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  1. It's a completely different view of the Biblical story, told from the viewpoint of a digger working in the building of the tower. They want to build a tower so high that it reaches the heavens so they can meet God. Since all the peoples spoke the same language and worshipped the same God, there's nothing they cannot achieve. It talks about technical aspects of the construction, such as the time --many months-- that it takes to reach the higher floors. One interesting comment is that they feel much more sorry for a trowel that fall down than for a man that fall down. They have plenty of workers, but it takes many months to send a new trowel from the ground level. The world is not like we know it, but like Old Babylonians thought it was. In that world the dome of sky is a literal dome, and above it there are supposed to be reservoirs of water and snow. Once the workers reach the dome of heaven, they bring professional diggers to break through it. The description of the technologies they use is funny and at the same time realistic. I won't spoil the end but it's surprising and makes a lot of sense in the context of that Babylonian-style world.
  2. I work in a digital library for a cultural institution. We have old manuscripts and documents, rare books and especially a lot of newspapers from the 18th century onwards, and our work is to scan them in high quality and make them available to the public via web. That way even if the physical documents are too deteriorated or lost the information is preserved. I take care of the computer part of the process, basically doing research about new library standards and ways to reduce the amount of human work in the process.
  3. Some time ago I went to see the movie "The Arrival". It's a very good but also strange movie. It basically deals with communication between different species. If we ever met an extraterrestrial civilization, would we be able to understand their language and the way they think? I enjoyed it but the ending was so strange and surprising that I was left with the impression that I hadn't understood everything. I learnt that the movie is based on a short story by Ted Chiang entitled "The Story of Your Life", included in the book of the same title. I enjoyed the original story as much as the movie, and yes, I had understood it correctly. The movie is quite different from the original narration, but all the important points are there, I think they did a great job of adaptation. I also found several other stories in that book fascinating. Ted Chiang is a really an original and different science-fiction author. He loves science and logic and languages. His story about the tower of Babel is funny and thought-provoking.
  4. If Justin Bieber, for example, appeared in the media saying he's one of Jehovah's Witnesses, we would quickly say "No way, Jose! We wish you become one of JWs, but currently your behavior shows you are not one of JWs and your claiming so is bringing reproach on the congregation." Would we not? That's not judging anyone, simply you cannot say you are a Witness if you are not.
  5. I guess circuit overseers are imperfect humans too. He saw some exciting news and ran to share them with everyone, without imagining they could be fake. After all, he probably received the link from a brother he trusts, and the site looks very convincing, and the name misleads you to believe it belongs to Fox News.
  6. Another article with beautiful pics here: Scientists have discovered, by chance, that wax worm, a worm that lives in honeycombs and feeds on wax, can also eat plastic, since the structure of wax and plastic are quite similar. They are now thinking on ways to replicate the chemical process that worm uses, to get rid of the millions and millions of tons of plastic produced every year. Once again nature shows that Jehovah has means to easily get rid of problems that are unsolvable for man.
  7. Luezette, what Lance means is that the Slave will make sure the Russian brothers receive their spiritual food, as you said. In past times they did that by smuggling printed publications. Today they can simply send emails with the publications or download them from secret websites. There is no way the authorities can stop that.
  8. Don't believe that story about Trump speaking in favor of JWs. is a fake news site famous for spreading false news. It's not related to Fox News in any way.
  9. Vern, I know mercy is one of your favorite subjects. Your points are good. Jehovah is very much willing to forgive when there is repentance. But saying that a person demonstrates by her actions that she's not one of Jehovah's Witnesses is not being overly critical nor judging her nor sending her to Gehenna. My workmates are not JWs and their acts demonstrate that. People who live an immoral life cannot be part of the congregation unless they repent. So I don't understand what you are seeing objectionable in those comments.
  10. Vern, the brothers here are not judging anyone. How could we? The issue is that this girl often presents herself in the media as one of Jehovah's Witnesses and many people believe she is. So when they see her behavior, it brings a lot of reproach on JKehovah's name. But now by her boasting her immoral conduct she has publicly demonstrated she is not one of us nor has the same moral rules we do. Of course we all would love to see her at some point repenting and coming back to Jehovah and finally becoming a baptized sister. But that is not happening right now.
  11. She's not baptized and is not a Witness. She and her sister were unbaptized publishers but stopped being so a long time ago. So she's no different than any other wordly person who has some knowledge of the Truth. There's nothing the congregation can do about it.
  12. What the MoJ is saying is those studies were paid by the Witnesses, so they cannot be trusted to be impartial. Then our lawyers showed those studies were not requested nor paid by JWs but by different Russian courts.
  13. I know I have already told this story before as the old folks do but anyway. I remember a Memorial when I was maybe 6 or 7 years old. I knew only the anointed could partake of the emblems, but I was extremely curious as to how that weird bread would taste, so I thought I would take a piece without anyone noticing (poor innocent child!) and eat it later. My plan didn't go well. The loaf was much harder than I expected, and while I was trying to break a piece my mom, with a face of immense embarrassment, gave me a slap that still hurts when I think of it. I visited my parents last Tuesday before the Memorial and asked my mom if she remembered it. She did. So do I. Never tried to even touch the emblems again.
  14. Yes. We always have a couple extra glasses just in case.
  15. I received the same video from a source I trust, in fact posted it here a few hours ago. But removed it a few minutes later when I was told it's from April 8 2013 and therefore not related to our campaign.