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  1. We do need the "completely new translation" option, please. I am not a big fan of the old NWT in Spanish. The text is 60 years old which implies that it uses a lot of words that are no longer common. Besides it was the first translation after the English and the brothers were a bit obsessed with following the English version so accurately that often the language is awkward and not natural at all, some times even grammatically wrong. Articles for teenagers and children in Spanish quote from other more recent translations most of the time because young people cannot understand the NWT. I don't mind if it takes a while, I'm sure it will be a delight to read the new version.
  2. Habeas corpus means that the police can arrest anyone they think is committing a crime, but after they have interrogated that person they have to either initiate legal actions against him or free him. A person cannot be arrested for longer than a certain time (usually a couple days) unless he has been formally accused of something. Russian police is not respecting that law.
  3. It's interesting that the cover in the Uzbek version doesn't say "New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures" but simply "The Bible" or more literally "The Holy Book" which is the name by which the Bible is known in Muslim countries.
  4. I read that when ISIS captured Mosul they tried to demolish that mosque, but thousands of people crowded around it in protest and the jihadists let it be.
  5. What worries me the most is the way ideas are imposed on people in this so-called culture of freedom. They may do as they wish, they can consider stillborn corpses as hospital waste or whatever, but if you want to bury your stillborn baby why do they have to impose you those rules? So much speech about freedom, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, but when a situation comes you have to agree with them or be crushed.
  6. I wouldn't say anything because he's not my child, but I certainly wouldn't let my boy (if I had one) play that way. I would teach him that there's boys' clothes and girls' clothes. I find the idea of a boy dressed in girls clothes and with lipstick disgusting. The same goes for being effeminate. I don't think that's ok if there's a way to change it. I know some brothers who are very effeminate and they are not respected by the congregation. So we'll have to agree to disagree on this one.
  7. For several weeks the news are talking about fighting in the city of Marawi, in the Philippines, taken by the Filipino branch of ISIS. I noticed that Marawi is not too far from the city of Cagayán de Oro, where most of our Filipino members live. Do you have any news about the brothers there?
  8. But surely he will have a helmet with horns, won't he?
  9. I'm not saying you're wrong. But most boys I know don't want to be princesses.
  10. My viewpoint is that men and women are different, feel differently and express themselves differently, so it's just normal to talk to them differently. Of course it may be positive to teach boys to express their feelings and the like, but in the end boys will be boys and girls will be girls. I don't agree with this thought. If I had a son, I wouldn't want him playing with dolls and girls' games. Nor for fear that he may become gay, but he certainly may become effeminate. There was a young boy in our congregation who always wanted to be a princess when playing with the other children in the KH. Naturally he spent all the time watching princess movies, playing with dolls and trying princess clothes. Maybe I'm old-fashioned but I don't want my boy to be a princess. Boys need to learn to be boys and girls need to learn to be girls.
  11. I don't think so. I think it's more likely that he didn't know that family were Witnesses and now some heads will roll. Don't forget the ban was instigated by the ministry of Justice, who is personally appointed by Putin and responsible directly to him. They couldn't do something like that without his approval.
  12. Yes, we often use COBE as short for Coordinator of the Body of Elders. We have a glossary for many of those abbreviations. When you see an abbreviation underlined by a dots line, click on it and it will show its meaning. EDIT: You don't need to click, just hover your mouse pointer over it.
  13. This brief comment from The Watchtower summarizes perfectly the content of the longer article: *** w97 4/15 p. 27 Do You Remember? *** □ What should a Christian do when called for jury duty? Each Christian faced with jury duty must determine what course to follow, based on his understanding of the Bible and his own conscience. (Galatians 6:5)—4/1, page 29.
  14. There is an inconsistency I noticed several years ago but no one else seemed to care, until the experts in this documentary confirmed it. If you look up "Jehovah" in any encyclopedia or reference work, you will read that it's an artificial form of the name. Ancient Jews wouldn't pronounce Jehovah's name, but replaced it with "Adonai" (the Lord) when reading the Scriptures. To remind them of that, the Soferim put the vowels of Adonai over the consonants of YHWH (in Hebrew, vowels are written as small dots upon or below the consonants). They claim that way the hybrid form "Jehovah" was formed. Even our publications have mentioned this explanation occasionally, no doubt trusting that scholars knew what they were talking about. But there is a huge hole in this explanation: The vowels of Adonai are not e-o-a. They are a-o-a. If the hybrid form theory were true, the resulting name would have been Jahovah. How is it possible that, among so many scholars and experts, nobody ever noticed that? I guess the story fit so well their theories that no one questioned it. So I don't believe "Jehovah" is a hybrid form accidentally made up by the Soferim when they put the vowels of Adonai over the letters of YHWH. Rather, I believe Jehovah is the original pronunciation of the Name that was faithfully preserved in the Hebrew text. The pronunciation of the name was still known in Jesus time, so there's no reason why it couldn't have been preserved at least among a group of scholars and copyists.
  15. I had stayed away from JW forums for several years, but in October 2013 there were a lot of rumours about a new NWT. The day of the Annual Meeting I was impatient to hear some news so I did a search for JW sites that mentioned the Annual Meeting. I joined JWTalk, began participating, and have been hooked ever since. Now my virtual congregation is a very important part of my life.