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  1. Sorry,Up State New York,U.S.A.
  2. Any of you Friends know of or have any connections for accommodations at Bethel facilities to stay at .......... I check with all recommend accommodation, nothing....Any help would be much appreciated .
  3. He is Great,Thank 4 asking.

    1. tekmantwo


      Good to hear Brother,  good to hear. ..

  4. {No spoilers outside of dedicated spoiler topics, especially out here in a publicly visible forum - Bob}
  5. and anther thing way are they called driveways,We park on driveway and drive on parkway's .
  6. Have you ever wondered why ,they are called COWBOY?Every body know cow are girls,bull are boys should they be called BULLBOY'S/COWGIRLS.
  7. Jahbass

    Nepal Earthquake Relief Ongoing

    Vary nice reminders,We sometime think thing are all over,and back to normal when the Media stop running the new's about it.
  8. Jahbass

    Nepal Earthquake Relief Ongoing

    I have move pic. put I need to edit them before posting ,he's privacy,some of the Pic. are to big to down load.

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