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  1. We do appreciate your highlighting Jehovah's mercy brother Richard. But the comments in this thread are based on facts about the Williams sisters. The brothers are not being critical. All they are saying is that they bring dishonor to Jehovah's name when they portray themselves as JWs but live immoral lifestyles publicly. No JW would be happy about it. I think you are the one being critical - by stating that we should overlook moral transgressions that would lead to a disfellowshipping if they were baptized on the premise that we want to be merciful. The Williams sisters have shown themselves by what is read in the media to be unrepentantly sexually immoral. Jehovah is holy; he would not accept such a lifestyle. We as his servants try to imitate him; I think that is what you brother Richard is critical of and I see your judgement as scripturally unbalanced.
  2. Could someone explain to me what legal ramifications did the judge cite for upholding this call to liquidate the Russian administrative center of Jehovah's Witnesses?
  3. The myth no. 5: Christians adapted the cross from older symbols, is a half-truth. It's easy to see through the lie after thinking through on the explanation given. How can you acknowledge that the cross was a part of pagan religion before Christianity and then assert that Christian cross has no linkage to that because the Christian cross has ploughs, anchors and letters. The evidence is glaring.
  4. Or another synonym for spiritual prostitutes.
  5. How does one select another language in WOL? I'm presently using English but want to read in other languages. Thanks in advance
  6. In the Documents app, all downloaded media files are saved in a downloads folder which allows you to play the media any number of times you wish later.
  7. I use the Documents app by readdle to download media files. It has a built in browser and downloader. You can try it. I'm recommending it.
  8. A letter was read at the meeting this evening concerning the letter-writing campaign. I pray to Jehovah the authorities in Russia will listen when 8,000,000 letters arrive at their doorsteps.
  9. I saw about 3 of that on YouTube. I wonder which is trustworthy. They all had different data sizes.
  10. It was recommended for use with bible students when considering chapter 2 of the book: "What does the bible really teach" and the recommendation is recent - a 2013 OKM article. Thanks
  11. How can I get the above video for download. I need it for my bible students. The Bible—Mankind’s Oldest Modern Book video. Thanks in advance
  12. How can I get the video: "The Wonders of Creation Reveal God’s Glory." Will appreciate any help to download it. Thanks in advance
  13. What magazines or books are you allowed to use in field service and teaching interested ones?
  14. Can I understand you better, brother Richard? You said Jehovah is still in control to a relative degree. Could I ask: relative to what degree and how? Please do clear the confusion you've raised!