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If you open it up and the CPU fan is turning, then you can ignore the CPU fan warning and even turn it off it the system BIOS settings. The fan needs two wires to work, but they have three, one sends a signal to the motherboard that tells it the fan is turning. This connection often fails, but the fan is fine.

As for the "registry errors" I would see what is telling you about them. Many time sit is an "adware" program that wants to sell you a service or a registry cleaner app. If the computer is running OK, then the registry should be fine. Windows takes care of it itself usually.

For the "Junk files" go here an download "cleanup" and run it. It gets rid of all temp files and leftovers, etc. The program is free, but they will ask for a donation, which you can ignore:


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I installed Cleanup sometime ago when you recommended to to someone else. That was a month or so ago. After running it I had all sorts of problem with the internet. I don't remember what all the issues were but I know I couldn't watch videos on youtube for one. Any way I haven't felt comfortable running it again. It took a long time to get things working again the way it was before. iYogi Support took remote control and they say anyway that they fixed everything. When I finally got a hold of HP Tech support they had me take the side off the CPU and check the wires to the fan. I couldn't get my fat fingers around the plug to un-plug it so basically all I accomplished was to vacuum the dust out and close it up again. The Tech person said the way they deal with Registry errors is to reinstall the operating system. I said forget it as my System image is just short of 1T and I don't want to reinstall all the programs I have installed. It seems to be working fine now and I have a two year warranty on hardware and now on software. So hopefully I will not get bit in the toosh.

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When I saw the topic heading I thought maybe someone was calling for contributions for some ancient zen master high up on a mountain in Nepal.

Haha! My best guess was it had to do with an exercise and meditation phone app. :)

:lol1: I was thinking the same thing so didn't click - until jsut now!!!

You guys crack me up. I hope the PC is humming along fine Lynn. I have never used a "service" like that.

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Musky, I had free registry cleaner that trash'd my WT CD program & had to reload it. You have to beware! Maybe Satan wrote the program???

Cleanup452 is not a register cleaner, it gets rid of temp files and files left over from uninstalls. It also gets rid of all copies temporary Internet files, which Windows keeps three copies of. When you use your browser to "clean cache and temp files" all you are deleting is one copy of these files. I have used and recommended Cleanup452 for years and have never had it cause problems. I use it on customer's systems several times a week.

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Yes, I also like "CCleaner" as well, it does do some register cleaning also. The problem I have with register cleaners is that they "fix" what they feel are errors in the registry and try to make them all function the same. The problem with that is that your particular registry might be functioning well even though some entries are incorrect, your installation of Windows has adapted to these slight inconsistencies. So when a registry cleaner removes these oddities in the registry, some of your programs that were using them as is will stop working. I usually edit the registry myself, I have been working with Windows registries for years and know what to look for..

Piriform, which makes CCleaner, also has a good defragger that works much better and faster then the one that comes with Windows. It's called the "Defraggler" I use it a lot too.



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