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  1. I'm off to my convention starting tomorrow! Up to now I've been scrupulously avoiding the convention spoiler topic like the plague. So now I can't wait for all the spiritual goodies and other surprises! :ecstatic:

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    2. Friends just call me Ross

      Friends just call me Ross

      Bon Appétit, Brother Eric!!! ^_^

      Enjoy your spiritual feast to the full!!!:D


    3. Omo_Yeme


      Enjoy the convention my brother! :)  See you in the Spoiler thread upon your return!

    4. Mykyl


      Don't think there were any spoilers worth mentioning in that thread. Quite quiet this time around. Seems we are used to the new already. :)

  2. I believe the same thought was mentioned a few pages back. However, with all the countries who are condemning Russia's decision at this time, it doesn't seem so. Jehovah's appointed day would be something worldwide, including in countries where freedom of religion is championed now (US, Canada, Germany, UK, Australia, etc).
  3. Both of the above articles mention the name of Yaroslav Sivulskiy (with variations in spelling), who is described as "a member [or representative] of the European Association of Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses." I believe that's him in these photos (from Wasn't that his father who was featured in the August 2017 Watchtower? (See his sons in the last photo.)
  4. Wel, me i jist dont mayk mustakes lick most peeple doo. but im gonna triy it outt anaway. Tanks fur the infomashion, mistur Old. (Are you getting a commission for referring us to this?) Just go to the site in either Chrome, Safari or Firefox, and it will let you install it directly as an add-on to your browser.
  5. Even though this article carries yesterday's date, it actually appeared in today's National Post (Canada). We, of all people, have a real purpose in life. (The purpose of our lives is not simply to grow up, have children, get old, and die.) Our purpose is the most honourable, dignifying, work anyone could ever have; that of serving our Maker by helping others to come to know Him! Do you find you sleep well?
  6. Oh, thank you. That's what you were trying to show us. (I can see a picture this time.)
  7. Okay, so we'll actually have to listen to it. That's okay. Our new song this month is entitled We Marvel at Your Work. For those who would like to listen to an mp3 format version of it on your smart phones, you can download it from my collection. It'll be there until the official version shows up on JW Broadcasting. Happy listening...
  8. Umm. What did the song sound like in ASL? (No, not American Sound Language.)
  9. All ready! But I'm not going to Kiev Toronto like you might be. I'll be listening in to parts of it from Montreal though. Hey! This is getting We were talking about Russia here, weren't we?
  10. This video purports to be from that convention in Kiev. It looks like the same place as the one Linda posted.
  11. Okay, where's the dislike button?
  12. We already know... But thanks anyway.