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    Interests other than spiritually connected things are: hi-fi and music.
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    Apart from the Bible, which goes without saying, almost everything by Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope (I love 19th century English novels).
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    I love classical music by Philip Glass, Aaron Copland, Gustav Mahler, Beethoven's symphonies. I also love opera, whether it be Donizetti's lovely and hilarious "The Elixir Of Love", or John Adams' "Nixon In China" and "Doctor Atomic". My wife and I go to English National Opera productions when we are able.

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  1. Looks like we have sorted brother Jay with a contact in my congregation. I hope to meet up with you, Jay. Where I live is a bit awkward to reach from Ealing, but we can meet up in Central London somewhere, maybe grab a meal together. Fancy real British fish'n'chips? 🤣
  2. As a subscriber to the Naxos newsletter I got this as a free download this month. Hearing the Planets in their original form for two pianos is very interesting.
  3. At short notice I wouldn't rely on my being able to help, and I personally am away from 24-28, but I will ask around. Taxi would be very expensive I think (black cab), uber would probably be better. Gatwick Express is fast(30min) and runs every 15min. to Victoria and the tube to Ealing is District Line to Ealing Broadway, if that is any help. I would allow at least an hour and a half to get from Ealing to British Museum by tube (Russell Square or Holborn stops on Piccadilly Line) if that helps you to schedule things. Are you staying in Ealing? How long is your stay? What plans have you? PM me with details if you wish.
  4. What date/time do you arrive? I will make enquiries among the friends here near Ealing.
  5. I use Safari. Never mind, it seems too much hassle to bother.
  6. I don't know. There's nothing on that page to change it to English.
  7. bohemian

    Post a picture... Any picture

    You should come and live under the flightpath at Heathrow. Maybe you would change your mind from the early morning wake-up take-offs over your bedroom, and the constant drone of a plane every 90seconds just over your head and nowhere to get away from it.
  8. Just out in the UK, directed by an "ex-JW", the film "Aposasy" is about conflicts in a family of Witnesses and a congregation over the practice of disfellowshiping and 'shunning'. It was filmed in Oldham, UK and apparently uses exteriors of the Oldham Kingdom Hall. I have not seen, and do not wish to see, it, but I thought it wise to alert brothers and sisters to it and its themes. IMDB link https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4729896/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  9. I found a great quote in a book about the evolution of the long-necked giraffe by W-E Lönnig: The quote is by A. Lunn "Faith is the substance of fossils hoped for, the evidence of links unseen."
  10. Following on from the above, it is not just the complexity in itself that needs to be explained, but the specified information that the cell contains. It is like a language which can be understood, not just complex but conveying specified information. DNA needs an RNA machine to read it so that it can form proteins and RNA itself. So if RNA is needed to form itself you have a classic chicken and egg scenario. The argument from design is very effective as the only source anyone knows of that can produce information is intelligence.

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