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  1. If there going to be a nuclear war, then I would store up on chocolate. NOW!!!!
  2. Two and half minutes to midnight

    I think we can put a stop to this 2 and half minutes before midnight by taking the clock and smashing on the floor and get a new one and start over again.
  3. According to March of 2018, WT, on page 6, paragraph 11 there was 284,000 was baptised during the 2017, field service year. That is more than 20,000 more than 2016, field service year. COOL!
  4. Bill O'Reilly mad at God

    He can't stay that way forever. And i'm speaking from the no-spin zone too.
  5. Bay Area on Fire

  6. “calm before the storm,”

    Will not be surprise that some Nuclear bombs might go of before the GT. There are nuts out there who want to do it. If that happens, then I want no nuts in my Hershey Chocolate bar when the bombs goes off.
  7. The Reforms Trump Will Push at the UN

    Hey beast, your breath smells bad!!!
  8. Any English Translation?

    Thanks a Billion Jerry!!
  9. I got Rolf Furuli new book:"When was the Book Daniel was Written? Here is some points there that has my interest: 1. It is in full collor 2. PP. 300-312 has a scientific approach on the book of Daniel (I'm surprised) 3. PP. 313-317 has the Summary of the whole book. It it should be read first. 4 .Each chapter starts with a summary. Usually it should be at the end of each chapter 5.The book is very deep, if reading it, be prepare for some headaches. 6. Since it about God's word, it is one of his finest book and I'm waiting for his next or perhaps his last book. 7.This book is a must read book for those who want to do some deep research.
  10. How to translate these to English? How to get these in English?https://jw-russia.org/news/17091115-214.html https://jw-russia.org/sites/default/files/170911_uc_nadzor.pdf
  11. A Couple of Reminders

    Good points sister. We will know more in the New World
  12. I see in the December Workbook on page 4, deals with nails that was use in Jesus time. I might want to add that Jesus was not nailed in the heels like it shows in the picture (some were pierced in the heels with nails) because his bones were not crushed.Most likely the nail or nails went through his Fibula and Tibia bones in his lower legs. Also I might add in the last study article in the WT were are studying now deals with plans with made according to Jehovah's purpose. Yes, we do have plans, but Jehovah don't.have plans, he has has purposes. This is harmonized in Ephesians 3:11 and Isaiah 55:11. Good days and free chocolate for everyone!!!! Especially in the World.
  13. Very good point. In the New World, we will not rush to build. Study the land a built upon what we know.
  14. Black Hole

    It is not surprising to me. Yes, the sun is a dot according to many suns and black holes. And the earth is a dot according to our sun.
  15. Tornadoes in Russia

    The big one is yet to come. Daniel 11:44,45

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