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  1. I guess I am now... Who am I?
  2. Should I worry of wannacrypt? :unsure:

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    2. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      It's a wicked world out there. I am so tired of having to sort out things like this. Satan is running amuck! 

    3. Vinnie


      Don't worry about it so long as you take reasonable precautions. Keep your computer up to date with patches and be cautious about getting unexpected emails from anyone, even friends. 

      Same as driving your car. Even if you put your seatbelt on, keep your car maintained and drive as safe and as reasonable as you can, it doesn't mean you are guaranteed not to get into an accident, but it does mean you are less likely to get into one.

    4. shali


      I got two unexpected emails in one week - one from a former brother-in-law that I haven't spoken to in over 20 years and another from a sister who moved to another congregation far, far away because she didn't want to deal with personal differences in our congregation.  When I opened them, they said "Hi Brigette" or "Salutations Brigette" and nothing else.  I think there might of been a .php file to click on, but I didn't.  Just deleted them both.  Can't help but wonder if that was my invite to be "kidnapped" now!