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  1. A sister in my congregation has a problem on her Samsung tablet and asked me for help. I do not use Android, and it is not a problem I have encountered before. Her JWLibrary app has started to add publications in Achi and Abui languages. She has not requested these and we cannot see how to remove them. Has anyone any dea of this problem and how it may be resolved? Thanks for any help you can give.
  2. From the UK's Daily Mash: Skrnsson takes gold in Uphill Nordic Skjord 10-02-18 FINLAND’S Rinsu Skrnsson defended his Olympic title last night, taking gold in the 2×4000 Uphill Nordic Skjord. Skrnsson finished the course in a time of 16 hours, 28 seconds and 14 trees, just two-one hundredths of a tree ahead of Swedish rival Grunter Halbordshmardonson. It completed a day of mixed fortunes for the Finns after Hedia Trykkso and Bippi Hylvs were disqualified from the Chamsark Ice Fluting after a flagrant triple byerk. Video replays revealed that when the Bilsu was roasted, Trykkso and Hylvs both had their trumschlack 15mm over the Bilsunterlandergeschaft line. Team captain Smatta Fanishuk said: “The girls have worked on their in-line byuutobarg for four years, only to double skrntarg as soon as the whistle was blown. “But we are delighted for Rinsu. He has been skjording since he was old enough to strap on a pair of kruntterappartongs.” Meanwhile an unpronounceable shadow has been cast over the games after a Norwegian competitor tested positive for moose adrenalin. Asbjorn Aasgjaraaabdye was stripped of his gold after breaking the world record in Endurance Husky Freggling with an incredible average of 8.72 hounds per kilometre. But despite Aasgjaraaabdye-gate the organisers insist the games have got off to a strong start with large audiences attending the Women’s Pjoostal Smerdvig and the much anticipated semi-final of upside down donkeys on ice.
  3. And, of course, not limited to Russia. An interesting BBC report of comparisons of the rhetoric by The US president, the Philippines' leader, Singapore, Venezuela regarding 'fake news' and referring to the free press as 'enemies of the people', echoing the words of Joseph Stalin. The Senator (Flake) made interesting comments about despotism. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-us-canada-42724000/senator-flake-trump-using-stalin-s-words-to-attack-media The world's political system is a mess, but not for much longer. A stable government is imminent!
  4. This was on the evolution news website and raised also an interesting question about human curiosity which is so different to animal. A very good brief read. https://evolutionnews.org/2018/01/a-tiny-but-mighty-example-of-design-the-rainbow-colored-peacock-spider/
  5. Exploring Brahms at the moment. Just finished listening to the 3rd Symphony and now Serenade #2.
  6. Yes, an excellent movie. Quite typical of Terry Gilliam's output. Check out "12 Monkeys", too.
  7. Even before the update my wife told me that about 45 morning worship videos had disappeared! She has had a project ngoing of listening to them all again and making notes from them. Maybe it was a case of making space? I did not have the Glossary until I looked in Publications and saw it was there under Books, and I had to download it. Now it links from the Bible.
  8. Dealing with Phone Scammers--HELP!!! Needed

    I pretty well say the same as above. I also ask for their name and address and a suitable time for someone to visit them. If they are still on the line, I then tell them some of the questions they will find answers to: what happens when we die? Etc.
  9. But an angel rebelling against Jehovah (as Satan did) raised the matter of Universal Sovereignty even before humans were in need of a ransom. Had Adam not sinned and thus his offspring not needed a ransom, the issue of the rightness of God's rule had been raised by Satan, and other angels were watching what would happen.

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