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  1. Just reminder, those days was cut short in the first century, yet the GT last for 4 years. Jehovah will have everything contol in the future.
  2. I wish I have a definite answer. I been in the truth for many years. I was told Bush Jr. until know, that they will be the last president. Let us take Peace and Security. I believe it will be more than one event that will led it and that could take a couple of years. In September, the UN will make changes and it might speed up the event. Serve Jehovah to the end.
  3. I hope you wright, but I don't see it that way. In the 1st century GT lasted for 4 years and I see that the friends don't know it. Many friends view the events what I mentioned is going to happen very fast, but it is not going to happen.
  4. The events between Peace and Security to Judgement Day might last 5-10 years. We have to see who will be are last president.
  5. That is a good ride. But don't forget to clean up the mess!!
  6. Years ago an Overseer said that we can walk to California. I wonder can we walk to Hawaii?
  7. Brother, I and many care about you. With your situation, MAKE THE TRUTH YOUR OWN and KEEP FIGHTING. Don't forget you have Jehovah and Jesus and they are backing you up.

    1. GrumpysWife


      I'm so sorry brother, it's sad this can and does happen. Thoughts & prayers being sent your way. 

  8. Rolf Furuli new book "The Tetragram, Its History,Its place in the New Testament and Its Pronunciation." To order: Awatu-publishers@sf-nett.no Price 350 Norwegian Kroner plus postage 130 Kroner It should be released by August
  9. Dustparticle

    100 Years !!!!!

    She also, wrote many poems in the WT too.
  10. Dustparticle

    100 Years !!!!!

    Might add that Seibert was the secretary of the boo.k. The book was printed in Hammond, Indiana and while parts of the book and info that pertains it was sent to Hotel Margaret. Seibert would go theer and get the info regarding the book and gave it to Rutherford. The brothers did mention anything regarding Seibert in court because she might went to prison too.
  11. Dustparticle

    100 Years !!!!!

    If I'm right, the only ones had a direct work in the The Finished Mystery book was Rutherford, Fisher, Woodworth. Gertrude Woodcock Seibert had a role in the book. A matter of fact she named the book and Russell approved it.
  12. Dustparticle

    Here is what I see

    Great posts without politics. Neutrality is a must in these days, especially for Jehovah's Witnesses who are true Christians.
  13. I read this article yesterday and it is pretty interesting. This papyrus is written in Aramaic and Hebrew. Rolf Furuli will discuss this more in this in his new book. The book should be entitled "The Tetragrammaton , Its History, Its Place in the New Testament, Its Pronunciation." It should be released in July or August 2018.
  14. A lot of people hates Donald Trump. Although what I'm seeing is that Trump been president 1 year 5 months has done things that it would take years to achieve. What I'm seeing he cutting many red tapes to get things done. I'm not talking bad about him, yet Trump is a business man and not diplomatic person. Doing things with diplomacy does take years to succeed, however do it business wise, then it would take a lot quicker to get things done. The Middle East is a mess. For many years no USA president has not succeed a great peace deal in the Middle East. What role does Rev. 16;13,14 has to deal with this is remain to be seen we will have to see. The Anglo-American Power is part of that fulfillment and the face of America is changing and getting stronger and taking a different role of doing things.

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