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    Don't look Back, keep paddling
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    New England
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    Brought up with the truth. Strayed for a few years. Came back at the age of 19 and have now been going for nearly 40 years.

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    I love history and reading non-fiction historical subjects.
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    Bible, Wt. Pubs. Non-fiction history subjects
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    It mostly depends on the song or piece itself . I enjoy most genres except rap. Rap is to music what etch-a-sketch is to art.
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    "If you're not part of the solution....you're part of the problem."

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  1. Pjdriver

    Time pass

    “Every elephant saw 2 monkeys”. Were they the same 2 monkeys or did they each see different monkeys? so it’s either 5 or 25?
  2. Love this song. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, another guitar playing prodigy.
  3. Great music. I’m starting to lose track of what’s already been posted so forgive me if this was already posted. I tried searching but I know things don’t always show up for me.
  4. Reminds me of Britney Spears....but the song is catchy. Sounds like a hold over from the disco days.
  5. Quota is a forum where people ask questions on virtually every topic out there.....and they get answers from virtually every kook out there.
  6. Wow....we’ve got em confused now! 🤔
  7. Maybe they feel that “evolution” is an inflammatory word for many and this is an effort to make it a politically incorrect word so as not to offend. Kind of silly I think but why else would they do that?
  8. I think MJ had some of the truth still in his heart. Interesting video
  9. I haven’t had a problem so far. How old is your iPad? I had to get a new one a couple months ago because it was slowing way down.
  10. This is really good stuff. 2 great songs for the price of none. Vocals and lead guitar playing————fantastic!
  11. Great guitar and trumpet player. Notice that the trumpet player uses the side of his mouth.
  12. Just another example of clay not mixing with iron....creating a weakoning factor in this world power. It’s getting weaker and weaker....hopefully it will all come crashing down soon by the stone of the kingdom.
  13. Not a big country fan but I do have some favorite country songs. This guy has the perfect country voice..lol. Great song imo. Love this song...too bad her personal life was so messed up.

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