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    If you can count the number of times you have prayed today, then you haven't prayed enough.

    The reasons some brothers and sisters use for not being at the meetings are the very reasons they should be there.

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  1. Woww! I hadn't even noticed that yet! It was only released this morning. Me too.
  2. It will likely take more than a human rights court to set things straight, and we know who that will be!
  3. Oh, I hope I didn't miss any awards. Yesterday was my fifth anniversary as a member on this site! :ecstatic:

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    2. Luezette


      And Eric, how in the world did the brother almost drop you in the water when you were baptized? Ouch. 

      Well that's at least better than coming up outta the water with the top of your bathing suit down in the water, and being oblivious to what happened because everyone's calling your name and smiling, you look around thinking they're smiling, etc, because they're happy for you and so you smile back all the time wondering why the brother who baptized you keeps looking away until your teacher brings your attention to what happened so you look down and horrors there's the thing floating though still attached to the rest of your bathing suit so afterwards at the meeting you ask your congregation servant if you can get baptized again because of what happened and he says no. 

      Yep. Almost being dropped was pretty bad. 

    3. Sheep


      Oh yeah! That was a long time ago... 32 years. And I still remember feeling the water creeping up my nose! :scared: The brother who baptized me was a pretty fair size, although not as tall as me. For some reason, during that instant he had me under the water I heard him say something like, "Whoops!" :surrender: That, I'm sure you would understand, was very disconcerting to hear that. No, he wasn't trying to hold me under for longer than necessary. He apologized afterward and told me he just lost his footing, and almost let go! And, no, I didn't ask if I could get baptized again.


      I never lost my swim trunks though. :D

    4. Luezette


      Lol. Yep the things some went through eh? 

      But I'm glad u didn't lose your swim trunks :mellow:

      Hmmm, aren't we glad the slave doesn't allow swim wear for baptism anymore. And how happy I am you made it through that mishap. Seriously. 

  4. Oh my! How many levels are there in the Russian Supreme Court? It seems there are at least three if I'm counting right. I thought the next step was the ECHR.
  5. And you are "right in the path of Irma," as it states in your displayed location. Have there been any evacuation orders from the authorities? We are praying for a good outcome for you and all our brothers and sisters close by.
  6. Hey, that's cool! I speak French. Where can I get those? Send me a PM if necessary.
  7. The organization has produced several children's songs over the past few years in videos. Many of them are posted on JW Broadcasting. Some were songs from our songbook, others were original songs, and a few were in the Become Jehovah's Friend series. Personally, I love the voices of children singing. They sound so cute and innocent. The problem is that none of those songs has ever been released in mp3 format so we can listen to them on our iPhones or whatever device we have. If you would like to listen to all 33 children's songs produced so far, you can download them in mp3 format from my Children's Songs collection. (You may download individual songs by right-clicking. Or to download the whole collection at once, click the Download button at the top left corner.) I will add more songs to that collection as they become available. They will stay there as long as I'm allowed to keep them there, or until the organization starts producing "official" mp3 versions of them. Enjoy...
  8. My off topic thread

    It's for sure I won't be putting off watching it.
  9. It's no wonder there is such a strong reaction to their ban from the international community. We can see that many Russians are interpreting the Supreme Court’s decision to mean that it’s open season on Jehovah's Witnesses and that they have permission to show their hatred. Another story also appeared today on jw-russia.org. So sad. Jehovah must becoming very impatient with that country now.
  10. Let’s Take the Leap is the title of this month's original song. I find it kind of catchy. If you do too and would like to listen to it on your cell phone all day, you can download an mp3 version from my small song collection. Enjoy...
  11. Amazon Alexa

    ...decisions, decisions...
  12. My off topic thread

    Oh yes, I just remembered... I was going to procrastinate today... but I think I'll do it tomorrow instead. (I'm going in service now.)
  13. Amazon Alexa

    Digitaltrends.com has that video there too. But that won't play here either. Should I move to Oregon?

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