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  1. Stephen Hawking has died

    I think Darwin’s views on that fluctuated. At one point I think he described himself as a “theist”....belief that a higher power set things in Motion, but not a God that intervened in mans affairs. I think, similar to Hawking (?). At the end of his life I believe he called himself an “agnostic”. So while not a true atheist, he was kind of on the fence. Evidently he didn’t believe the Bible or accept Christianity and ruled out the possibility of humans having a relationship with God. He was/is heartedly accepted by atheist.
  2. Stephen Hawking has died

    Yes, I read that book too. He blindly rejected all the design evidence because he didn’t understand certain things about Jehovah’s purpose and issues raised by Satan etc.... but even if don’t like how a certain house was built it is foolish to believe the house has no builder. As far as trying to turn people away from God. I would say that when someone spends his life studying, writing books and trying to prove that God doesn’t exist...that qualifies as trying to turn people away from God. I’m not saying that was his only reason, but that part of it sure had a lot of success. The bigger culprit of course is Babylon the great...especially Christendom who has failed to teach truth and created an environment for individuals like Darwin to have any credibility. I hope learning the the truth after the resurrection will change individuals like Darwin. When he learns of the tremendous negative impact he had on people of the past 150 years he will be ashamed, if he really was well meaning.
  3. Stephen Hawking has died

    Even sadder when great hearted people pass away. What is sad about some of our “great” scientists is that many of them are atheist. It shows how we are not judged on our intelligence. It will be very interesting to see how these intellectuals respond to the realization that God exist. Someone like Charles Darwin who turned probably millions away from belief in a creator will probably turn a little red in the face. Einstein (agnostic) will probably shave his mustache and start combing his hair so no one will recognize him.
  4. Yes, reminds me of Sting. Speaking of Sting.....
  5. What would we call each other instead of brother and sister....; Annie “my friend in Jesus”?
  6. That would be a shame. Sorry Shawn, I couldn’t resist. Does that make me a bad person?
  7. It’s interesting that in times past it was the religious fanatics that tried to force/coerce people into their way of thinking. Now the ones who rejected that are basically trying to do the same. One extreme to the other.
  8. Jack , I like at least half the songs you posted. Many I not familiar with. Here’s one I really enjoyed. Note prince at the end. Lol features Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne (former ELO), Steve Winwood on keyboard, George Harrison’s son and Prince. “While my guitar gently weeps” written by George Harrison https://youtu.be/6SFNW5F8K9Y
  9. What Carlos said is a good balanced way to ‘be all things to all people, but its not without perimeters. I think the main concern of many of the good brothers and sisters here is that the world is gradually trying to lead us down a certain path. While in some cases some these expressions are harmless and even grammically appropriate, we can’t just dismiss it by saying we need to be all things to all people. That is only useful to a certain extent ....we still need to be on guard by looking at the bigger picture. If you’re old enough you can see how the world had gradually devolved morally over the past few decades. We are constantly being pressured to accept the “new morality”. I shouldn’t even have to go into all the ways this has been happening. So why all this push for gender neutrality? Could all this talk on gender nuetrality has an agenda behind it? I can’t see what other purpose it would have. So while there are some situations where we don’t need to be gender specific....the idea of changing these terms definitely has a political motive behind it. That should be a big red flag for us. So while we proceed....we should proceed with caution.
  10. Matthew 24:14: "And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come." I still I’ll see a lot of our young ones memorizing it.
  11. I worked with brother Ciranko years ago when we had our presiding overseer removed and I had to step in temporarily. I will say... that he is very sharp, but also a very direct brother. Couple years later I had to call the branch with a question and I recognized his voice and asked...”is that you, Bob?” He said: “I was worried people might recognize my voice”. Lol. Thoses brothers prefer to be anonymous when answering questions on the phone.

    You stole my line. I’m getting slow. Question: why is it called “blue” ?
  13. Starting to look a lot like the old pushing and shoving between the US and the Soviet Union.
  14. School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    Pretty soon, going to school will be like going through the airport.
  15. Good Documentaries

    I would think checking your fuel is a basic function in the cockpit. It’s different than mechanical failures.

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