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  1. We sent ours out. We had 36 total. Our family of 4 did 1 to each official. Then we did the same from our 2 businesses. Shout of praise to Jehovah. The postal gal must have been ready because when I asked for the international stamps she had them at the top of her desk.
  2. To Sunshine Sounds very good to me. There have been some good thoughts here. I have been working on ours. My husband and I own several business too so we are sending individual letter and also letters with our business letterhead.
  3. We are seeking an experienced drafter in chief architect. So I thought I would check here to see if anyone has that experience. If so please feel free to send my a PM and we can discuss further. Thanks Sandy
  4. Is there one in Spokane WA this time.
  5. Hi We are looking to hire someone to help with a new website. We want a wordpress website and have already purchased elegantthemes for the theme package. If any have experience in this area and can PM me some of your previous work examples (resume) or your business website that would be great. Also what your fees are for such services. Then we can go from there. Thanks Sandy
  6. Sorry here is the correct link
  7. I hope this is OK to post here. My husband and I were recently at a home and garden show and because of how the sample of essential oils helped him with joint pain we joined doTERRA. So my website that introduces you to their product here. If you have any questions you can PM me or use the contact form via the website.
  8. I loved Jordan's performance I think he will win then my hope is Emily is second. I really enjoy all of them.
  9. Catrina I have also had high blood pressure. The best thing for me was to take Serrapeptase (the brand I get is from good health naturally called Serra Enzyme) you can research it. I eat salt and pretty much a low carb diet. In my opinion, lowering salt intake to lower blood pressure is the same as not eating eggs because of high cholesterol, which has been shown to be false. Just wanted to give you another option to think about.
  10. Ifinished reading and have been following the Caltons program in their latest book micronutrient miracle. I am on day 15 and feel great. Here is a link to the book if any are interested.
  11. Is anyone else experiencing problems with roku. Ours is not playing videos. When we try to play anything from jw channel it plays in a fast mode. Then when we try any other channels such as amazon it plays in a extremely slow way. Just curious. If you've had any issues what did you do to fix it.
  12. for me my best weight loss happens when I have around 75-100 grams carbs in the way of veggies and I have full fat buttered coffee (bulletproof coffee). You can check out I Have around 3-4 tablespoons of grass fed butter (we use german butter or kerry gold unsalted) and add about 2 tablespoons coconut oil and use both XCT and MCT oil in my coffee, since I like a little sweet I add cinnamon and erythritol just a little. Blend it all and I have that in the morning sometimes I add collagen protein. If not I eat sardines in olive oil not soybean Or eggs with an avocado. My husband does just the bp coffee then we eat grass fed beef, pork or fish for lunch and dinner. We do eat some cheese even though on the bulletproof program he does not recommend it. And at night we have some dark chocolate a square sometimes 2. You can read more on the website above. We feel great doing this. for those concerned about eggs and high fat I would recommend along with the other books previously mentioned to watch cereal killers you'll have to google it. Like some of the others mentioned it is eye-opening. anyway just wanted to share what we have the best success with. you can also search Abel james who has a similar program and recipes. We have also made the ice cream recipe on bulletproof site the link above and it's delicious.
  13. Sorry been busy lately and didn't check for any replies in topic . Thanks Tony for putting the description. I am in season 3.
  14. I have been really enjoying the series heartland it's set in Canada and has so fat been really good. Just thought I'd share.
  15. Lloyd I know what you mean, whenever any books bring up the evolution or hunter gatherer thing it does get annoying. For those looking for recipes we use YouTube to see how its done and also search primal/paleo for different ones. We saw one not long ago for a bread free sandwich wrap it was simply taking different meats, cheeses, and veggies of choice and mustard, mayo and making a wrap/roll with the meat the person did it in foil, I have done it using the safe wax paper then taped it. Here is the link the beginning is goofy so you might want to skip to the around the 2 min. mark. Here are some websites with recipes we like (she has numerous ones on the site and then a few books that we really like the recipes from) Carries books have some great recipes in them my husband was not big into veggies but we have tried numerous ones from the book smoothies and sides and the soup book. This ice cream recipe is a big winner in our house I am not promoting the name of this ice cream That should help some.