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  1. Wow amazing and so loving of Jehovah . I can see this helping all those who like me are too shy to ask for a bible study in person straight away. This way it can build their confidence first by learning some basic truths and then hopefully they will feel more comfortable in accepting an “in person “ study Vicki x
  2. First day at pioneer school over wow how fast it’s flown .Feeling so blessed xx

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    2. hatcheckgirl


      That's great Vicki :) !

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Okay, what a blessing! Any spiritual tidbits you can share? (I always pump my sister after pioneer school, for anything she can share!)

    4. Sunshine234


      One point was that we need to really work at developing genuine love for those we meet on the ministry and especially our brothers and sisters .Thats not always easy due to our imperfections  but if we remember Jehovah drew them to him we should be able to genuinely love then too x

  3. Lol perhaps he didn't really want to offer the cheaper lifetime memberships as he realised send how much money he would be losing if we all signed up ? He wouldn't let me explain either just completely ignored everything I was politiely saying
  4. I too have had problems with Steve I was a member of many of his sites for years then when I was offering lifetime membership for all his sites at a discounted rate I thought yes great will do that instead. So in all innocence I cancelled my recurring annual payment agreement I had via PayPal and was just about to pay for the lifetime package when an email arrived from him demanding to know why I had cancelled the recurring payments So I explained it was because I was about to buy the lifetime membership Got an instant reply saying I should have told him immediately what I was doing before I cancelled anything and he went on to say I was therefore banned permanently from all his sites. I did try to apologise for my "bad" behaviour but he was having none of it But it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who has had issues lol
  5. Morning all I can't find a copy of the revelation book on jw.org so I'm hoping one of you lovely brothers and sisters has a copy you can share with me or can point me in the right direction to find one please It's the art work I'm after as we use pictures to make jigsaws ( usually about 100 sheets of a4 size paper size lol) for family worship and if I scan the pictures from my paper copy the resolution isn't good enough to enlarge as much as we need to Thanks in advance
  6. And just had a message of the sister who took this photo on her mobile and it's definitely NOT been photo shopped so hopefully we will find out who's billboard it is very soon x
  7. Yes I agree with you brother Peter I don't think its us either but that just makes it even more intriguing as to who is actually responsible for it And don't think its photo shopped either because the sister who posted it seems totally genuine and it even has the reflection from the glass of the car window in the photo So I'm puzzled lol
  8. Hi all Just wondering whether any brothers and sisters in Las Vegas know what this billboard is all about I have just seen a sisters post on Instagram about it but no one seems to know who ( which company /organisation ) is behind it . Don't think it's anything to do with us as there is no official jw.org logo on it Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  9. Sunshine234

    IOS 8

    I'm having problems with the iJW app as well it won't allow me to upload anything to it any more but I am not sure whether it's the iOS update that's caused it or it is because it's been withdrawn from iTunes UK ( still says it's available in US store) any ideas? Suggestions for alternatives would be welcome as I'm really missing this app lol
  10. The site seems to have been renamed jwlapelpins.org ( you automatically get redirected there from jwstuff .org) But all the jw stuff ie key rings etc seem to have disappeared apart from the celeb and Sophia pin and the jw.org pin says coming soon The only thing there seems to be plenty of are watches Very odd
  11. Hi Alex I don't mind you passing my address on I sent you a PM last week but not sure if I'm too far away in the uk? Thanks for the offer
  12. Just been posted on the bbc news website brother and sister King have now been freed Yey
  13. A brother and sister from our hall flew out to the phillipines this week to visit relatives they landed the day before the storm hit , so all in our congregation are praying they are safe ,all we can do now is wait til the phone lines are up and running again so we can try to contact them With headlines like worst storm in history yes you would think it would make some people sit up and listen
  14. Love it thanks for sharing that will keep me smiling for hours

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