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  1. Can anyone tell me how to find the appendix, etc. on the new Equipd app? I found the outlines but not the rest. Thanks!
  2. At the top in the center click on whatever language is there. The dropdown box will list your primary language and any others that you've downloaded. To delete any downloaded ones, just swipe across and you'll see a red delete box to click on.
  3. Is the round button on the side in the mute position? ( on mine it shows orange if it's muted)
  4. Not quite the same, but a few years back, a brother was the general manager of a local news station, and, in the wee hours of the morning, you could see our videos being played.
  5. Wider margins for note taking were mentioned too.
  6. Trisha, I agree with Jasmin. It's easy. I think the Documents app is free too. If you already have the Goodreader app, that works also.