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    Brought up with the truth. Strayed for a few years. Came back at the age of 19 and have now been going for nearly 40 years.

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    I love history and reading non-fiction historical subjects.
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    It mostly depends on the song or piece itself . I enjoy most genres except rap. Rap is to music what etch-a-sketch is to art.
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    "If you're not part of the solution....you're part of the problem."

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  1. Great song! In case you were wondering, the phrase "losing my religion" is an expression from the southern region of the United States that means losing one's temper or civility, or "being at the end of one's rope."
  2. Lightfoot always has interesting words and melody A very melancholy song. It gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to not have meaning or hope in our lives. Nevertheless, beautiful song I think.
  3. Well known guitar rift with this song. Classic rock n roll.
  4. Came across this with listening to my wife’s playlist in the car today.
  5. This song is a little tongue in cheek, but I love the melody.
  6. Well then, it depends on what you mean by self serving. Fulfilling certain personal desires can be right or it can be wrong. When does it cross that line to selfishness? Depends on motive for one thing. But consider this; If any relationship does not have “give and take”, it’s not a healthy relationship. Each one rightly has certain expectations. Anyone in a relationship that only takes, and rarely gives, is serving his own self interest. When both in a relationship give with love as the motive....that is not self serving. That’s the kind of relationship we should have with Jehovah. Jehovah as our creator rightly expects our obedience. But Jehovah doesn’t just want our obediece, he wants our love. The kind of person Jehovah is, and the hope of eternal paradise, is proof of Jehovah’s love and care for us. Our love for him should naturally motivate us to want to please him and “make his heart rejoice”. The perfect relationship. Anything short of that is self serving.
  7. An old classic R&B song by one of my favorite R&B singers.
  8. Expecting to fulfill certain inherent desires and needs are the way Jehovah created us. Jehovah himself expects certain things from us and this brings him joy. We would not say that He is self serving. It is possible to serve Jehovah for purely selfish reasons, but that would not really be considered true worship. It all about motive and balance. If we are honest with ourselves, will know why we serve Jehovah.
  9. Did the say he was ill or anything like that?
  10. Steve, they used the expression 1 hour to signify a short period of time....in a “relative” way. So it’s not literally one hour. Back then, a day was usually divided into hours. If you were telling someone when you did something, you might say, I did that in the 3rd hour. Ability to count Seconds and minutes existed but was not common knowledge and could not commonly be used by the average person back then. That technology didn’t come til much later, so you won’t find reference to seconds or minutes in scripture. ⏰
  11. Here are are a couple guys you may have heard of. Love this song....great jazz guitar player. Great song great voice.......outfit, not so great!
  12. Clapton at his best. Toward the end he duels it out with the sax player. Nice.
  13. Pjdriver

    Income Taxes

    Good for you Pauline! Remember, you don’t have to explain why to anyone either. If someone keeps pestering you, I’d tell them to “please stop asking”.
  14. Good way to get in some extra field service FaceTime. thanks! i can pioneer from my recliner.

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