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  1. Yeah. Read about that few days ago. But Microsoft fixed it the day it was discovered. So we arrive at lesson #2. Keep all your software up to date Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
  2. Don't. Click. Untrusted. Links. It's that simple. No, you did not win 1.000.000€ on lottery. No, your grandparents did not leave you their fortune. Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
  3. Here's the transcript of the broadcasting JW Broadcasting May 2017.pdf Forgive me if there are any errors, blame the computer. It's been an automated process
  4. It's around minute 40. After the interview with 3 brothers.
  5. The notes features of the Jw Library app will be coming soon. And by soon we mean during May 2017, this month!!!!!!!!!!! Later this year, study bible will make its way onto the app
  6. It is available as of 30 seconds ago. So far only on the Afrikaans language. More to follow! Edit: It's such a shame that this language has audio on its own language. It would've been better if it was with subtitles American Sign Language now available. It's on English.. good enough
  7. If you use photoshop it's really easy. Just drag and drop the PDF file in the PS and a dialog window will open asking you if you want to open 'page' or 'image'. If you choose image, it already has all images contained in the file stripped of all text. I use it all the time to extract images, although lately for the meetings I download the workbook or watchtower as jwpub and then unzip the files. All images are there. Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
  8. As they were reading the verdict, my midweek meeting started and we were singing the first song ( old number 137 ). Such an appropriate song. I had chills while singing and thinking about our brothers in Russia! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk P. S. Can't concentrate on the meeting... My thoughts are in Russia
  9. Don't you worry. Father of all Bombs exists as well Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
  10. Anton Chivchalov on Twitter posted that the hearing will continue on April 12th. Any confirmation?
  11. I am at work as well, but i can't focus on work... With my mind I'm in the courtroom...
  12. The queue of objections goes to the defendants. However, first of all, the lawyer Omelchenko applies for the inclusion in the case of extracts from the Russian newspaper with the dates of the entry of certain publications into the FSEM. The court adjuncts.