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Killed Vs. Unkilled

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Interesting that I just read something that adds to that subject of unkilled meat :)



In the science fiction short story Halo, a panel of Muslim scholars discuss a strip of bacon made by a "molecular assembler", a device capable of producing the meat directly from individual atoms, instead of slicing it from an animal. All meat from a pig is forbidden according to Islam's halal laws. Synthetic bacon is identical to the real one, but it has never been part of a living pig. Is it still forbidden?

"The story may look like a joke, but it shows how the capacity of nanotechnology to manipulate atoms may change the material world in such a way to raise religious questions


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Nanotechnology is one of the fields that I've done some study in, it has great potential to do a lot of good, but on the other hand, potential to do a lot of harm.  Currently in Canada it is listed as a disruptive technology.  


Some of the 'great things' nanotechnology has been undergoing testing for is new methods of drug delivery.  For example there is a nanoparticulate entity called HTCC which is capable of housing a parathyroid hormone.  It is currently undergoing human trials, and will be used for osteoporosis.  Currently patients take 1 pill every week, sometimes 2 depending on their needs.  With this new particle, they will take it only once, and it will last for a year.  One of the reasons being is, is that the particle eludes the immune system due to its being smaller than the 200 nm limit. 


One of the 'bad things' about nanotechnology is its size.  Carbon nanotubes, or CNT's behave very similarly to Asbestos when it gets into the lungs of a person.  The immune system cannot clear them because they're too small.  


There's also two types of nanotechnology, there is your bottom up, and top down forms.  Bottom up seems to be more biocompatible, in the sense that we use pre-existing materials and build things from them.  Whereas with top down, it's somewhat like sculpting something, you start with a huge block, expend a lot of energy and time, using very, very harsh chemicals and is generally unfavourable to life.  


Also of great interest, especially to us Jehovah's Witnesses is a synthetic blood.  A brother on the hospital committee shared it with me, awhile back and I have been posting them on my facebook page, but never thought to share them here.  I'll do that now, but I'll start my own thread!!

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