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Jehovah witnesses hurl Bibles at pit bulls attacking grandma

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Animal control Dogs attack 77-year-old... Witnesses say dogs were pit bull breed

By Lynn Walker

Posted February 16, 2012

A woman was injured when she was attacked by two dogs in northwest Wichita Falls during the noon hour Wednesday.

The attack happened in the 1600 block of Grandview West.

Witnesses described the dogs as pit bulls.

Gwynne Willis and another woman were in the neighborhood for Jehovah's Witnesses and saw the woman being attacked.

"The woman was on the ground and being mauled," Willis said.

She said she and her companion threw books and other articles at the dogs, but they continued their attack.

A young man pulled up to the scene and used a stick to finally shoo the animals away.

Witnesses said the woman was bleeding profusely.

"This was a vicious attack against a beautiful older woman," Willis said. "Those dogs had the upper hand. It broke our hearts."

The identity and condition of the injured woman were not released Wednesday.

Lou Franklin, director of the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District said animal control workers captured both dogs. She said the animals were not strays and Animal Control had not handled them before.

Franklin said Emergency responders arrived on the scene to help the injured woman and animal control officers arrived to capture the animals, which had moved to another yard, to determine if they are vicious.

Paperwork will be filed and the dogs' owner will have the opportunity to appeal.

The final determination of the dogs' fate will be up to a municipal judge, she said.

Franklin said the police department will determine if any criminal charges are filed.


Are we allowed to throw our literature at animals...? you decide! :D

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Wow that is awful. There are so many sister's in my kingdom hall that are afraid of being attacked by a dog going while out preaching. Funny thing is my grandmother (a devout and legally blind witness) was deathly afraid of kittens while out in service.

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I can't get this embedded on here...but it is a short video news clips...and shows our Bibles and pitball dogs...what more could you want:tea::popcorn:...:coffee:

there is also a thread in news http://www.jwtalk.net/forum/read.php?49,80909

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LOL Sian, I guess I was looking for a way to introduce that my grandmother was afraid of kittens out in service. LOL! I feel badly for the sister that was attacked by the pit bull they have a 200 pound pressure bite and hate to let go. I would have thrown everything I had on me at it. At the very least, the battle scars are going to give her bragging rights in the new system.

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Jerry said dogs not pit bulls...and there are some very scary dogs in our territory ...when I was bit in service it wasn't a pitbull it was some medium size wiry dog came out of nowhere and latched onto my ankle.I never even heard him. The sister with me kicked him really hard and he let go of me. There's all sorts of dogs I don't want to be bitten by. Now my mother-in-laws dog was killed by her neighbors pit bulls and they put two of her other dogs in the hospital last July in Arizona,the week after we left. It was my sons favorite dog ...that was his grandpa's last pup he owned...Scout ... who was killed.It cost my mother-in-law thousands of dollars to get the other two back together and in good health. The pitbulls came back over and this was the third attack by them in the neighborhood so the police who were called out shot and killed them. Very sad...the owner of the dogs is a judge out there.We were sincerely worried about our family with those dogs there.My mother-in-law had two fences with an electric entrance gate....one around her property and one around her house but those dogs jumped the fence on a dirt pile the judge had left on his side. So I feel it was the his fault for not keeping his dogs contained on his property.

81188=4562-hiple pictures 076.JPG Sammy with Scout about two weeks before he was killed.

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Tim, your pit bull dogs are beautiful and seem to be tamed with members of your family. On the positive side, they as a breed are said to be very loyal to their masters. Still I would run if I saw or came face to face with them. LOL! :bouncing:

Actually, those are my granddaughters, pictures are about a year or so old........and those dogs are just as you would imagine them to be by looking at those pictures....they adore those little girls....

Nancy, you know me, you know I wasnt attacking anyone, and certainly not my Brother Jerry---

I just get a little wound up at times because of peoples preconceived notions about some things, pit bull dogs being on that list...and we, as Witnesses, are at the top of the list....

I dont like 'blanket' type statements and just kind of shot from the hip, again...:cowboy:(go figure)...

I am very sorry if I hurt or offended you or any of my family.....definitely was not my intent.....:peace:

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One thing about learning about idolatry and talismans and charms and suchlike, is that paper is paper. If throwing the Bibles made the dogs step back, and thereby help to save that woman's life, then good. The sacred message is in the words, and in our reading them and their causing us and other people to change and improve our lives.

Some people do put some kind of mystical or sentimental value on material things, but we have never been taught to do that

The things seen are temporary, while the things unseen are everlasting.

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