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Has anyone experienced the three hour World Power Tour offered in connection with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City?  My family and I will be there in June and plan to go, and I am so excited!  It is a non-profit organization that uses full-time pioneers as guides.  I would love to hear from those who have actually gone on the tour and have suggestions.  Didn't know they have been operating since 1998 = check out www.worldpowertour.info if you want more info.

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I found this interesting info on their website.

While taking our tour, many visitors appreciate being able to draw their own personal application while using the Bible as a historical reference. Hence, our tour-guide team of brothers and sisters is trained to present facts objectively in a way that appeals to all audiences.

Our visitors also enjoy the fact that they are able to explore all seven world powers of Bible history in one lively three-hour tour.

The WPT team of researchers and historians does not take credit for the development of our program but rather gives all credit to the understanding found in our theocratic publications.

Source material for “The March of the 7 World Powers” tour includes the following works published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures; The Watchtower and Awake! magazines; Insight on the Scriptures Vol I and Vol II; Daniel’s Prophecy; Babylon the Great Has Fallen; Mankind’s Search for God; Revelation-Its Grand Climax at Hand!

For more information on an individual world power please click on the corresponding icon above.

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We are visiting N.Y. and went last saturday to the Tour "The woman and the seed"

It is absolute stunning. Without the explanation from the Brother it would be so boring.


Next saturday we will visit the "Integrity Tour" 


Visit also Walkhill and Patterson.

Yesterday we met Brother Loesch in the Bethel and he gave us the Hint that because the end is soooo near,

they might even not get out of Brooklyn in time.

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What exactly is this tour, the woman and the seed ? I've read several on the forum mention this. Is this

a display at Bethel or is it something else ? I would appreciate any details and if there is a website de-

scribing it. Thanks.



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   Thanks for the website. For any who have gone on either or both tours  I would love to know more details.

Both appear fascinating. I had no idea that the prestigious Met permitted witnesses to use their facilities to

present quality Biblical tours. It only wets my appetite for a current visit to Bethel, ( our last was in 2005 )

and take in all the current adjustments at Brooklyn, Wallkill, and Patterson, but to go on some of these faith

building tours so lovingly prepared by our brothers and sisters. This is just one more reason I love being a

part of JWTalk. It's not only what I can share to hopefully be up building and encouraging to many of you,

but you in turn to me. I thank you all.



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The Woman and Seed tour is very interesting because it follows the world powers in order via the art. What I found interesting was the fact that much of info was culled from the Insight books, NWT and My book of bible stories! The brothers/sisters giving the tours make the information lively using a great outline, pictures and interactive conversation.

I would highly recommend it.

Come join our service group singers......♫ Grant us boldness we witness....help us overcome our fear. ♫

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