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  1. A letter was read at the meeting this evening concerning the letter-writing campaign. I pray to Jehovah the authorities in Russia will listen when 8,000,000 letters arrive at their doorsteps.
  2. I saw about 3 of that on YouTube. I wonder which is trustworthy. They all had different data sizes.
  3. It was recommended for use with bible students when considering chapter 2 of the book: "What does the bible really teach" and the recommendation is recent - a 2013 OKM article. Thanks
  4. How can I get the above video for download. I need it for my bible students. The Bible—Mankind’s Oldest Modern Book video. Thanks in advance
  5. How can I get the video: "The Wonders of Creation Reveal God’s Glory." Will appreciate any help to download it. Thanks in advance
  6. What magazines or books are you allowed to use in field service and teaching interested ones?
  7. Can I understand you better, brother Richard? You said Jehovah is still in control to a relative degree. Could I ask: relative to what degree and how? Please do clear the confusion you've raised!
  8. Would the negativity behind such a chip outweigh the positivity or would the positivity outweigh the negativity? Lots of persons are talking of how wonderful it would be on criminals but what if criminals are able to hack it - wouldn't that be awesome?
  9. In our area evangelicals cite this microchips as part of the coming of 666 which they interprete as a literal number which those who do not have it will not be able to buy and sell. A lawmaker proposes to block these chips from being used on humans but according to the article they are already in use. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nevada-lawmaker-seeks-precautionary-ban-230946745.html
  10. I give up. Didn't see it. Thanks. I hope I'm the only one with the problem.
  11. Checked again because you asked. Didn't see any video on your link except broadcasting February video.
  12. This link leads to the February monthly broadcast. Brother Lucas, check your links before posting.
  13. We are always reminded and encouraged to be mild tempered and respectful to everyone we meet, especially in the ministry, no matter how they could provoke us. Using epithets for householders like foolish or stupid etc because they were unkind to us in the ministry is not Christlike. Please, keep it in mind because our goal is to honor and glorify our God Jehovah in our ministry. The work is not ours; we are only messengers.
  14. Brother Matt, welcome to the forum. May I give you a virtual hug. ((((((((((Welcome)))))))))). Every convention has a distinguishing characteristic. That is what makes them exciting; you're going to find out after you attend. Don't fall into the trap of taking all the conventions to be the same and think that if you've attended last year's there's no big deal this year's. There is. Have you noticed how the symposiums are tailored and different along with the convention videos? Just to mention two. Anyway, I believe you'll enjoy the virtual association with the international brotherhood this forum provides. I look forward to enjoying more and more of your posts. ((((((((((Welcome))))))))))
  15. It looks like something done with Photoshop.