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Experience or story on voting

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Hi there how is everyone
Ok so in the last few weeks I came across something somewhere where someone was giving a witness hard time for not voting. So witness says I’m sorry but you have it wrong I do vote but is for gods kingdom. Then gave a really good illustration which I of course can’t remember 
Have you run across anything similar? I know vague right lol

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Someone found it... wasn’t on voting but not fighting for country.

here it is


Patriotic woman

     As the brother out in the ministry approached the next apartment he noticed a fairly large decal of an American flag placed on the storm door window. He honestly believes this is where the Holy Spirit and Angels knew he needed help.

     The woman barely cracked open the door. And interrupting the Brother's presentation she said, "I don't talk to Jehovah Witnesses cuz they aren't willing to fight for their country and their freedom." 

     The brother reports he has never responded to this comment ever before like he did next, but since this call has never forgotten the approach.

     As she started to close the door, feeling she had already accomplished her purpose, the brother is only able to quickly say, "You're wrong mame, we do fight for our country and we die for it." Befuddled she starts opening the door back up saying, "You must have changed you're teaching or something because I know Jehovah Witnesses don't fight for their country!"

     Before the conversation went any further the brother replied, "Please let me explain what I'm talking about so you can understand." He then said, "Notice what it says here in Daniel 2:44." After reading the verse we simply asked, "Which government do you imagine Jehovah Witnesses are willing to fight for and die for?" 

     The householder paused and then smiled and looked at the brother and said, "I understand what you are saying now. I don't agree with you but I understand." Not wanting to waste this good change in demeanor the brother continued further.

      "Mame, let me explain about loyalty to governments what it really means," he continued, "If I were an American citizen and believed in the country and was willing to die for it, but then flew over to Russia and joined their army to fight for them; what will I be called back in America." Excitedly she replied, "Well of course a traitor!"

     He then responded, "So then if I, as a Christian, join the efforts of any other government than Jesus Christ's what would Jesus Christ consider me to be?". The pause being a lot longer now she replied more subdued, "Well, a traitor I guess."

     Next he explained that the war that we are involved with and the country that we support requires more courage than fighting for other governments. He told her this was because under the principles of the Christian faith we cannot return violence with violence. Defending the Christian government requires us to submit to whatever torture or persecution they do us.

     He further made the point that even in this country (USA) in the 1940s Jehovah's Witnesses were persecuted and their Kingdom Halls were burned down and some were tortured and beat to death by crowds. And that was people that claimed freedom of religion was a right. He then explained so this was not the coward's way out.

     He concluded with thanking her for the opportunity to explain our position. She commented that she now understood our position better.

     We of course never should underestimate the power we have at the door with the support of the Holy Spirit and the angels. And I know I'm preaching to the choir in saying that. But also remember that the Holy Spirit can only draw only upon that which we put in our minds. Bible reading, meetings, personal study, Ministry, and all other facets of our worship are vital to filling our minds with what the Holy Spirit needs the draw on.

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