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  1. Brother Lett is so animated, such a wonderful speaker.
  2. When those Jesus resurrected were brought back to life, the bible has spoken about their family members being there to welcome them back, which shows just how loving Jehovah is and how much thought he is put into the resurrection. We will have to wait and see just how Jehovah intends to carry out the order in which those to be resurrected are brought back. HOWEVER, one thing is for sure as we are servants of Jehovah, we are one huge united family. In the video's and the publications the FDS has always pointed towards Jehovah resurrecting the ones we have lost through death near the family members. My grandmother who served Jehovah until the day she past, always said that even though she had moved countries she had such strong faith in Jehovah, that he could reunited her with the daughter she lost in sleep even in another country. She would say that, "Jehovah is a God of Love, so why would he back her daughter in a country where she would have no family now." I tend to agree with this point. For the last few years the FDS have showed us through videos at our conventions our loved ones bring greeted back by those they love. Remember the 3 conventions ago (that had almost everyone crying) of the family that lost a loved one, later in that video you saw them welcome the sister back. Did Our Languages Come From the “Tower of Babel” w13 9/1 p. 11 The Bible account says that at Babel, God acted to “confuse their language that they may not listen to [“understand,” footnote] one another’s language.” (Genesis 11:7) As a result, the workers “left off building the city” of Babel and were scattered “over all the surface of the earth.” The bible describes the sudden appearance of several apparently fully developed new languages, each capable of expressing the range of human feeling and thought and each different and distinct from the others. So as shown, Jehovah in the past was able to confuse the language into many different FULL languages, each different and distinct from the others. On that thought , then how much more simpler/easier would it be for Jehovah to let us all one morning wake up speaking a new language. Maybe we will all wake up speaking and understanding a completely new language, a truly united loving language of 'unity' a'pure language'.
  3. Awww, makes my heart swell with joy to see one so young enrolling in the bible school. I remember my sons first bible reading, I don't know who was more nervous him or me. I had the following talk after his. However, I was so nervous for him I had the shakes and tears in my eyes. I couldn't wait to give him a huge hug. But did tell him how proud I was of him and his effort he made, and how he had made Jehovah proud too! Please tell your son that he gave a lovely bible reading, it gave me such a huge smile to watch his first talk, Thank you very much for sharing this with us.