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    Don't look Back, keep paddling
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    New England
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    Brought up with the truth. Strayed for a few years. Came back at the age of 19 and have now been going for nearly 40 years.

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    I love history and reading non-fiction historical subjects.
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    Bible, Wt. Pubs. Non-fiction history subjects
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    It mostly depends on the song or piece itself . I enjoy most genres except rap. Rap is to music what etch-a-sketch is to art.
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    "If you're not part of the solution....you're part of the problem."

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  1. Pjdriver

    A good joke

    I noticed the suits are all different, but the numbers are the same....in the first instance there were 2-6s, 2-7s, 2- 8s. I chose the 8. In the second instance all the numbers were there except one of the 8s. Der
  2. Pjdriver

    A good joke

    I’m not as bright as you guys, I still don’t get it. I picked the 8clubs. I know the suits are different but it did guess it was an 8....right?
  3. Thanks chocobro I meant 7 To be 8 and so on 7. Bring sight to a man born blind
  4. 1. Joseph 2. Donkey 3. Fish 4. Death of first born 5. Adam and Eve 6. Club 7. Judas 9. Peter 10. Carpenter
  5. This Australian girl is a great musician. Wow, what a voice. Some of her other songs you can appreciate it even more. Again, notice how she uses live looping. She’s a one person band.
  6. Did you post “the clock” 3 times? Lol
  7. Now that I’m older I have to dance to that one sitting down.
  8. My son worked in Nigeria for 6 months and seen this group while there. That’s where they are from. The fella with no shirt on is the leader. His father was a big celebrity singer over there in the 70s and he also wrote this song. The son is carrying on the tradition. I dare you to turn it up, listen to the whole thing and......keep your feet still.
  9. These guy know how to use technology to create their music. They’re doing live looping.
  10. I couldnt understand most of it, but I like it. I couldn’t take steady doses of it but I will say, these girls are very talented.
  11. There’s a documentary on her on Netflix. Very interesting but sad also.
  12. If the books tends to be politically bias as I suspect it is, reading it may have an unwanted affect. If it is truly just historic then I would say yes. If it bothers your wife’s conscience, then no, I wouldn’t read it.
  13. Great song writer....beautiful song.
  14. Pjdriver

    Panic on Indian flight

    Did he ever get to use a toilet or did that happen when they tackled him?

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