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  1. This is not the end. We have to wait for an official statement from the brothers on JW.org. I just finished watching the video, O Jehovah... I trust in you. Like Hezekiah, this is a period where the trust of our brothers and sisters in Jehovah will be put to the test. They have to be reassured that Jehovah will see them through their difficulties with the government. This is not the first time our work is being put under ban.
  2. You left out details for newbies to news like this such as: is the news good or bad, this breakup? Is it caused by human interference with the environment? What are the future ramifications for planet earth? Interested in the news. {after reading the article} My question will have to be shelved to the dustbin of unanswered questions for now. Curiosity killed the cat.
  3. Your attitude determines your altitude. Be positive brother. Go preach there. I love the spirit.
  4. When I clicked the link, I was taken to a different site. Check your link again brother.
  5. It could be this, from the watchtower no. 1, 2016. https://www.jw.org/en/publications/magazines/watchtower-no1-2016-january/be-honest/
  6. My congregation in Nigeria is Badagry 5 in October. I can't wait for the RC to begin. The letter was read today.
  7. Welcome brother Rafael to the forum. I noticed this is your first post. I just gave you your first like.
  8. In case you still need help on how to go about doing the initial call, you could practice on something like this: JW: Good morning. I'd like to know your viewpoint on a matter that is interesting. Householder: Okay. What is it? JW: Many people say that God makes us suffer to test us. Do you believe that? HH: Yes, I do. I remember what happened to Job. JW: Well the bible teaches that Jehovah is not cruel. I'll like us to see what it says in the book of Job, specifically Job 34:10. HH: (reads Job 34:10). JW: So, according to what you just read, will God use suffering to test us? Isn't that cruelty? HH: I get the point. God cannot act wickedly. But what about Job? JW: Jehovah was not the one who brought Job's problems on him, rather it was Satan. Jehovah only allowed it. I have a book here I'll like you to read. It is titled - what can the bible teach us. On page 9 of it I'll like you to read the paragraphs that says - does God care about us or is he cruel? You'll enjoy doing so. HH: Let me have it.
  9. Yesterday's watchtower study article encouraged all of us to include the worldwide brotherhood in our prayers. Brothers and sisters, from what I read at JW.org which is quoted below, our brothers and sisters in Russia need to be in our prayers as the landmark decision is reached by the court on January 16, 2017. Whichever way the decision goes, we'll never give Satan and his system any cause to gloat over us. May Jehovah be with our brothers and sisters in Russia.
  10. Thanks sister Nancee. I appreciate your kindness. Sister Pauline, I'll send you a PM soonest.
  11. Can anyone please help me find out what branch office oversees the work in Togo? I looked at the back of the yearbook but didn't find any address for the country of Togo. Include the branch address also or maybe I'll look it up at the yearbook. Thanks in advance
  12. It's a sad news. I hope to see them when they are resurrected to a world where there will be no more dangers from landslides. I'll put their two children missing in my prayers. It's not a good news, this.
  13. To second brother Jerry, I read through the tags. Some are meaningless while some are needless repetitions. May I also suggest to brother Stefan to limit his tags to useful ones - both for humans and the search engines. This calls to my mind 1 Corinthians 13:5 thus: Love does not look for its own interests. I hope brother Stefan takes this corrections in a spirit of love. He's been quite resourceful on this forum.
  14. They'd be wondering how you made it to the basement.