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    First contact thru my mum

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    Blues classic rock . Won't be more specific as everyone's conscience is different
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    Various quotes from comedy series ... " shoddy ted shoddy " would be an example

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  1. All valid comments gang... so i assume there is no way to delete the personal study in one go and il have to delete one by one unless i delete the app and losee everything? ....
  2. This computer stuff will never catch on sister !
  3. im trying to clean up things a bit... is there anyway of deleting the entire contents of the "personal study " section , or do you have to delete every post that is saved there one by one ( it seems to save everything i ever underline for any meeting - study etc... is that normal ? ) thnx in advance . Gu
  4. Forget tack two ( chaz and dave type single nonsense) ... the rest is sublime.
  5. Stevie ray i never get bored of watching even if he is a one trick pony, its a very good trick.great player, Robben ford is a fine player but i find his playing quite sterile at times, lacking feeling. I love this guy he loves bb, thats obvious, but hes got "it"... whatever that is. I saw gary a number of times always down south. , supported him and jack bruce once. Gary was best when playing for himself. He, a bit like joe b, would tend to get drawn in by a crowd wanting him to play a million notes a second, whereas, he never needed to, and his best work and playing in his later years would see him playing for fun in the pubs and clubs round brighton. Like this i love this guy, an absolute blast from the past ... he can play anything, banjo, guitar, piano, harmonica etc... all to an amazing stadard. hes 27, partially sighted, american and jewish. There is nothing that bad in this song but it may disturb those with a better trained conscience than me.
  6. Joes ok, overplays a little ( as did gary sometimes) jd is brillaint, the guy can play anything. Thnx for posting .
  7. Brings back memories , as the old me i supprted gary moore in the late nineties. Bb is the main man blues wise. He signed a few things for me in the 90's, probably him and peter green my favourite 2 players. Funnily enough gary moore could sound exactly like either of them ( ansdmany others) at the drop of hat, iv seen him do that just for a bit of fun. Thnx for posting.
  8. stuagu

    My off topic thread

    "I thank you, im here all week , try the scallops"
  9. stuagu

    My off topic thread

    So... if i post "on topic" will that be off topic as off topic will be on topic? Or is it the other way round ? Or is my name susan ? Or is that the old me ? Am i on topic for being off topic in which case an on topic warning should be issued surely? Mmmmm
  10. Please do this sister, at an appropriate time please assure her of our love and prayers. Christian love and thnx gu
  11. How shocking and sad for our dear brother and his family, and his congregation. My prayers are being said in their behalf. i was alone working at our kingdom hall today, it certainly is a painful reminder to me of these terrible times in which we live. Christian love to all. Gu
  12. Yes im aware of that but " talk to all the people that wouldnt been strangers in satans system but are now you friends in Jehovahs new world " was a bit long winded to make the point !
  13. Our advice to our children, "Dont talk to strangers" in paradise will be " talk to all the strngers "

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