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  1. Dove.  That's great.  Please convey the love of bros/sis in the UK.xx

  2. Back in the 60s. I was a Londin Trafic cop. My oppo was ex RUC. Hey I could relate so many stories. Andy and I have remained good mates. He served 31 yrs in the job, ending up as an Insprctor. Sadly, poor chap. He always held me in high esteem. According to him, I was a great cop and would have mad it to Superintendant. Now. Sadly Any has had a mixed marital life. His final wife was a great. I have chatted with her and she was great. Sadly that medical enemy cancer caught up and claimed her life. Andy is devistated. He is now talkin suicide. He wants to be with his love, Georgie. I have contacted him and the local congregation. What more can I do?
  3. For me. An interesting thread.. I am a FLS. So I am at times surrounded by eveolution. FLS is a highly respected branch of natural history. However,whatever. Without these individuals. Perhaps going backwards. Todays TV etc has made us aware of the natural world. So. David Attenborour to some, talks a lot of rubbish. David has lived a life in the naturalworld. Yes he has been contacted many times by JW's. He agrees that some supiour force nust extist, that something just can't come from nothing. Davids problem is. He just can't come to grips that such a loving, creative GOD canat the same time be so cruel. Daewin, Walace. Wells and the Huxleys. These were all all greats in their days witin the scientific fields. Their submissions purposed the theory of evolutioin. Modern science has sadly missed out. WHY? In each case, these members of science have well established their beliefe in a grand creator. Sadly the term evolution, evolved has become so distracted.
  4. Bros/Sis. I respect your comments but. Are we perhaps missing the point. Lets set up a chart. OK. Who knows, 20-whatsit might be the last year of this system. So what might the start of the new system/order be known as? We have had calenders as. BCE. AD now what? At the great day of Jehovah. His name will be santified. Satanwill at last be bound and locked away. Now is the first day of a brand new era. The divine schedule is. For the next 1000 yrs. Faithful ones who have passed through Armaggeddon now find themselves in a new land. Perhaps a very strange land. The Reverlation account can conjour up all manner of sights and scenes. Hey! my house has gone. Truthfully we don't know. We trust in Jehovah. Revelationgives us so much information. The dead. Rhe feast of the birds of heaven. Rhen our priveledge part. We being hands on. Cleaning up, rebuilding and yes. Loving under your own shady tree. Hey! look whioe here. This Valerie. Valerie an I were maried for 49 yrs....old time. Great to have you back luv. This raises another point. Death ends the marital arrangement. So why do many still love and cherish that relationship and long to welcome back their dead loved ones. Bros/Sis. Our present ordeal is to stand firm against satan. To get through that great day. Now trust in Jehovah.
  5. Think back. Do not the scriptures say. In the context of the new system. No one will say. I am sick. So we have to accept that. NO. Medics will be history. However we will probably still get our fingers burned etc if we touch some heatforce. We trip over,oops! perhaps a grazed knee. We don't know. If I may. Yes perhaps we might have questions relating to the New System. Who really knows all that Jehovah has in store for us. Here and now. Concentrate in getting your PRESENT lofe in order, so that come that day. You pass through, leaving this sad world behind and finding yourself in......perhaps a strange new world??? Trust in Jehovah.
  6. First and foremost. May I offer my condolences to anyone who has lost loved ones due to these, 'so called natural disasters' Thankfully we have that wonderful hope of the resurrection. In the meantime. I am so interested in natural history. History, NO. Why? because IMO with all the world history at our fingertips, mankind still hasn't learned. The world wants peace, so mankind searches and develops more ways to destroy each other and also planet earth. Returning to natural history. So much is out there for us to learn. Sir David Attenborough is so often condemned for his misleading commentaries of the natural world. Lets be honest. Would we,m the world over, have such knowledge of the natural world, had it not been for him. A times he is simply reading a script. So these world locations where people live under the threat of death, due to, natural causes. Tropical areas like the Phillipines. Time and again they are hit by tsusamis often many killed. As with volcanic erruptions etc. Then there are locations where homes are built on hillsides. So we might ask. Why do people live here? Does this GOD JEHOVAH really care for his people. Return to the scriptures. In the begining...Jehovah set the limits for everything. Later. Satan has been allowed to become the ruler of the earth. Bros/Sis. Here is a fine platform to open up an express ones thoughts and feelings. Trust in Jehovah. He is your refuge.
  7. First and foremost. I must admit, I haven't read each members contribution. I am new to the forum and to be honest, a little hesitant to get involved. I've been in the TRUTH now since 1950, aged ten. My own personal WT library consisted of every publication, from the Informant..predecessor of the KM. I had the complete year book collection etc. So when the Society introduced the CD of the WT Library. Wowee! Space at home had come almost to a standstill. Apart from the society's publicatins, I also had a large library of other books. Preparing for a public or student talk, suddenly a click here and there, and all was reveald. Prior to that. My desk was cluttered with many books. Pads and pencils. Now a few clicks, cut and paste and that's it, or is it? Researching the old way....Bible, wt's whatever your eyes were searching. Your research expanded. Now with today's IT, all is different. Yes I have tablet. NO I never use it in the ministry or on the platform. Perhaps it's just me, but. Technology is good and sometimes not so good. A sudden failure in the telecommunications systems and. ZILCH.
  8. So! Georgie Girl. You have given quote to Sir Davids presentation. What now? Lets be honest. David has for more than many of us become so close to reality. Yes, even I have at times signed and said, no, no Dave. David has devoted his life to natural science. At times his documentaries have been dictated by program directives. David has for so long been torn by gainhing some understanding. Yes. All of this. The universe, planet earth, you and me. David has had this problem, dilemma. How could such a loving grand creator now over centuries of time, stand by and allow the world of civilization to become as it now is.

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