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  1. You're right! They don't seem to be there. There is an excerpt of Stand Firm on But other than that, the whole videos have been posted (illegally maybe) on sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Fortunately I have the DVDs for these videos.
  2. At least the new songbook has a list of the song titles in alphabetical order at the end. If you have the title in the old songbook you can find it in the new one (so long as the title wasn't changed too).
  3. We usually have two English conventions in Montreal, but there's only one mentioned. There's no way we can fit both our usual conventions in our Assembly Hall. (Montreal's convention is the same date as the Toronto Special Convention, which probably means we're tied in to some talks there. Come to think of it, most of Canada's conventions are the same date!) Our meeting got cancelled this week because of bad weather, so I'm going to have to prod one of the elders at tomorrow's service group for some more info.
  4. It's usually that way. In our congregation, however, it wasn't. I understood there to be a letter about our convention this week. But... ...our meeting was cancelled last night because of freezing rain!
  5. Yohan Kim is a 13-year-old Korean boy. His piano playing is really bad! (That's the Michael Jackson song he's playing.)
  6. I love that song too! I just can't stop listening to it! It's one of the best songs they've come out with for a long time! (I think I've already listened to it about 50 times!)
  7. Thanks for your effort. I had already posted one in the other thread. Brother Sanderson starts talking before the last note of the song ends, and so I faded a bit earlier to avoid clipping it.
  8. I'm waiting for Canada (obviously). It wasn't announced at our meeting last week.
  9. You're right! I never would have noticed if you hadn't pointed that out. Thank you. EDIT: The original 16 minute version was uploaded December 2 at 9:14 AM Eastern Time. The newer version is dated December 15, 11:12 AM.
  10. Thank you Rosanne! I'm still listening to that song! It's just fantastic! I've probably listened to it about 30 times since I posted that link!
  11. Wheww! So they didn't change the format of the link for the broadcast. It was just late. The English version wasn't uploaded until 10:18 AM Eastern Time.
  12. I agree Rosanne! Breathtakingly beautiful! That song gets five stars from me! For those who would like an mp3 version of Your Word Endures Forever, visit my extremely small collection of songs.
  13. This is highly unusual! It's almost 5 o'clock in the morning, Eastern Time, and no sign of the program in any language! (Oh my! Maybe they were on to us, so they changed the link format!)
  14. Maybe "Huwag kang sumuko!" (Did I say that right?) Or, how about "Huwag magbigay ng up!"? (Ko lang magsalita ng ilang mga salita ng Tagalog, ngunit hindi ko maaaring ilagay ang mga salita na magkasama kanan.) I heard you will have your conventions in the Philippines the same time as the US now. You won't have to wait until November anymore!
  15. Hhmmm. Does this mean that in some languages the songbook is not complete... yet? Maybe it will be ongoing in some languages. That would be why the song numbers "jump about," because they're leaving space for more songs when they're translated and ready to be added. After all these are just downloadable versions of the songbook. Once they have all 151 songs the printed songbooks can be released in those languages. Does that make sense?