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    I'm not poisonous
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    Learning to be a good Christian Wife
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    By informal witnessing

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    I enjoy eating and sleeping a lot... lol
    Cooking, listening to music, and singing are good...
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    Except our publications, I like novels from Nicholas Sparks
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    Accoustic, Bossa Nova, Sing Praises to Jehovah
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    "Trust in Jehovah with all your heart,
    And do not rely on your own understanding.
    In all your ways take notice of him,
    And he will make your paths straight."
    Proverbs 3:5,6

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  1. May I have this as my phone wallpaper?
  2. Down again and again :taz:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I will be home latter this evening Ivy .....just send me a message. Don't despair as Greg says, this too shall pass learn to

      just go with it until it passes and I assure you it will. Jehovah never leaves us in the " ash heap " for long. Think of Job all he could do for a period of time is sit and scrape his wounds, if that's all you can do right now, please don't beat yourself.


      Sending hugs





    3. ivy


      Thank you @Miss Bea@Miss Mouse@Gregexplore


      I feel better :grouphug:

    4. Katty


      I hope things are getting better. You seem like such a sweet person. :heart:

  3. Just come to know this, do you have a any source that I can read? Just want to understand further ..
  4. ivy

    Keto, IF and OMAD...

    Anybody has problem with bowel movement during the diet? I haven't make it for few days...
  5. Thank you for the link Chris... Please keep praying for those affected and trying to help, I heard a lot of bad secular news regarding how hard it is for them to give the aid and rescue
  6. Maybe... One affected brother shared an update, two screen shots and a picture were shared around jws here... But, I'm hesitated to share it since I'm not the owner and I dunno the brother in personal... However, It looked valid, the update said that all members of palu cong is safe, evacuation arrangement has been made, and he shared this information to ease others who may be worried about them... They still held a meeting by using what was available, spiritual food and brotherhood strengthen them, and in the moment, food supply is adequate, rescue aid has been made. He also asked us who are not affected to pray for them, that Jehovah may always take care of them in good health and safe... The picture showed they were having meeting outdoor with few seats, so some were standing, but a lot just sitting by the stone around... This is just a story from Palu Cong, I hope those in other ares are also in good condition...
  7. Some close to me call me Yan...
  8. When you mean for historical reference, is it for work or school? I may read it for fulfilling those responsibilities, but I will not read it for a hobby, sometimes more emotion attached when you are doing something for own pleasure.... Or even just news may affect our view... But, I am not US Citizen, it may not affect my view a lot, not my country huh?
  9. I love Kiwi... It contains quite high amount of Vit C... One of my fav fruit
  10. I miss you... How are you doing, Vic? :flowers:

    1. Victoria


      Hi, Yanty! I miss you too! I am not in prison so I think I can say that things are great!


    2. ivy


      Beautiful sky... Happy to know things are great for you... :givehug:

  11. After natural disaster, I am worried about human disaster. My cousin's girlfriend posted a status in her social media saying about post disaster like this: the moment you realise people is scarier than nature. They pick others' stuff, checking others' houses with fierces eyes ready to hunt... I've just come to see she posted it this morning, but hasn't replied my message asking further information, seems the service provider hasn't worked properly yet... Heard that it come and go...
  12. Since the city is devastated, the trade minister stated that people can get any supply from certain convinient stores, which will be paid by government But, I'm afraid people nowadays can be quite crazy, they may loot any store they want...
  13. Yeah... I live in the west of Indonesia, while it happened near to the east... I dunno any brothers there in personal, but I attended meeting once while visiting my uncle (non jw)... Communication is quite hard since the earthquake, a lot of signal towers, roads, and bridges were destroyed, plus mountain slide or erosion, I even read news stated that aid or help is hard to delivered because people cannot reach the place by cars, I guess they are doing with plane or ship then? Thanks to Jehovah, my cousin send me a chat message this morning which means he is still okay I hope...

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