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    Although I was raised by non witness I had studied with jw since I was a kid so I had a rich spiritual heritage, but as I started developing traits of jw. My parents weren't pleased and they stopped all of my connections with jw, but they failed to stop my communication with someone important ‘jehovah.' it was too late, although it was hard during those days I'm happy i stayed faithful, and i would often sneak to meetings just to learn something new, but all became history as I enjoy a richer spiritual heritage and would never trade anything for it. Am the last born of five and the only witness for now.

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    Let me tell u a real secret. There's nothing better than letting Jehovah direct your path. You'll go places in life and you will soar like a eagle with wings.

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  1. GodlyDevotion

    all things star trek

    Oh a trekker! I love the Yorktown space habitat, it clearly depicts the realm of impossibilities. My bet is on 2019. Filming is ongoing for Star trek discovery 2.
  2. GodlyDevotion

    My off topic thread

    Why are they always here?
  3. GodlyDevotion

    Post a picture... Any picture

    What a wonderful prospect to be a part of Jehovah's organization?! Thank you Jehovah!!
  4. Am sick and tired of how delusional my country is, and seeing how its being portrayed by the media and news gets me weary. What an appalled state we are living in!?
  5. GodlyDevotion

    Chess mystery in the world today

    Yes I do, but you can set a level that fits your rank as a chess player.
  6. GodlyDevotion

    Chess mystery in the world today

    Thanks for getting where I was coming from. More like the bishop is protected by the Queen since they stick together in the chess board
  7. GodlyDevotion

    Chess mystery in the world today

    I think the king still remains in authority, as he could have a wall(rook) defend him from harm and his subjects answer to him. The queen just happens to be the strongest. I think of the bishop as false religion
  8. GodlyDevotion

    Chess mystery in the world today

    You're right. Maybe our argument was interwoven with importance and power. Makes me think about the KOS and KON. With KOS being important and KON being powerful. Makes sense, if KON was less powerful, KOS won't allow the trampling of God's people. He would (KOS) be the one to do it himself. Oh yeah! That's the gist
  9. GodlyDevotion

    Chess mystery in the world today

    A little twitch there I suppose. A queen or king of the opposing side can take out each other, but it does not happen to chess pieces of the same side. That's a point tho.
  10. GodlyDevotion

    Chess mystery in the world today

    Well, we could look at it from that angle also, most important.
  11. I love playing chess with my siblings. After we would finish playing, they'd joked about being a grand master in chess.One sunny afternoon, after playing chess, we got into an argument of who is the most powerful in chess, the king or the queen? While I made my stance that the king is cos he is the sole reason the game exists, he blatantly opposed and told me the queen is with her many powerful moves. We ended up not coming to a final agreement, but it suddenly reflected that neither is more powerful than the other, after all the king can't checkmate, a point he indicated to me. After our argument, it got me thinking of the KOS and KON. IMO I liken the queen in chess to KON with its mysterious moves and how it's changed in recent years and its attack towards pure worship. KOS is the king, he's the false prophet described in revelation that will fight Jesus and his armies in the battle of Armageddon. He's got the life in the game. Who do you think is the most powerful in the game of chess, the king or the queen? Well it all went well until someone showed up and said it's the pawn. So what do y'all think, the king or the queen? Chess lovers, lemme hear your opinions.
  12. Oh no! Perhaps world religion is getting her farewell too soon.
  13. Oh no! Perhaps world religion is getting her farewell too soon.
  14. That's the world we live in, and here we are where people regard the king of wakanda(black panther) their true hero.

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