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  1. Me too Greg... But mine is in sign language; lots of contemplating & meditating! 12 hours to go for us in South Wales, UK
  2. I have an Aldi just round the corner from where I work - Caerphilly, UK. Go there frequently! And a Lidi...
  3. That is so wrong. Apart from breaking the legal agreement, If someone clicks on a YouTube video, it registers a view even if they only watch a few seconds and stop. There is no guarantee that they watched the full video. So the time counted will be impossible to calculate! Apart from breaking the terms of use of course!
  4. This information is from the family of Philip: In this particular case, they're waiting for the autopsy. Only then can the authorities determine the actual cause of death. That is also why the court date isn't until July 6th. It may seem unfair, but they need to know if the stabbing was the cause of death, or maybe, for instance, the stabbing caused a heart attack which killed our Brother. That changes the sentencing guidelines in English courts. There is no question he did it - the police picked him up minutes after the incident, covered in blood and carrying the knife. Hence, as Shawnster says, the description "alleged murder".
  5. More information.... http://www.northdevongazette.co.uk/news/honiton-murder-victim-named-1-5053088
  6. My son also lives in Bideford - it is such a shock. The latest, at the moment, from the police is here: http://m.devonlive.com/ma-stabbed-to-death-in-honiton-named-locally/story-30377431-detail/story.html
  7. Excellent book @Thomas Walker. It's so good to imagine ourselves there, making it real. OK, there are certain to be differences from our imperfect imagination, but what a grand time finding out! Well done and thank you.
  8. Could you send it to me please? Thank you!
  9. December 11th - the list is on our noticeboard.....
  10. Probably Marcus - in Bristol.
  11. Good point - sorry
  12. Except I think that Bro Losch, as a member of the Governing Body and thus a "director" or whatever term is used in the USA, is entitled to wear them as a member of the legal corporation holding the copyright.

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