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  1. Siguro magiging Tagalog. I wouldn't mind learning some more of that. I find it very easy to learn.
  2. Again! It happened again! I recognize the little guy in front from somewhere. I know the guy in back though. He works for MGM.
  3. Yes. That one is in the list of song videos on JW Broadcasting, the fifth one in from the left. However, it's not in the list of mp3 songs. That only has 31 songs. So if you want that song (or some others) that the branch never converted to mp3 format, it's in my collection.
  4. Hhmmm. (Excuse me for thinking out loud.) I count 32 video songs on JW Broadcasting, including the newest song. Here's what they are, in alphabetical order.
  5. https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/AudioOriginalSongs/pub-osg_31_AUDIO
  6. Don't the subtitles in the broadcast help you while you're watching? I am hard of hearing too, although from your description it sounds like your hearing is worse than mine. I find the subtitles helpful in my case. (I use VLC Media Player. You can turn on subtitles by right-clicking on the screen, select Subtitle, and then Sub Track.)
  7. One good thing about the screens is that you lift your head to see the lyrics, making you open your mouth wider and sing louder! However, I still prefer reading the lyrics off the printed page. I have a semi-adequate knowledge of how to read music, so I can "see" the melody by reading out of the book. Sometimes I need a bit of help with the melody while we're singing along, and the notes printed in the book remind me of the tune. If the videos had the notes displayed I would likely be looking at the screens more.
  8. Two new videos were released today on jw.org: Richard Clayton, QC Dr. Hubert Seiwert
  9. I managed to prove it. I loaded the image into PaintShop Pro and used the "dropper" tool to check the colour (Canadian, British and Australian spelling of color) combinations and other properties of each square. Both are the same. Red: 108, Green: 106, Blue: 108 Hue: 200, Saturation: 2, Luminescence: 101 (Otherwise I wouldn't have believed it. My eyes see two different colours.)
  10. I know. We've got at least a possibility of rain every day until next Monday!
  11. It very likely is. I don't think they would substitute another sister in the place of the one actually singing. But using the same sister who sang to do the part in the video is more likely, even though she's lip-syncing her own voice. Just like worldly music videos. What a lovely voice though!
  12. You're still getting rain out your way, eh? (I said that like a Canadian.) It's not raining at this moment here, but we've had several inundations in some parts of Montreal and other parts of the province of Quebec. Homes have been flooded, streets are underwater, a state of emergency has been called, and the army has been called in. http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/quebec-flood-watch-deux-montagnes-residents-hold-tight
  13. ...still looks just as heavy to me... Interestingly, the name of the file Peter uploaded is called Notacat.jpg.... and it certainly isn't. (Isn't this thread about cute animal pictures?)
  14. All that weight on the car's hood? Personally I think it's a lot of bull...