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Scientists Have Uncovered Hybrid Of Two Extinct Human Species

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In reality it's like saying Africans and Asians mated...


The taxons they apply to these bone structures is all human construct based on a theory that "x ammount of years ago" we would have been "here" in our "evolutionary progress". So it's an assumption that defines what they think a certain skeleton found in a certain time period and area is. 


There are ancient Aboriginal  skeletons with massively different features to us, but they are regarded full homo-sapien because of the "era" and culture they were found in, take that way, you can bet they'd be calling those remains "ape men" too.


The DNA they find, will just be a variation of human DNA (still found in us today), but they just put it in a non-human catergory because they assume those bodies were not fully human. So, with DNA tests, people say "oh I'm x percentage of Neanderthal, proof of evolution", no, what you have is DNA which has been "labelled" as sub-human, which actually isn't, by definition of the ability to actually breed as @carlos said.


In fact we do the exact same thing with "national DNA", all humans are pretty much the same genetically, and someone who studies evolution in university was telling me this, and he agrees with me that the concept of "races" in the world is a man made construct, only distance seperates us, we are not "different species", even between ethnic skin tones, but in reality our differences are only skin deep. But DNA is labelled "English DNA, American DNA, African DNA" and so on, all based upon where certain genetic traits are strongest in common in a specific location, but they are still all "one race", they just went one step further with "Neanderthal" DNA and what have you, and put an arbitary "not fully human" label on it, based upon theory, when in reality, it's just another "ethnic DNA".

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