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Is Trump abandoning US global leadership

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"Donald Trump's every instinct runs counter to the ideas that have underpinned the post-war international system," writes G John Ikenberry, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Princeton. "Across ancient and modern eras, orders built by great powers have come and gone," he writes in Foreign Affairs. "But they have usually ended in murder not suicide."

For Donald Trump, the exercise of American influence revolves around imposing Washington's will.

Muscular approach

"We must make America respected again and we must make America great again," he declared in April 2016. "If we can do that, perhaps this century can be the most peaceful and prosperous the world has ever known."


But there are signs that his muscular approach, while popular among supporters at home, has already caused a shift in the tectonic plates of the global world order.


Germany's Angela Merkel says the days of depending on others are "to a certain extent" over. "We Europeans truly have to take our fate into our own hands," she told supporters last Sunday.


As I read this article, and others that show Trump charging off in different directions, my mind wanders to thoughts of  'When the time comes, the nations will evidently see the need to strengthen the United Nations.  They will give it teeth, as it were ......' Revelation Climax Book  page 258, para. 21.  


As the strongest part of the Anglo American world power becomes more insular, long time allied relationships become very strained and we hear European leaders making comments like 'being unable to rely on others' it makes one wonder how much time needs to go past before smaller alliances like NATO, without the US powerhouse wholly behind it,  look to the UN for assistance and start to give it some power.  I realise that the end result of the strengthening of the UN and the growing of its teeth will be when they destroy BtG, but those teeth won't necessarily grow overnight. 


All this is just speculative reasoning,  so please don't tear me down. I am just fascinated at the speed with which this world's scene is changing and know that one morning we will all get up and realise the GT has begun. That time is very close. 

Don't give up .. it's just around the corner.

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12 hours ago, Dustparticle said:

The two horn beast in Revelation the 13th fit the description of the Anglo-Power. It is like have 2 differant personalities.

Interesting how they are both currently distancing themselves from Europe at the same time, albeit in different ways.  I wonder if it will ultimately strengthen the ties between them.

Don't give up .. it's just around the corner.

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13 hours ago, GeordieGirl said:

Interesting how they are both currently distancing themselves from Europe at the same time, albeit in different ways.  I wonder if it will ultimately strengthen the ties between them.

You have a very good point sis. And they will stand out in the very end of the last days.

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Hello and thank you for this very interesting subject 


We really see now the feet of the statue made of clay and iron that represent the Anglo American power.

these materials that show its weakness and strength at the same time...

since clay and iron do no mix well strong / and weak at the same time.

Brexit / can make  the U.K. weaker /stronger

US with all its inner opponents...(more opponents every new decision by its new president :uhhuh:)

.........strong and weak at the same time

just no other power after that

only the Kingdom of God ....the big stone that crushes all materials for ever ....

let your kingdom come ! :superman:

Daniel 2:36-44


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Remember the UN is control by the Anglo American power. The UN's biggest funding comes from America, so nations  cannot strengthen the UN in order for it to take over leadership of the world. In addition, the faithful slave has indicated that there will be no other super power that will emerge to topple the Anglo American power.

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