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    It mostly depends on the song or piece itself . I enjoy most genres except rap. Rap is to music what etch-a-sketch is to art.
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  1. What’s going on in Chicago? The inmates are taking over the asylum.
  2. They lived in a small town in Nebraska near the Iowa border. We had a group at our convention in Lincoln Nebraska.....twenty something deaf and almost that many hearing brothers and sisters that were either interpreting or hanging out to learn or were relatives. There were no congregations, no videos for the deaf ...nothing. Although at that time they (FS) were discussing it. Reason I know is that one day at the convention in 1981 the convention overseer approached me and said “come with me someone wants to talk to you”. So I followed him down into an office and it was brother Ted Jaracz He proceeded to ask me my opinion on how the GB can help the deaf. In so many words he said they can see a lot potential growth coming from the deaf. I asked him about a bible translation For the deaf. Video didn’t occur to me at that time. I was thinking at that time about a written translation that is easy to read. Since English and ASL sentences structure has different rules. There is a simplified English translation for the deaf but it wouldnt be as good as if our brothers translated it (I’m bias). He said, first they were considering all options before we go forward. He said we don’t want to go too quickly and then have to back up. The next few years that followed things slowly started happening. I remember when I heard the first congregation was formed. Very exciting times. Things were certainly sped up for the deaf community.
  3. About 1981 I met a deaf woman in the door to door ministry. I knew no sign language. We wrote...but that was too slow. I was desperate so I got her 4 year old daughter to interpret for us, that didn’t work too good because she only had the vocabulary of a 4 year old. There were no brothers or sisters that used ASL for a hundred miles. Needless to say I got a crash course in ASL.To compound the problem the deaf woman and her deaf husband with 2 little girls started coming to the meetings right away and they were regular. This was an interesting time in my theocratic life. It was spiritually refreshing but physically and mentally exhausting. Anyway, the whole family is baptized. The 4 year old girl now has children of her own, older than that. Her dad has been a ministerial servant for years in a hearing congregation. There was another deaf couple ... friends of the first couple that made a dedication also. I was was heavily involved with that world for a long time...as I got older and when I moved I kind of drifted away from it with other distractions. Long story.
  4. Great guitarist and a gentle soul I’m sure, but he definitely fried his brain. Watch him throughout this video...very strange. It probably has to do with being a great artist...idk.
  5. Love the music in this song, especially the intro and then the second half when drums start up, then the lead guitar. Basically the whole song..lol
  6. One of the first of the popular metal bands. I used to listen to their albums as a young man too. Allman brothers is in my top five favorite bands.
  7. Sad song by Cat Stevens. This song really grows on you. Beautiful song not many know about. Another gem by Kenny loggins, he wrote for his son.
  8. An old favorite I never get tired of.
  9. My favorite song by her. Beautiful voice beautiful song
  10. Pjdriver

    Newly engaged!!

    Ruuuuuuun while you still can! Jk Seriously,...congratulations, and best wishes.
  11. What I notice, at least living near a large metropolitan area is many young people have no respect for older ones. Also, often you hear them playing their music (rap or heavy metal) and it usually sounds very angry in its tone. This I’m certain contributes to the aggressive fierce attitude prevalent today.
  12. Ok, so it could have been worse. That doesn’t make it a “good report” by any stretch of the imagination. If you say “I’m not that bright”, should I be happy because you didn’t say I was a “moron”?
  13. My report on the report. Sounded a little condescending and patronizing. I wouldn’t give him credit for a great report. Most all reports done about our conventions are positive and usually neutral sounding. This report came across like....”there a harmless weird group of people”. Even something as positive as being highly organized he has to take down a notch by calling it weird. I give him 2 out of 5 stars
  14. All political parties are demagogues. dem·a·gogue noun a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument. the world is becoming more and more polarized. The news media promotes political tensions as well. its seems to me that Satan sees the writing on the wall and his system is coming apart at the seams, and he hopes to suck us in and bring us down with him....we need to try real hard to stay neutral! Unfortunately many of us are having a hard time with that.

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