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  1. my wife eats on the whole cake with a fork instead of cutting a slice. which ruins it by the time i go to get a slice! and crumbs in the mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I live in a swamp unfortunately i heard lemongrass repels them.
  3. Hi, new here. Im not sure if this is the right place for this.... I have a bad mosquito problem where i live. I spray nasty chemicals bc they are so unbearable. I literally breathe mosquitos! A bro was over here the other day and we were complaining about the pests. He said an old brother told him years ago that mosquitos were created by Satan. I told him i didn't believe that and he said he didn't really either but he did bring up the magic practicing priests turning the rods into snakes, and satan had the power to do that. I guess thats not the same as creating something new though. But i started thinking about it for a few days. I guess mosquitos are just one of the pests we are stuck w as imperfect people, environment, etc. Maybe Mosquitos aren't doing what they were originally designed for. But then what about other animal designs like sharp claws, huge razor teeth, and other animal weapons that seem to be designed for ripping flesh, chewing meat, etc? Bear teeth & claws, lion teeth & claws, raptor talons & beaks, alligators .... or bee stingers, snake & spider venom. an endless list of animals w deadly weapons or defenses. I know Isa 65 says wolf and lamb will feed together. So why does the wolf have such big bad teeth? (The better to eat you with my dear!) Its silly i know. Just trying to make a first post:)

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