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  1. I'm not sure if it was already mentioned or not, but did anyone notice that in our new song book the songs are arranged by subject. I wondered why they are numbered in a certain order. Now I know! Pretty cool, huh?
  2. just returned from the releases, yes. no addtional info due to "spoiling" unless you pm me
  3. just this past monday i was diagnosed with S.A.D., seasonal anxious disorder. all these years i thought the anxiety i feel at this time of year was due to the terrible holiday spirit, which we all know is so extremely negative; drunkeness, rudeness, parties, craziness in the stores, etc. and the holiday music that gets into our minds (finding ourselves humming when we do laundry and stuff). it is true that some of the anxiety/depression has to do with how God dishonoring the practices are at this time. it turns out, however, that the condition i have is genetic and a real disorder. sure enough, i remember all my life how my mother would 'hunker down' during this time of year, keeping the curtains drawn, taking long naps, be moody and irritable, etc. and then she was diagnosed several years ago with S.A.D. i had my dr. appt. and was explaining how out of the blue i keep getting this anxious feeling, but not having any problems out of the ordinary, couldn't understand this heart racing, withdrawn, gloomy and negative feeling.........inablilty to focus, sometimes even having a hard time articulating....... i went for my regular visit and told her what i was experiencing and sure enough, she hit it right on the head. it is worth examing as there is a short term medication that could help during this time. this site has more information; worth looking into.
  4. wanted to start a thread on this topic; tensions escalating.......perhaps leading to a future cry of "peace and security?"......i know we are't supposed to speculate but aren't we all wondering about how this cry will be of significance? maybe a major conflict that draws other countries in and the UN will have to step in? just sayin'........
  5. You remind me of a line of thought that helps me stay neutral. 1. If an honest and sincere person were to run for a political office they would not last because their opponents would play dirty while they would, in all honesty, play by the rules. 2. The higher one goes in a political career, the more effective the back-stabbing. 3. By the time you get to the top political position, you are looking at back-stabbing, fang-tooth, Cotton Mouth belly crawlin' on Olympic levels. Remembering this much helps me stay neutral but that's not the King Cobra. 4. The King Cobras are pulling his / her strings. 5. Somewhere above that is the father of all serpents.(GEN 3:14) Don't get me wrong. In no way do I mean to imply that anybody in this forum has been sucked in to taking sides. I just like to keep things in perspective so as not to get "drawn that way" in my thinking. "drawn that way" quoting Jessica Rabbit in the animation "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". i love this comment!! Ps 2:2 "The kings of earth take their stand and high officials themselves have massed together as one against Jehovah and against his anointed one" all under the leadership of the god of this system (2Cor. 4:4).
  6. reminds me of the illustration of an ant on the train track trying to stop the train.....
  7. It seems their issue is one of traffic - NOT because we are witnesses. I have been in several of these here in Henderson as a representative for the City. Many communities don't like churches added in their residential neighborhoods - because of the added traffic - especially on the weekends. But MANY churches have won court battles over land use for churches in residential areas. They are VERY tough to stop. The Cities tool to try and ease concerns is asking for a "traffic study". An engineering firm - using accepted formulas for church and number of parishioners - can show what the increased traffic will look like and whether mitigation is in order or if this can't be done. The branch has some great tools that assist with this type of study. I am certain they will come to some type of an agreement. i agree. where i live there are always groups trying to stop some sort of building, whether it is costco, target or walmart. it is always about traffic. well, almost always. walmart was mostly political but yes, the others were about traffic. i don't think this article is about being a Kingdom Hall as much as it is about added traffic. and most of all, if Jehovah wants that Kingdom Hall built it WILL be built. we aren't the ones directing matters. He is.
  8. this is the full article from the bbc news;
  9. Amazing footage;
  10. question then would be....Are we promoting our thoughts by posting them here on this forum? I have not heard anyone insist that they see events having a certain role...... it is a fine line however.....we must be very careful. i haven't seen that either. it is a very dignified forum here.
  11. How do you separate speculate from keeping on the watch... they seem to be intertwined to a certain extent...however too much speculation can lead to disappointment.... everything has to be kept in its place and not focused unduly on i agree. it is pretty hard to NOT speculate. i suppose it has more to do with our promoting our thoughts insisting we see events having a certain role, beyond what the 'slave' is telling us? perhaps?
  12. (Proverbs 24:17) "When your enemy falls, do not rejoice; and when he is caused to stumble, may your heart not be joyful." thought this might be a good scripture to keep in mind when we see things happening as we see this old system coming to its end.
  13. amen!!!! :bible: keep focused on the work we have been assigned to do!
  14. this is a very wise post! we tend to get too excited and start to speculate and even possibly get involved in stating our opinions appearing to take part in this world's affairs, not remaining neutral. we need to be careful and remain no part of the world.
  15. I honestly do not know how you manage that... i honestly don't know either. the alarm goes off and i say "Jehovah, please help me" and i get up. this morning was more difficult than usual...... Jehovah gives us power beyond what is normal, that is for sure!