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  1. ...even the brother assigned to show the presentation? Oh well, I suppose it's better the rest of them didn't come either. What a disappointment it would be if everyone showed up to see it, and there was no one to show it!
  2. Because it won't be uploaded until December 4th... The link will be: https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=MP4&output=html&pub=jwb&issue=201712
  3. Thanks for the reminder. I never would have thought of looking there.
  4. Oh. All right. It doesn't take me long, does it?
  5. A sister who used to be in my congregation was in New York state to see Bethel recently. She also visited a few sites in New York City, one of them being one of the many NYC museums. She sent me some photos she took there, including the following. It's a picture of one of the Baals (left) worshipped by the apostate Israelites, with its mother! I don't get it. How could the Israelites turn away from worshipping our lovely God Jehovah to worshipping something so ugly?
  6. How come there's a "shadow" of chairs facing the opposite direction in the picture? (Okay, I know it's not your picture.)
  7. Me too. It was somewhat like the article in the 2011 Yearbook on the same subject.
  8. I didn't need a study to tell me that.
  9. Speaking of spelling... and accuracy... when was the last time you ever saw a typographical error in one of our publications? A simple spelling mistake could easily creep into a magazine, but one of those eagle-eyed proofreaders at Bethel always seems to catch it! Yes, I have seen some over the years, but they are extremely rare. To draw on someone's statement in the broadcast, if they're that meticulous over spelling, they are definitely that meticulous about teaching us the truth!
  10. This subject was brought this up in another topic. Maybe the suggestion will help you too.
  11. Woww! You've got a keen eye for detail! I noticed it too, but I didn't think anyone else would. I am thinking he may have made a mistake in filming the original broadcast and said the wrong year. I can't read lips though so I can't see what he's really saying. But since they're discussing accuracy of statement, it was corrected afterwards.
  12. Sorry to say, I work all day Mondays. I don't get to work on it until I get home. (But I'm working on retiring soon...)
  13. A new children's song was released today on JW Broadcasting. It's called Journey With Jehovah’s Friends, and I have converted this one too into mp3 format. It is now included in my collection of children's songs (right at the very end).
  14. Me too! I'm still listening, and I don't want to stop! Inspired by Your Wonders is in mp3 format in my small song collection.
  15. A good joke

    Oh, that's terrible! But I laughed at it anyway.

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