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  1. Question

    Does anyone a Circuit OV by the name Chris Kite? If so, what is he like? Thanks
  2. Stephen Hawking has died

    Like other scientists, Hawking get pay what he says. No matter what he right or wrong, he is going to say it. Many times scientist like Hawking are in a race. They want to be first to get theirs theories out so they can get a grade or credit for it. The is the real world in the Universities they go to. They want to be the first. Not only that. millions of dollars are involved too.
  3. This Jehovah's Wintess don't need to much money to get ahead in life. All I need is chocolate and a lot of it would be much better too.
  4. Things like this happens all the time. We just have to wait and see.
  5. My Jewish Background

    You are right David, but I love to do research even on my background. And I come to find out many have misinterpret their DNA results even who does it too. Also, I come to fine out many don't like their background.
  6. Through my DNA test my Jewish background is Ashkenazi Jew. It is from Japheth, through his son Gomer and through his son, Askenaz. Genesis 10:2, 3. Here is some points I found out about this in the Insight books. 1. Gomer settled N of the Black Sea historically associated with the Cimmerians. Insight Book. Vol. 1 p.985, par.2 2. Ashkenaz. The name considered by archaeologists as equivalent to Assyrian Ashgazzi which term was evidently applied to the ancient Scythians of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea area. Insight Vol. 1 par. 5. 3 . Scythians. A fierce, nomadic people generally associated with the region N and NE of the Black Sea...In the first century C.E. the word "Scythian" implied the worst of uncivilized people. Colossians 3:11. Insight Vol. 2 p.881, par.4 You think Micheal Jackson is bad, I'm worse.
  7. Billy Graham has died

    I think the media media cast him as the pastor of the century. I just told my overseer that the only pastor I listen to is Pastor Charles Russell.
  8. Native Americans vs. Evolution

    I talk to a brother on this and agreed pretty much what I said because he is black and Native American too One reminder: I was taught a Cave Man was an Ape Man. But, that is not true! Many human beings have lived in caves for 6,000 years. With clubs or axes a Cave Man is a Human Being and not an Ape!!!
  9. Native Americans vs. Evolution

    I'm sorry that there is some misunderstanding here. I do not believe to insulting anyone at all!! In my area, when I was young we was taught that our ancestors carried a club looking stupid and were apes!! My attention was no matter what background we have with an ax, spear, club, that we are NOT STUPID AND WE ARE NOT APES!! Yes, I put a little humor in this because I have read a lot of books of my background that we are savages or animals and that was my whole point.. With some of my ancestors being a Native American, others view them like animals and I personally know this. I might add, that I relative to others with different backgrounds and races and others know me as being lovable to all. Yes, some of my ancestors carried other instruments in their hands too. Here is one reminder, not everything begin with with a club. Genesis 4:22 Also, Zilʹlah gave birth to Tuʹbal-cain, who forged every sort of tool of copper and iron. Much Blessings to all.
  10. When I was a kid, I was taught in school that our ancestors carried clubs in their hands and they were apes too. As I grow older I came too find out that some of my ancestors were Native Americans and they carried Tomahawks in their hands. Also it is believed that my GGGG grandfather was an Indian Scout too. So, us Native Americans is a strong proof that humans didn't came from apes with clubs in their hands, with no brains and being stupid as we are taught. Several of our ancestors had axes in their hands, had a brain and smart too..
  11. True, that why there was a "Colored Branch" in the late 20's into the early 30's because of racism. Rutherford had to take care of this. His story touches home.
  12. What is interesting is the vowels. It shows here that God's name is pronounced Yehovah and not Yahweh. This article shows that there is a vowel in between the "H" and "V". This totally different what other scholars had said about the prounciation of God's name.
  13. I'm alright my brother. I keeping too it cool
  14. Grab all the chocolates and hide them, the end is near!!!

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