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CDC: Leafy Greens Lead Culprit for Food-Borne Illnesses

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That's IT!!! No more vegetables for me!!!


We've been told our whole lives to load up on leafy greens, as they're packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that leafy greens are also the riskiest foods in terms of causing food-borne illnesses. The report, released today, uses the data of 4,589 food-borne illness outbreaks reported between 1998 and 2008 to determine what caused them. As it turns out, produce, such as fruits and vegetables, was responsible for 46 percent of the outbreaks. And among specific food categories, leafy greens accounted for the most illnesses, many of which were caused by norovirus.

:lol1: - Pass the BEEF!!!!

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Vernalee, I offered Nutella spread to my grandson, who is food fussy and four. He refused to even smell it because he thought I was offering him MEAT in a jar!

Jerry you would have no problems with that dish! :eat:

Hey Jerry!!!!!! Have you ever seen any advertising for The Road Kill Grill in Las Vegas???? it looks likes it is outside the city and used to be a butcher shop. I just saw Guy Fierre's Diners, Dive-ins and Dives and it looks awesome for MEAT,MEAT and more MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was drooling and your name was on my drippy lips that whole show! :drool: If you go there be sure to have the brisket and the homemade hot sausages in buns. And PLEASE let us know how you liked it! :idea:

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Jerry I am so excited for you! :backflip: Wish I could go with you.

Once my daughter Julie and I were watching PBS "A BBQ Show" documentary. These guys drove around the South looking and SMELLING for BBQ cooking. It was so much fun seeing them going to all these different places. And the meats looked SO YUMMY! Julie was not a big meat eater, but when the show ended (midnight) she turned to me and asked if our local BBQ place was open. We were both drooling. :squeeze:

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I had never heard of the "Road Kill Grill", but that sounds like a GREAT!! place. I had to Google it.


Who knew - they even have a Zagat rating. We'll have to try that out. :yes:

Did someone say Road Kill. IS IT what you find out on the HWy

Maybe a dead Roo. Or a Dear. Lol.

I have wondered since cancer &food allergies are on the increase. How they spray the crops for pests which is a must

For farmers.& a lot of places because of war have been affected.

Here in Aussie we are told not to buy certain products from certain countries because they use human waste to grow crops.

One time I went to buy some garlic at a groces. He said don't buy that one. Its from a country. It turns a green color from radiation. I wasn't sure if was spining balonnie.

So what theory do you place Daniels diet. Avoid kings delicasies.lol.

@ Pink. Your grandson is funny. My boy wont touch tomatoes or the sauce he thinks its blood.lol

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I was doing some work in a lady's house one day and she had Food Network on and we started talking about it because that is one of my favorite networks. She used to be a school teacher and was telling about one of the trips she took for the school.

Her and some other teachers from their county school system went to Memphis for some seminar about something that had to do with schools.

It wasn't until they were there they learned that it was "Memphis in May" time. She said the whole place was filled with BBQ people everywhere they went. They all had tickets to the "Memphis in May" competition area that were given to them by the seminar. They got to eat BBQ till they were stuffed. She said it was great.

She said the seminar was good, too.

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Well, for some reason Townsville has become BBQ central !

Since I got back from Canada last year - and getting the most marvelous ribs over there - they're popping up every where here !!!

Yayyyyyy !!!!!!!!

It is a thing so marvelous !!!!!

(these things are grown on a vine, aren't they ????????):chef:

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FDA Lack of Funding and Food Safety

The evidence continues to prove that man can not direct his own step. In addition, another reminder of Samuel's warning to the Israelites when they were demanding a human king. Imperfect humans do not look out for the best interest of those they dominate (to their injury as Solomon said), nor do they have the ability to do so.

Oh well, when you put your trust in the son's of earthling man and nobles...:shrugs::nope:

I guess the processed food industry would love us to stop eating fresh food all together. More money for them, the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. The sicker we get, the more money they get, woohoo!! :)-D

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