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  1. I use an iPad with Safari browser. I just opened JW broadcasting page and it opened fine. Could be from your iPad itself. Maybe memory issues. Can you close the safari browser and then open it later? Do other websites load on the Safari? Those are questions you can look at.
  2. It's indeed a very violent world and cab drivers have to be careful. Last month here in Lagos, Nigeria a horrifying story was told in the news about an uber driver murdered for his vehicle. http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/04/killed-uber-driver-steal-vehicle-suspect/ I wish our brother is safe wherever he is.
  3. Malaria Typhoid fever HIV/AIDS Diabetes and names for any other sickness or infection
  4. Also on this site. Word for word reporting with the link above. http://states-tv.com/breaking-ban-on-jehovahs-witnesses-in-russia-lifted/ The site looks queer, imo. Seems like a case of link baiting but on Google search it's tagged "breaking news."
  5. Since I discovered jwtalk.net, this forum, in September 2016, I have never had the desire or inclination to even visit Facebook. Wasn't that awesome? It was for me. I now hang out with spiritually minded persons and engage in wholesome discussions. And less visual stress. It was so easy to do.
  6. I prefer the video screen. It saves me the pain of bending my neck now and then while singing. Furthermore, the video screen makes the singing interactive, somewhat fun.
  7. I looked up indoctrinate in Merriam Webster's dictionary and these are its synonyms: Synonyms: educate, teach, instruct, lesson, school, train, tutor. And that's what everyone does; not only the Jehovah's witnesses. Isn't that interesting!
  8. I know it's on JW library app but one cannot access the files on JW library app in other locations on an iPad which can be done on an android. I want to have the video on another app which is why I am making this request. Would be glad if someone can help me.
  9. I want to download the video, "Caring for our places of worship," to my iPad so I can show it to my bible students when considering lesson 26 of the jl book. Can someone provide a download link for me? I found it on YouTube but don't know how to download from YouTube to the iPad drive. Thanks in advance
  10. Are we on the same page: P.U.S.H = Pray Until Something Happens
  11. In the new world a forum like this wouldn't be used because billions will have to be registered on it and you'll spend the whole day reading only one thread, not the topics posted for a day. That's not a model of organization. I think in the new world the 144,000 will be appointed over princes on earth who will organize things earth wide like the governing body are doing. Just my wish or imagination though.
  12. I cannot download the broadcast because of some peculiar situations where I am coming from so I have come to rely on the transcripts to follow through with what was discussed on the broadcasts. I have all of brother William's transcripts and appreciate his love and help. I hope you do understand me now.
  13. I do appreciate your efforts, brother Andrej. A good thing is worth doing well. Your transcript is virtually unreadable. I would appreciate it if yours were edited like brother William's from Singapore. So, brother William, we're waiting for you, please.
  14. We do appreciate your highlighting Jehovah's mercy brother Richard. But the comments in this thread are based on facts about the Williams sisters. The brothers are not being critical. All they are saying is that they bring dishonor to Jehovah's name when they portray themselves as JWs but live immoral lifestyles publicly. No JW would be happy about it. I think you are the one being critical - by stating that we should overlook moral transgressions that would lead to a disfellowshipping if they were baptized on the premise that we want to be merciful. The Williams sisters have shown themselves by what is read in the media to be unrepentantly sexually immoral. Jehovah is holy; he would not accept such a lifestyle. We as his servants try to imitate him; I think that is what you brother Richard is critical of and I see your judgement as scripturally unbalanced.
  15. Could someone explain to me what legal ramifications did the judge cite for upholding this call to liquidate the Russian administrative center of Jehovah's Witnesses?