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  1. Personally, I wouldn't worry about whether or not our letters get there "on time." The directive from the FDS is that they be mailed no later than April 1. There is no doubt they are aware of the time constraints, that the date for the court hearing is April 5, and that many (or most) of the letters will not get there by then. Does that matter? Because of all the recent developments we have heard in the media, such as not notifying the Administrative Centre of Jehovah's Witnesses before filing their claim to the court, it would seem the authorities there are determined to ban our work there no matter what! So what does the GB have in mind? Perhaps they know our work will be banned by the time the letters get there. Those authorities who will have banned our work by that time will feel their work is done and that's the end of it. But there will still be more letters pouring in, maybe even for several weeks or months after the court's decision to ban us! What will that sheer volume of mail tell those authorities? When they see all those many thousands or millions of pieces of mail, whether they read them all or not, perhaps they will realize it's more than just 170,000 of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia who are closely watching them. And of course, we shouldn't forget that Forum 18 has been exposing their shenanigans to the world, and the UN Human Rights Council has already condemned their treatment of our brothers in Russia. All those letters will serve as a reminder that it's the entire world that has its eye on them. Maybe then they will have second thoughts and reconsider what they have done. The possibilities are endless. We, including all of the brotherhood around the world, but especially our dear brothers and sisters in Russia, should never be anxious or worry about the outcome of this. Would we ever think that Jehovah is worried about any of this, wondering how it's going to turn out? Of course not! He is at absolute peace right at this moment, knowing full well that His purpose will be carried out everywhere on earth, including Russia, no matter who may appear to be standing in the way of it!
  2. Yes, he does, apparently. I saw it in a video years ago. Excuse me while I find it... sorry, this is going to take some... still searching... okay, we're getting close... Ahh! Here it is! It was posted as a link in an email to me May 15, 2014.
  3. Ministry Ideaz has published an open letter to Mr. Putin...
  4. Is it worth posting the link for those who want to be the first to download the April broadcast? Last month, for the first time ever, the link didn't work for several days after the broadcast was uploaded! (It works now though.) Oh well, the least we can do is try:
  5. Uhmm. So, what's the lesson? Don't feed a mouse so it won't attack the next human it meets? Or... feed a moose so it won't attack you?
  6. ...or... perhaps we should name it "Armageddon"?
  7. Ho, hum. When is April going to let her young one out? That baby's going to be several years old by the time it's born!
  8. Yes, I have a computer. But it's running Windows 7. From what I understand, JW Library only runs on Windows 10. Hey, that's neat! I didn't even know the meeting workbook was on, with the links and all. You just taught me something! Thank you.
  9. Aha! That's why I can't find it. I don't have JW Library. (nothing to run it on)
  10. I should point out (although two days late) about my comments two posts back: The four investment frauds in Montreal did not involve any brothers as directors of those companies, but some brothers may have been invested in them. I just mentioned those cases to show it seems to be happening everywhere. Unfortunately, some of that same spirit may creep into the congregations.
  11. Oh my! That sounds like something I'd get teary-eyed about too. Where do I find this video? Or is it only available to elders/MSs?
  12. I think he meant that no one got up out of their seats to run off to the washrooms, but stayed (standing, of course) to sing the song.
  13. Interesting. "Rocky" would likely be Seth Hyatt, Helper to the Service Committee. See the September 2016 monthly broadcast , and note how Brother Splane refers to him at the beginning.