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    Contacted by a workmate

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    Interests other than spiritually connected things are: hi-fi and music.
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    Apart from the Bible, which goes without saying, almost everything by Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope (I love 19th century English novels).
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    I love classical music by Philip Glass, Aaron Copland, Gustav Mahler, Beethoven's symphonies. I also love opera, whether it be Donizetti's lovely and hilarious "The Elixir Of Love", or John Adams' "Nixon In China" and "Doctor Atomic". My wife and I go to English National Opera productions when we are able.

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  1. Really beautiful music for cello and piano.
  2. It is evidently what others hear, because a sister approached me and said she thought that I was the reader. It doesn't sound like the voice I hear in my head, but my recorded voice. Weird!
  3. The current public Watchtower regarding the Best Gift of All, has an article called The Bible - Why So Many. Imagine my shock when I listened to the brother reading it aloud - using MY VOICE! Others in my congregation have remarked on this and asked if it is me doing the reading! (It isn't, btw). Some may recall my posting my voice before. Perhaps you can check? Yorkshire Bible.m4a
  4. A good joke

    I just heard that the guy who invented knock-knock jokes has won the Nobell prize!

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