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  1. Maybe something like this: 1.- Express your concern for the harassing of Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia and the threat of banning them. 2.- Explain why JWs are not extremists or a threat for any government. 3.- Explain some ways in which being one of JWs has helped you be a better person and citizen. 4.- Request to stop the persecution against JWs.
  2. Terri, that is what I was asking. I think that report in ABC is correct in that it's 1006 abusers, not cases of abuse. That's a very different thing. A person comes to the meeting, he has a criminal record as a child abuser, so the elders keep track of him in order to protect the children in the congregation. That person name appears in the 1006 list. But there is nothing to report since that person hasn't abused anyone, he just attended a meeting. Do you understand what I mean? Some months ago our opposers claimed there were 1006 cases of abuse among JWs in Australia and none were reported. Many newspapers and mass media echoed that lie. But now it has been made clear in the RC that elders did report many of those, since a good number of those abusers ended up in jail. If they were prosecuted that means they were reported. However newspapers are not being so swift to correct the lies they repeated.
  3. Yes, you are right. I didn't mean flies have a rich personality, interesting discussions, enjoy art and all of that. Rather, my questions was if they all behave identically, and it seems they do not. Of course their choices are very limited. Some love bright lights while others prefer less brightness. Some prefer their poo fresh while others like it medium rare.
  4. I have a question: What are those figures (514 or 1006), alleged cases of abuse or names of alleged abusers? I understood it was a list of abusers which included even people who visited a KH occasionally, relatives of JWs or even inmates who were studying the Bible in prison. But I may be wrong.
  5. If the laws regarding homeowner's associations in the US are similar to those here, you have no choice but to be the president or secretary when it's your turn. Only elderly people are exempt. The Bible principles applying depend on what responsibilities the president has. Usually, everything a president has to do is to make sure everyone pays their quotas and to call the insurance company if any repair is necessary. In the communities that hire an administrator to take care of those chores, a president doesn't have much to do, except authorizing some payment. At first sight I can't find any Bible principle that discourages those tasks.
  6. No, it's worldwide. We received a letter saying that the 2016 edition will be the definitive one. With the update feature there will be no need to order a new DVD unless you are a new publisher.
  7. Yes, there is a 2016 DVD. It seems some things were not working correctly in the 2015 DVD updates.
  8. I use 'Bible' vs 'bible' to distinguish between the book itself and a copy of the book. So "Jehovah's Witnesses are guided by the Bible" or "Read the Bible every day", but "I placed two bibles this month" or "My bible was so worn that I had to take a new one". I have many bibles at home, but of course they all are translations of the Bible. The same rule could be applicable to the Quran, only that I don't have that many qurans and have never placed any. This is the rule in Spanish. I don't know if such a rule exists in English but it seems quite logical to me. (Yet in Chocobro's post I think it was just a typo.)
  9. The Turkish president has gone berserk and is now calling "Nazi" every one who doesn't do what he wants. Some days ago he said Germany is a Nazi country, and now he has said the same of the Netherlands, because the Dutch government refused entrance to a Turkish minister in campaign. I wouldn't take seriously anything they say.
  10. It's all about the money. The anti-Muslim feeling is growing every day in Europe. Many people will prefer to buy somewhere else if you have an Islamic hiyab. The employer doesn't care what your religion is but he cares if he loses customers. On the other hand, Mosques have also radicalized. Some years ago it was very unusual to see a woman with a veil in Spain even though there were many Muslim women. But recently those women are being pressured to use the hiyab. Women who never had a problem with the company dress code suddenly cannot go to work without their hiyab. I guess all of this is someone's strategy to polarize and confront Muslims and non-Muslims.
  11. I agree with your comments. Just a small correction: This whole issue is about the hiyab, the scarf as you call it. The burka, that covers the whole face, is only worn in a few of the most radical Islamic countries, and is banned in many places in Europe due to safety concerns.
  12. Exactly, this is not a prohibition, just a sentence saying your employer has the right to establish a dress code for his company. Being realistic, most employers don't mind what you wear as long as it doesn't affect their business results.
  13. That's true, but if you wear such a badge to work and your company tells you to take it out, you would comply. I don't think any Witness would try to stir the pot going to court about that. Besides, he could never say that symbol is required by his religion. It's just a personal preference. If the company has a dress code that forbids badges, it is what it is. Yes, it does apply to visible crosses. Obviously the whole issue doesn't have to do with crosses but with the Islamic veil. Few people in Europe are bothered if you have a cross, but many customers will avoid your business if they are served by a woman wearing an Islamic veil, so companies forbid it. Of course, they cannot forbid Islamic symbols while allowing those of other religions since that would be discriminatory. So this sentence included all visible symbols of any political, philosophical or religious ideology.
  14. I have never suffered hard persecution, but if I did I'm sure my reaction would be the same as Svetlana's: concern and fear. Let's not be naive, nobody wants to be persecuted. In fact, Christians wouldn't need courage if they were not afraid. Courage is not "not being afraid" but rather "being faithful despite the fear". I remember an experience that made a lasting impression in me when I read it. It was about our brothers in Albania, who suffered for many decades one of the worst persecutions ever. They couldn't even meet with regularity because they were being watched all the time. Nasho Dori was one of those faithful brothers who spent a long time in prison. Then Communism fell and our work was legalized. After some years of peace, our young brothers faced jail again due to their refusal of the military service. Wow, that's encouraging! An elderly brother telling them "If we could go through this with jehovah's help you will be able to." I'm saving this for the time when persecution will come.
  15. Thanks, Mandi! That's an interesting article. It also shows that Jehovah knows what's best for us.