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  1. Very encouraging, thanks for taking the time to write that out.
  2. https://www.jw.org/en/jehovahs-witnesses/memorial/ Friday, April 19, 2019.
  3. The perpetrator's of this criminal act WILL get their just reward very soon......
  4. From the above article; Then they filed two administrative cases against him. But since at that time the courts in the Russian Federation were more or less independent, these cases fell apart in the courts. There were procedural violations, and much more. Well, later, in order to take revenge on this Sergey, the police officers took him out in broad daylight from the apartment to the fifth police station in Belgorod. They kept him there for more than a day, threatening to prick him with a syringe, which is infected with AIDS, so that he would only sign what he needed. But he refused. Then he managed to call one of our fellow believers, we managed to get him out of the police.An application was filed to the Investigative Committee, to the internal security service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Belogorodskaya region, but there were no results. It was, as always, the decision to refuse to initiate a criminal case because, according to the log filed, Sergei spent no more than three hours in the police department. This is one example of what was happening. The perpetrator's of these things will get their just reward very soon.....Let your kingdom come Jehovah
  5. Interesting, a while ago (after the Russia ban) I bought a heavy glass dish with an air tight clip on plastic lid from Ikea with a view to putting two old and now unused Bibles in it and burying it in the ground for future use when our ban comes. Seems like I should go dig a hole now.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but I am sure previously he has said Russia doesn't respect the European high court and that Russias own high court is better? and therefore they don't care what the European court says.
  7. BibleSteve


    I started a few weeks ago with red cabbage (think some lands call it purple cabbage) ate the first after 7 days and the second after ten days and it is absolutely delicious! bought a lot of different organic veg to try various recipes with it this week oh and 12 new jars.
  8. BibleSteve

    Lets Talk About Rice

    Last night I took basmati rice and added a tin of coconut milk added one chopped onion a half teaspoon of Thai green paste and a half a teaspoon of curcuma powder then just before the rice was cooked I added a chopped banana and stirred it in, result? it was delicious!
  9. Instagram is the one for me. I have plenty of brothers and sisters as friends from all around the world i.e. Australia,peru,italy,poland,russia,Uk,france,carribean,Usa,and many other countries, and I find so many encouraging experiences and photos from them. What do I love about it? its quick to view, short and to the point text with encouraging short answers (mostly) and I have my account locked so you have to ask to join/view my own page. Have blocked/deleted a few over the years as I didn't think their pics were entirely in line with Jehovahs thinking. I keep in touch with some who have moved to other areas and some from my very first congregation. And I don't have to view it every day just a few times a week keeps me satisfied. Facebook though? not for me but I won't condemn it as it suits some folks
  10. A few years back on this forum someone posted about witnessing to some Muslims I think at a Turkish bath or something like that? Anyway I seem to recall that they made some really good thoughtful comments to the persons being witnessed to, thoughts that would linger in their minds. I have an interested man who is Muslim to speak to tomorrow so if anyone can help me locate the item that would be great, thanks.
  11. If it was on PrintCentralandsigns website of talks they have now uploaded them (and continue to do so) here on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU7OXi1FisDXoPM0P7hhBaw/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd I often listen when I am driving some really good talks on there.
  12. Currently 1.48 Euros a litre for Gazoil/Diesel here in France and rising daily.
  13. Great post retroHelen I am following Chris Wark chrisbeatcancer.com advice very closely at the moment and feeling really good on the complete diet change. Its so interesting how the pharmaceutical companies have led the way in convincing the world that theirs is the only way yet all it leads to in the majority of cases is more pain and suffering and an early death and a major swelling of their bank accounts at a cost of peoples lives. But guess I shouldn't be surprised as we know who ultimately is behind it all. Found this documentary shocking
  14. The inhumane criminals that imprison and mistreat our brothers will get their just reward soon enough when Jehovah serves out his true Justice "Vengeance is mine says the lord" Whilst it is a very sad state of affairs it is so encouraging (for us) that they retain their faith and love while undergoing such harsh conditions. How gloriously happy they will be when awakened to living forever in a peaceful new earth where wicked treatment will be gone forever and ever and their love will continue for ever and ever indeed for all eternity.

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