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  1. Where is the book bearing thorough witness the 2018 printing thanks

    1. pholmes38


      It is only in the JWLibrary app.

      Go to "publications" and it should show as a pending update

    2. Brenda


      Did you find it Ginger?

  2. We have a wonderful Arrangement here and a Cooperative one so what are the new developments I've been retired with a stroke for a while now so I'm not as in the loop as I used to be
  3. Is there any way to get this only microphone so that I can hear it
  4. I don't know what I'm doing but I did pull the book up and it has a copyright date of 2018 so it's been updated it looks interesting
  5. I especially like this video because it tends to validate when I had already thought in relation to where it says in Psalms that was a band of angels around us it reminded me of the tears of angels seen in that video also the scripture that says oppose the devil and he will flee from you he's not one bit afraid of us so I always thought that the Angels were standing around us waiting to see what decisions we made and once they were like the video in harmony with the scriptures that's when they came to our Aid anyway these are my thoughts on it
  6. If we truly believe Jesus is the king and is our King we've dedicated ourselves to him I think it's called treason to pledge our allegiance to any other government we can respect it without pledging allegiance to it just my thoughts
  7. Yentle

    Category 4 Hurricane Florence Heading for the US

    Will be helping the friends in North Carolina but keep in mind that this coming Wednesday the waters in South Carolina will be receiving those from North Carolina so keep your eye on that
  8. Yentle

    Category 4 Hurricane Florence Heading for the US

    Learn from Florence the next time it made me worse be sure the back in wherever you're at it makes it more difficult for people to steal gas also don't forget a solar lamp you can stick it in your window in the daytime and have some light at night just a few tips that may help you in the future
  9. You are obviously so smart I wish you could send me some of your knowledge through this pad so that I could understand how to get around on this side the little better thank you for all your help
  10. This is just explaining the frequency when you're in different states I retired from the trauma center where we used a lot of the eegee's and had a lot of discussions with the neurologist the illustration is similar to a telephone will use the same frequency to get there but you use a different area code I'm sorry I brought the rest of my explanation on my quote was would have explained it but I don't do stuff very well since my stroke I'm sorry I hope you've enjoyed it anyway
  11. My favorite illustration is on how prayer works the eegee's that we put on the to measure brain waves measured 0 to 4 while you're sleeping that measures 4 to 6 while you're talking and it measures 50 to 60 when you're in a meditative State such as prayer and which is the same frequency that goes across the universe it left me with a question however what's the difference between the EEG I would put on a witch doctor in the prayer that would be uttered here they would both measure the same pic t260 the illustration that I like is to use the telephone frequency we both use the same whether we're calling India or China is the area code that makes the difference so Jesus since all our prayers are offered in his name is actually serves as the area code that takes up here where we wanted to go

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