy water that my grandmother gave me (by the way, later she also became a witness of Jehovah). But I suddenly discovered that the Bible gives absolutely reasonable answers to important questions and forms an integral and logical picture of the world. For example, I still do not find anywhere a more logical explanation of the nature of evil than in the Bible, "Anton Chivchalov said.

He added that if we talk about "Jehovah's Witnesses" as people, then he sees among them the real Christian qualities. "This is brotherly love, mutual help, serious attitude to the study of the Bible, treating it as a handbook and leadership in all areas of life, zeal for the work of the gospel. This is all that today is in great deficit among other Christian churches, "Anton said.

According to a follower of Jehovah's Witnesses, his family is well-educated enough to respect the religious beliefs of others. "My grandmother and my younger brother also witnessed Jehovah, my mother is now actively interested in faith," he explained.


"Jehovah's Witnesses" will appeal to the decision of the Supreme Court, including the ECHR, therefore, not everything is so straightforward. "If the outcome is unfavorable for us, we will not be able to conduct major services, we will not be able to use those liturgical buildings that we built, to import literature. Of course, in a law-based state in the 21st century, freedom of religion should look different, "Anton believes.

At the same time, he thinks that the matter will not reach mass planting, but can reach massive fines, prosecutor's warnings, acts of vandalism, dismissal from work, confiscations, humiliations in law enforcement agencies and insults. "Unfortunately, all this has already begun, even before the decision of the Supreme Court. Here much will depend on the position of concrete officials on the ground, "Anton Chivchalov explained. According to him, our state believes that law enforcement bodies should hunt defenseless women with Bibles, and not catch criminals.

Anton explained that he had no fear. "We try to remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ:" They persecuted me, they will persecute you. " Every person, coming to the Christian faith, must be psychologically ready for persecution. And the "Jehovah's Witnesses" do not take historical experience, because we went through much more harsh Soviet and Hitler repressions, "Anton said.

"What do I feel? I feel a great responsibility to do everything in my power to help my brothers and sisters in Russia, to sanctify the name of God and to establish His Kingdom. This is the main thing that we do, in whatever country we live, no matter what the circumstances. This is something that always unites us as a world brotherhood, "the follower of Jehovah's Witnesses summed up.

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5 hours ago, Omo_Yeme said:

Do you have a link Joan?  Thanks for the information.





2017-04-28 17:00:13

Without witnesses: how Jehovah's Witnesses will live after the ban in Russia

"Telegraph" found out that the followers of "Jehovah's Witnesses" and experts are thinking about the prohibition of their activities in Russia.
Scroll down to "Anton Chivchalov"
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3 hours ago, softmouth said:

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Keep trying, you'll get it sooner or later...:)

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