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  1. To add on to this. Here is my theory. When the nations received these signals, they probably will think that we have alien life out there and they are are going to make peace with us and they will announce "Peace and Security". Soon they will recognized they are hearing Judge Rutherford talks on WBBR attacking the clergy and how piggish they are, then the nations will go against BTG. Don't forget, it is just a theory.
  2. Probably it is the radio signals from WBBr bouncing off the planets and suns and we are receiving. Rutherford voice is still being heard.
  3. Dustparticle

    Orthodox Church Splits

    It was the Russian Orthodox Church had a role on banning JW's, now they might paying the price for it. by Jehovah.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-45877584
  5. Also: Valley of the dry Bone came to full life in 1919 Two Witness came to life in 1919 The Golden Age stated in 1919 Looking for this year of thewebsite reaching a 1,000 languages.
  6. Radio broadcasting as used by Jehovah's Witnesses - OpenBU I hope to release an article on the early years WBBR in January or February of 2019.
  7. All Let us not forget Noah's Ark. It had Jehovah's backing. Those above didn't.
  8. If 2019, is going to be a bad year or not, I'm planning to go to Chicago on the last day of 2018.
  9. Dustparticle

    Russia Warns of U.S. War

    Take your chocolate and hide in a celar. Believe in me I'm with the high command. Or is it give your choclate to me, and I will hide in my cellar? Oh well.
  10. I'm surprise that Jim Cramer has not come here to discuss this.
  11. Things does happened in cycles. However, ever since the market collapse in 1929, the market has not been the same again. Plus, Wall Street is a scam too.
  12. But as for now, they can act worse than pigs. Jehovah will take them to the slaughter house.
  13. Speaking to those who wears a dress and not allow to marry too. Make since to me!!
  14. Dustparticle

    Amazon Fire 7

    Fire is amazing. In its rightful place, it is a gift from Jehovah.
  15. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-illinois-attorney-general-catholic-priest-abuse-20181219-story.html More than 500 priests accused of sexual abuse not yet publicly identified by Catholic Church, Illinois attorney general finds

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