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  1. I am not surprised that this Federal Security officer wanted to remain anonymous!
  2. Interesting. This Jonah doesn't appear to be the same one as in the Family Worship video. Weren't we speculating somewhere that the clips in the Family Worship video are actually from the Feature Film at the convention?
  3. No, not that trailer! He meant... well, you know what he meant, don't you? Oh, what's the use with a turtle? I would like to make the fearless prediction that the May monthly broadcast will be online Monday, May 7! And it will show up first at this link: https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=MP4&langwritten=e&pub=jwb&issue=201805 Nick's pet turtle, Tiny, has a special talent.mp4
  4. In other words, they think that we think...? I don't remember hearing that, but it sounds like something some might say. I would likely respond by saying, "We're not perfect. That's why we are Jehovah's Witnesses, so we can become perfect one day." Then I might explain what it could mean to be perfect; no one would ever lose his temper with anyone again, no one would ever get sick, never get into a car accident, etc. Then I would try to involve the person into a discussion of what life would be like in a world where everyone living would be perfect. By the way, Uchenna, congratulations on your first post here! to JWTalk!
  5. How to Remain in God's Love

    But... I've got Android. And I got mine several days ago (can't remember which).
  6. You wouldn't have to clean up. Didn't you notice the picture is sideways? The moose just does his business and it falls all over himself.
  7. How to Remain in God's Love

    Today? I got mine on JW Library about a week ago. Yup. It'll take lots of concentration to get through it. (and this is the simplified version)
  8. That's true. I was working with a brother in service once who "spoke" American Sign Language (in French), and we met a deaf person. The two had no trouble communicating in ASL. Then the brother presented to him one of our magazines, which had a title such as "No more suffering," or something like that. Even though I couldn't understand the sign language, the householder was gesturing something like "More suffering?" And the brother had to explain what it really meant. I'm wondering what the householder got out of the rest of the magazine.
  9. Hhmmm. I'm going to have to think about that for a while. Does that mean we are all the Creator? Does that mean we are all almighty? Does that mean we are all eternal? Does that mean we are all Sovereign Lord of the universe? If that was true, then over whom are we Sovereign? (...think, think, think, Eric. It'll come to you...)
  10. Actually I think it's Mutually Assured Destruction. That's why they call it MAD! (The world is getting more and more like that.)
  11. Another a cappella song (besides #43)! Sounds nice.
  12. Daily Bacon

    ...in those exact words?
  13. As for the trial of Dennis Christensen, mentioned above, see the other thread...

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