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Hi everyone. I'm in the proccess of examining MBTI closer and seeing what is what. I seek to both simplify and expand understanding of the system based on my own research, or just make a new one. I seek to remove the absurd stereotypes and also get to the bottom of the factuality of certain functions and types.


I seek to collect data here from people who have done the test. Right now, I only need data from Intuitive types (either intuitive feeler or intuitive thinker) and thinker types (either sensory thinker or intuitive thinker) for my current stage of research. See below for details of the infomation I need from you.



Your MBTI Type: (XXXX)


If you are an intuitive (XNXX), I wish you to read these two descriptions and then choose which one best fits you.


Intution type 1

"It perceives based on past data that was gathered by the user. It must be presented with a goal, and it must have data that already exists to work. It much studies the subject at hand much like a student would study a subject for school. Not all of the information in the textbook is relevant to the subject at hand. In that way, the student will not read through the entire book since the course may simply cover certain chapters. Eventually, much like a student towards the end of the course, what is to be perceived becomes more and more clear until, finally, what is being intuited is simply seen as a whole. The systems and models that this intuition forms are often very much long-term models and systems that will stand the test of time and hold up well under scrutiny. A long-term system building function. The more relevant information one possesses, the stronger the system that is being built. The less information one possesses, the weaker the system that is being built or the system may simply never coalesce. One idea coalesces from many ideas."


Intution type 2

"An explosion of ideas that sees every possibility, given a specific object. An appropriate visual representation would be that of a supernova. What starts as a star explodes into all of its properties removed from the object itself and completely deconstructed. This intuition does a similar thing. It completely deconstructs an object according to the ideas, symbols, systems, what have you associated with that object. It is also all about making connections. That is indeed true, but needs to have a correct base to jump off of in order to make the correct connections."



If you are a thinking type (XXTX) I wish you write pick which one of these suits you most



Thinking type 1

It is organizing and ordering the outside world; organizing both people and things to achieve a purpose. It is using logic and reasoning in dialogue with others. It is directing action, calling plays, and making decisions. It is purposeful sorting out; discriminating among alternatives. Asks questions, collects information in an orderly way, and solves problems in a systematic manner. Wants things to work. It searches for the fastest, most rational fix that solves the problem. It is  not interested in its components, unless the machine isn’t working – and then they will often try everything they can think of to fix it, become frustrated, and buy another one that works, rather than tinker with it, because tinkering with it is a massive waste of time. Excellent at planning, scheduling, and organizing the environment, sometimes using charts, graphs, outlines.


Thinking type 2

Subjectivly presumes logical order. Forms an internal framework of how the world works; and they constantly modify it to make room for improvements or new lessons they’ve learned. Seeks complete understanding of whatever interests it, down to the finest detail. It makes situations infinitely more complex and abstract. It’s not just about doing the thing, it’s about understanding the thing. Prone to being natural “fixers,” because they understand all the “cogs” of the machine they are working with. Does not rely on external infomation, but internalises and creates it's own systems.




If you are both (an NT type) please answer both sections. Thanks for your time!






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5 minutes ago, Tortuga said:

If you had a large grid with each type in each corner, I would be closer to Thinking Type 1 with a blend of the other three.


There, did you see how I tried to reorganize your project? :lol:


What MBTI type did you register as (as it's a key part of my reseach here too :P )


It's not a selection of one out of four, but as a intuitive, pick type intution 1 or 2, and for thinkers, type 1 or two of the thinking variations.  (and then people who are NTs pick a single variation of both intution and thinking)

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1 hour ago, Dages said:

1 and 1, I guess 


(INTJ or P here)


I'm not a fan of the MBTI though. 


Have you tried the HEXACO test? 


It's why I'm adapting the system and reseaching people for myself, some of the things I don't feel are concrete. And no, I havent.

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