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    First contact thru my mum

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    Music playing guitar crosswords
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    Blues classic rock . Won't be more specific as everyone's conscience is different
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    Various quotes from comedy series ... " shoddy ted shoddy " would be an example

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  1. Please do this sister, at an appropriate time please assure her of our love and prayers. Christian love and thnx gu
  2. How shocking and sad for our dear brother and his family, and his congregation. My prayers are being said in their behalf. i was alone working at our kingdom hall today, it certainly is a painful reminder to me of these terrible times in which we live. Christian love to all. Gu
  3. Yes im aware of that but " talk to all the people that wouldnt been strangers in satans system but are now you friends in Jehovahs new world " was a bit long winded to make the point !
  4. Our advice to our children, "Dont talk to strangers" in paradise will be " talk to all the strngers "
  5. I sit with tears in my eyes for my brothers and sisters, and determination in my heart to stay faithful to my God. We can do no more , but what an ally they have in you Jehovah! You will repay.
  6. .... stop press..... shes now vegetarian !..... stop press.....
  7. Altho i agree , no one should be bullied , of course not. I hope you dont see it as that when i just highlight the title of this upbuilding thread, appreciating our members here at jwtalk. As has been suggested here you can approach the brother or sister directly and go further than that if you are not happy. Im sorry that you feel bullied, i know all of us , because we are not face to face can go just a little bit further than we should do in a thread ( thank you again mods for the scriptural reminders on this ) and also sometimes when we joke on here, because you cant see the brother or sisters face as theyre typing it can be taken seriously. christain love to all. Gu
  8. .... and musky always makes me laugh... everyones favourite borg.
  9. Nice thread.... too many kind people to mention specifically. Perhaps i could mention those that provide wonderful words ecapsulating scriptural thoughts and support that only experienced brothers and sisters can provide. The times i read posts of support and wish i couldve fashioned those words of comfort in such a heartfelt way. And the mods and originators of this site , you are my online christian family Thank you always .
  10. Everyones saying the "b" word... thats naughty !
  11. Im here all week, try the cajun chicken...