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Illustration about mercy and compassion

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Brother,can you use something like this.

Prayer is described as a door to Jehovah that we can open when we would like too., but sometimes we feel the door is closed with a locker. 
Maybe we feel it is difficult to pray to Jehovah. A locker can be we feel unworthy. I don’t feel worthy to pray to Jehovah. A sister felt like that, Elisabeth was her name, 20 years old, she says:
“Jehovah already knows about my problems. And if I’m fed up with them, I feel that he probably is too! I just don’t feel worthy to talk to 
him sometimes. What can we do if we feel like that, wasting time. Jehovah is not going to listen. The prayr is useless. 
What is the key to open the door? The psalmist David—who was no stranger to anxiety and distress—he prayed a lot, he expressed the confidence in Jehovah what we can read in Psalm 34:18.
Jehovah is close to the brokenhearted; He saves those who are crushed in spirit
So, what is the key to open the door. It is to have the same view on our self as Jehovah have. 
When we are brokenhearted, crushed in spirit Jehovah is close.


sorry for my English hope you can use some of it.


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On 8/16/2019 at 6:53 AM, Danni said:

brothers, please help; I need illustrations that shows mercy and compassion. :)

it can also be a short story. Thank you very much!

A suggestion: use the good Samaritan illustration Jesus used or make up a story with the same features in it?


i.e.  you are walking along a long road and in the distance you see an old lady weighed down with her shopping. She stumbles and all of her shopping gets strewn of the pavement... A young person just cycles past, an older person crosses over the road. When you get there, you help her up and seat her on a nearby low, wall. You pick up her shopping items and put them back in her bags but can't find her purse; (if she had it) she is happy you have helped ( you have shown mercy)...


You now feel for her that she is not going to be able to carry her shopping and she has no money for a taxi. You call a taxi and pay for it advance. (you have now shown compassion as well)


just a thought.


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Here’s a story of compassion:


On a flight from San Diego to Nashville, an elderly woman in her 90’s was feeling very anxious.  She hadn’t flown in over 15 years, and was becoming scared.  Sitting next to her was a young man, and she explained to him how nervous she was and asked if she could hold his hand during take off.  The young man did more than just hold her hand.  He spoke to her gently, keeping her calm and explaining everything that was happening.  She hugged when whenever there was turbulence, and he made sure she felt safe.  He helped get her up from her seat so she could go to the bathroom, and watched her diligently as she made her way up/down the aisle.  


But he didn’t stop there.  After the plane landed, he insisted on carrying her bags, getting her a wheelchair, and took her to where the woman’s daughter was meeting her.  A complete stranger was so willing to help an elderly woman beyond what she initially asked for.


So imagine what Jehovah can do for us?  Jehovah simply doesn’t “hold our hand” when we ask.  He provides us with comfort, mercy, and love.  Through his word he explains everything we wonder about, and with his Holy Spirit he gives us strength.  He helps us find what we need and want, and looks after us to make sure we always feel safe.  

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