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  1. Trina

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    I started a study with one of the girls I work with and because I preach to them at work every day, they have asked me to start praying with them every day before work. I work with all women. I am so excited! I said I don't mind doing this but first we will read the scriptures guidelines on how we must pray because Jesus told us the way to pray. We start Monday morning. The GT is around the corner, the world can see it clearly happening just as Jesus said in Matt. the 24th chapter. I personally pray every day for Jehovah to help me say the right thing to my workmates to touch their hearts.
  2. They already do this with pets. My dogs have microchips in case they get lost. The military supposedly uses them and all newer vehicles have them in them....
  3. Human rights directly affect preaching and meeting together in most situations...I think this is big news for prophecy. Lets not forget that Trump banning travel from Countries that are dominantly Muslim is another violation of human rights according to US courts and currently it is being taken to the Supreme Court for review. seems the last world powers described in the Bible are thinking along the same lines here... Things are changing fast now. We will see what happens next.
  4. Trina

    1Tim 3:5

    I think it is interesting too. She knows very well she is being video and photographed constantly and I think it is retaliation for her humiliation sorta letting him feel her pain... But I like how she is protective of their son Baron, she looks out for his feelings at every level. When President Trump was being ridiculed for his comments about women she did not condone him she said he should not talk like that and I felt sorry for her even if she married him for alternative reasons it's gotta hurt her heart.
  5. Maybe if they start searching around our site they will figure out that it's the truth and see how peaceful we are thanks to Jehovah's guidance.
  6. I agree brother Greg. Also a general lack of trust in people we see daily, we have been instructed to notice anything about people that is unusual, just like being worried about being flagged by the FBI for just looking at a site on the internet...it's everywhere we are now.
  7. It's definitely changed into a fearful world. I have actually wondered wether or not the intelligence community knew of certain threats beforehand and they have started to warn the community for assistance now. The more eyes the better situation. But I doubt the FBI would make any announcement at all if they didn't feel there was a credible threat, why would they set people on alarm for nothing? So many things are kept under wraps from the public so we may never know how much they were told before each attack. I hope they are just doing it for a scare tactic but it's important for all of us to be careful tomorrow just in case.
  8. I have noticed a lot less Christmas decorations in my neighborhood and a lot less wishing merry Christmas and if they do it's quick and more of an in passing goodby. The people are hoping for miracles from Trump and they will again be disappointed as usual. I really am wondering about how this year will be I'm expecting strange things to happen and I'm looking forward to my regional convention already. The world is definitely not safe and secure right now, more crime this year and even several news reports of strange occurrences such as people trying to kidnap children in plane view with other people around, we need the new system badly.
  9. That was one of the churches I had wondered about. They also mentioned attacking police officers and any highly crowded areas. Does anyone know what they feel about us in general? I don't think I have heard them speak out about us in particular. It doesn't make any difference what they threaten I will not miss my meeting tomorrow, I'd rather be with my brothers and sisters no matter what.
  10. ISIS sent a message warning of terror attacks on Sunday Church goers, the FBI is asking for everyone to be cautious and aware of their surroundings. I cannot seem to find the actual list to see if JW's were included. If anyone could find it that would be helpful. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/12/22/islamic-state-urges-attacks-us-churches-during-holidays/95746982/
  11. I'm sorry but this Kim Jung UN must be the least educated person in the world, they get the majority of their own food from those ocean waters....unbelieveable how greedy for power some people can be.
  12. Wow!!! I really don't know what to expect from Trump during his time in office but I have a feeling it will be quick major changes that will cause protests and since they are already protesting before he even acts he won't care at all because they are offending him and his cabinet members. There was an article about a politician trying to pass a law that will fine and imprison people for shutting down roads and damage property during protests, making it a felony offense. There are many very worried about Trump ending food assistance and Medicaid insurance for low income, he stated they should only be temporary assistance for a short period of time, while he noticed people were using it for years. So there will be many in desperate times if he does set a limit for it.
  13. It's so amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Trina

    Rupee problem

    Stay strong brothers and sisters, those without knowledge of the truth are desperate and there isn't much time left in this system.
  15. My love and prayers are with you and the brothers and sisters Mandy!

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