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  1. But Russian authorities can violate this as they did many times before.
  2. "The Supreme Court’s ruling has not taken effect yet. If the organization appeals it, the ruling will come into force as of the moment the appellate court pronounces its opinion or in 30 days’ time." More: http://tass.com/world/942539
  3. He didn't explain anything. Just said: "After examining all materials and after listening to both sides and witnesses, guided by articles 175, 183, 64 of the Administrative Code the Court decided to... " take very bad decision
  4. I think your reaction is normal. It will be strange to feel happy about such unfair decision. I do not think Jehovah is happy also.
  5. Decition can be appealed during 1 month in Appeals Panel of Supreme Court
  6. I lost 5 kilos during this court case, and think will lose another 5 before final court decision....
  7. 14:25 According to the representative of the Ministry of Justice, the fact that the defendant continues to declare about the landings shows that the UC does not repent of extremist activity. to declare about the landings - to declare about putting banned publications in our halls by police officers.
  8. I had a chance to present in a court when a case regarding banning LRO in my city Tiraspol was held. It is unforgettable.
  9. Those 70 000 sheets do not include information about importing literature. Brothers refused to present the Ministry of Justice this information because Ministry could ask for it from the Customs. I think brothers mentioned 70 000 sheets to show they provided everything they had to present and they do not have anything to hide. It was not their responsibility to provide information about importing literature.