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    By informal witnessing

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    I enjoy eating and sleeping a lot... lol
    Cooking, listening to music, and singing are good...
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    Except our publications, I like novels from Nicholas Sparks
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    Accoustic, Bossa Nova, Sing Praises to Jehovah
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    "Trust in Jehovah with all your heart,
    And do not rely on your own understanding.
    In all your ways take notice of him,
    And he will make your paths straight."
    Proverbs 3:5,6

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  1. I follow her way of folding clothes, it's a better way to organize my limited closet... Yet, I'm too lazy to sniff my clothes one by one... For me, tidiness means a clear mind and happier mood... I get annoyed seeing stuffs are not in my order, esp mess...
    1. Vinnie


      Sometimes I wonder why Jehovah doesn't just let me go and disappear into non existence.  I ask , why do you keep me around? For what purpose?  And he tells me why. At Psalms 115:17 The dead do not praise Jah; Nor do any who go down into the silence of death.  


      We are only insignificant in our own eyes. Jehovah values us more than we value ourselves.  For God loved the world so much..... He gave his son for us so that we may have hope. 


      Rev 21:4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away


      What makes life  unbearable is to think that our pain will be with us always. But this scripture gives us hope that physical, emotional, mental pain that makes us cry out in sadness will be done way with.

  2. That's my fav song too...
  3. Yes, I heard a warning to avoid sea shore this morning, they expect another tsunami...
  4. Lets pray for our brothers there
  5. ivy


    Do you know how I can change my name? Somehow, I am afraid I will be accused dishonest if I change my name... But , anyway, I don't see how I can change my name, not username, but name...
  6. ivy

    Confused button

    Sometimes we are truly confused of what others has commented... As me, lack understanding of English and cultural difference cause it, yet I don't press the button everytime I feel so... In some cases, I even changed my button when I saw others have different reaction with me... Peer pressure huh?
  7. I mean the need greaters, Indonesian law strictly allows only foreigners with missionary visa can do the religious teaching activities, even in the cong... As a sister, I dunno much about cong procedure, but we received specific instruction from BOE on how to accompany few need greaters when they came to my cong this year... They stayed for 3 months, and since they were easily to be recognized as foreigners by physical traits, they were not encouraged to speak up while doing house to house unless local publisher invite them to do so. It's not restriction, it's because local publishers read the situation of house holder better than them... If condition is conducive, they can talk... Even they can do house to house, it should be under company of local publishers, and some territories are avoided, such as muslims or governmental area... When people're asking about what they are doing here, they can't tell that they are helping the ministry, they are encouraged to tell that they are here to learn Indonesian culture... Of course, the case is different with locals and those coming with missionary visa such as missionaries, bethelites, or any which are assigned to serve here by branch I was only referring to Mandi's post about preaching in other countries with tourist visa, the law is strict here on what you can do just by tourist visa, like you can't work (we all know it), so you are considered to also not preach, unless you have missionary visa...
  8. Same with Indonesia, few need greaters have been deported because of the issue, doing ministry discreetly is very important here esp when you talk to people from several background... However, when I visited some "liberal" countries, there's no such issue to join house to house ministry with any kind of visa...
  9. May I have this as my phone wallpaper?
  10. Down again and again :taz:

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    2. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I will be home latter this evening Ivy .....just send me a message. Don't despair as Greg says, this too shall pass learn to

      just go with it until it passes and I assure you it will. Jehovah never leaves us in the " ash heap " for long. Think of Job all he could do for a period of time is sit and scrape his wounds, if that's all you can do right now, please don't beat yourself.


      Sending hugs





    3. ivy
    4. Katty


      I hope things are getting better. You seem like such a sweet person. :heart:


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