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  1. Mein Luftkissenfahrzeug ist voller Aale. My best German phrase.
  2. My wife and I will be at one of the two English congregations in Berlin next week. My German is not great (schoolboy German) but my wife has almost nothing of the language. We haven't decided which one we will attend as yet.
  3. Wow. Where are you going on holiday by train? My wife and I are going from London to Berlin.
  4. I have just bought it on Kindle from Amazon and have it for my holiday train ride reading next Saturday.
  5. It was once thought that the DNA contained all the information to make you, but it is now seen to be a myth. There is a huge amount (possibly more than the DNA) of epigenetic information i.e.information not contained in the DNA which contributes to things like the order of gene activation and the timing etc. Also it is being realised that the once-discounted Lamarckian idea of acquired characteristics is not altogether wrong, but at the cellular level, at least, it is still a valid proposition. What was once considered junk DNA is now seen to be vital. The ENCODE project has done amazing work on that. Molecular machines read the code from dna into rna, then this is in turn read by other molectular machines to make proteins. The folding of proteins and their amino-acid makeup determine their function, although it is now known that they can fold in maybe two ways and perform two different functions. Watch this tedx talk on evolutionnews:
  6. Exactly the same problem for me here in UK.
  7. bohemian

    Flog It!

    That is why I posted it. I saw it when I watched the programme today There was another top centre of the pelmet but the camera panned past it too quickly to get a clear screenshot.
  8. In the UK the BBC have a programme called Flog It! Nothing to do with flagellation nor dead horses, but in English the word "flog" can also mean "sell". The programme asks people to bring items they think may be antique and/valuable to be assessed with the thought that they may be selected to be sold at auction - or "flogged". The venues chosen are often stately homes etc and today it was Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire. In one of the rooms, the Dorothy Davenport room, was a four-poster bed, where Dorothy had embroidered a pelmet, a headboard cover and a throw, between 1610 and 1614. The headboard cover had an interesting depiction of Adam and Eve in the garden. Here is a screenshot.
  9. Just noticed on jw.org that the NWT has been released in its entirety in Nepali. We have a sizable Nepali group in our congregation, this will be such a blessing for them.
  10. Tom has been very careful not to include quotations from the NWT or other banned publications, as that could put this book on the 'extremist' list. He is being 'cautious but innocent', imo.
  11. I have read both of Stephen Meyer's books and I really like them. Also Douglas Axe's "Undeniable" is very good. David Berlinski wrote an excellent book called "The Devils Delusion". These I would recommend if you like ID books. Re their website, you do have to be somewhat selective. I look at "evolutionnews.org" and find some interesting articles and podcasts. Another good choice is Dr Lennox. He is a Roman Catholic and writes very persuasively against the 'new atheists'. "Gunning For God" and his reply to Stephen Hawkins "Whose Design Is It Anyway?" are both good reads.
  12. Right now, it's 23:30 here, played on original instruments, it is lovely baroque music. Great performance and sound.

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