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  1. I think that scientists are looking in the wrong place for solutions to climate change. Instead of dealing with industrial pollution (factories, cars etc), they are telling people that they should reduce their consumption of natural things such as eggs, meat and milk that were created by God as part of harmoniously functioning self-sustaining earth systems.
  2. That is a good point. I always take info from Russian media, especially state-owned ones, with a bucket of salt.
  3. I have read the book of Job, but did not seem to remember Keren-happuch. She was said to be the most beautiful woman in all the land, which I presume to be Arabia. I have just looked up the meaning of Keren-happuch. It literally means a horn of eye paint common to North Africa, West, Central and South Asia. Happuch is used to enhance beauty, health and to ward off the evil eye. So it must have been a valuable thing. Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keren-happuch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohl_(cosmetics) I believe valuable eye paint was stored in a horn which must have looked like the vessel below:
  4. Wow, it is very uplifting and informative. When I got to the 6:40 mark, I had a good laugh. "They have nicknames: dumb, dumber, dumbest and stupid".
  5. It is so heart-warming to read that there are still people who are willing to learn the truth. I am very surprised, Greg, that you have so many studies in Melbourne. Does anyone conduct studies over the internet (i.e WhatsApp, Skype)?
  6. Yes, it is correct. I have just watched the video. The brothers and their families are going through hard times. I felt for the elderly sister who is 81 and the sister with a neck brace on the bed. Life is emotionally and possibly materially tough for them. One of the brothers in custody said that he received over 1 kg of letters in a single day. The good news is that the husband of the bed-ridden sister has been released from custody and put under house arrest. The sad thing is that prisons and detention centres in former Soviet countries, especially in Russia, are notorious for cruelty and lack of decent human conditions.
  7. I agree. I don't think that the S Korean government is specifically targeting our brothers. I have read somewhere recently that many young men in S Korea were happy about the court ruling on conscientious objectors. They see it as an opportunity to dodge the draft by becoming JWs. The S Korean government knows this and just wants to make sure that only genuine conscientious objectors do the non-military service. What is more, S Korea is technically still at war with N Korea. It has never signed a peace treaty with its neighbour after the war ended in the mid 1950s. Hostilities could start at any moment. That is why all S Korean men are still required to go through the military service regardless of status and wealth.
  8. Yes, hiking, horse riding, rafting and skiing. The tallest mountains are about 7500 m. Kyrgyzstan is sometimes called "the second Switzerland" because of the picturesque scenes of nature and mountain skiing.
  9. Wow, what a wonderful product of brotherly love! How do you do it, Br William? I have only just finished watching the video while you have managed to watch it and transcribe it. It is incredible!
  10. Me too. I really liked the bit about Romania. When brothers agreed to reunite and hugged one another, I almost got teary.
  11. Of course, nobody knows what his true agenda is, but judging by the reports out of N Korea, Kim is trying hard to set up meetings with Trump and S Korean leader to discuss "denuclearisation", which is unprecedented. I think Kim, Trump and Putin are very unpredictable leaders.
  12. Looks like Kim is very keen on ditching nukes. I think he understands that Trump means business with his invasion threats. I wonder if we have brothers in N Korea.
  13. Does ASL have sound or should I wait for the English version?
  14. This is Bishkek, the capital city where I live. It has become smoggy lately due to car and home heating emissions.

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