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  1. She's just hangin' out like that for the last two hours, according to YouTube. She's about due I guess. But maybe she's nervous knowing we're all watching her?
  2. It was in 1970 when we started learning metric in Canada. I was somewhat beyond grade 1 then; more like high school graduate. By 1975 labels with metric measurements started appearing on the grocery store shelves, radio stations began giving the temperature in Celsius, and we were on our way to a long and not very successful break-up with imperial measurement. Some wanted to cheat. They publicly said they were going metric, while secretly thinking imperial in their heads. I recall a prominent Toronto radio broadcaster saying the metric system was vastly superior to imperial, with, as you mentioned, multiples of ten. But that same radio station later rebelled and dropped Celsius from their weather reports entirely and stuck with Fahrenheit. It was some time they reluctantly went back to giving both temperature readings, not wanting to part with their beloved Fahrenheit. The public had a very hard time catching on and insisted on keeping the "old" way, thinking it was "better" simply because they understood it. But those are the old days... ancient history. Now, I think the younger generation has never heard of Fahrenheit or "feet and inches," thinking those things must be some futuristic, sci-fi stuff. (Doesn't it make you feel old? ) We didn't "enter the metric system," we metricated. What does that mean? Look up the word metrication.
  3. When you're learning another system of measurement, you need to drop the old one out of your thinking. Don't try to compare the two; you can't expect to put them beside each other and be able to understand it. It's like learning a new language. You can't be constantly be thinking of "What's that word in English again?", but you need to be able to think in the new language so no translation is necessary. Similarly, use the example of when you're learning temperatures (Celsius vs Fahrenheit). Don't try to compare. Set your own "benchmarks" in your head. For example: minus 10° is when you need a coat, 0° is the point where water freezes; you still need a coat, 10° is when you only need a light spring jacket, 20° is when you don't need any jacket, 30° is when you start removing clothing, 40° and you'd better have plenty of water on hand. Oh well, you get the idea...
  4. Yeah. I didn't want to say anything either. But what was that about?
  5. The pace seems to be picking up in Russia now. We had this news story in the Caucasian Knot yesterday. The following is a rather half-decent translation of it (better than Google anyway)... (The mention of 500,000 rubles is about $8,650US, 6,900 British Pounds, $11,250AUS. Any other currencies, go to Oanda or XE.)
  6. Oh, thank you! We're going to be needing this very shortly.
  7. I'm not sure if I recall seeing one recently. But I do have to stand corrected anyway. There was a "Do You Remember?" page in the Watchtower of June, 2016.
  8. If that doesn't put them in their place... what will? I like his subtle approach. He pretends to be putting them on a guilt trip by telling them how much work he has to do. However, his real point he only mentions in a very subtle way. Sneaky.
  9. The new Study Edition of the Watchtower is online now... Interestingly, there's a "summary" of recent Watchtowers on page 3. I don't think I've ever seen one of those in the June issue before.
  10. You had referred to the New System with the initials NS. But in Canada those are the initials we use to refer to the province of Nova Scotia. Peter was making a joke at your expense. Does that answer your question, or am I way off base?
  11. You had referred to the New System with the initials NS. But in Canada those are the initials we use to refer to the province of Nova Scotia. Peter was making a joke at your expense. Does that answer your question, or am I way off base?
  12. Vietnamese is there now (right at the bottom). Was it gone for a while?
  13. Okay, we might as well put up the right link for March. (The last digit in post #1 above is not part of the link, and so doesn't go to the right place.) It will be here: Okay, do we have some pictures for the March broadcast to whet our appetites?
  14. Interesting. Our CO had a comment at our last Circuit Assembly. He was talking about all the changes that have been taking place in the organization the last couple of years. Then he said: "There is only one thing that always stays the same, and that is change." Next time I see him I'll have to put him up to date with this one.
  15. Victoria, as John mentioned above, please take to heart this week's Watchtower Study. Throw your anxieties on Jehovah. After all, he doesn't have any. See the thread on that topic. When I wrote the thought in post #3, who do you suppose I was thinking of?