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  1. Late August, Jersey City. No need for a hotel.
  2. Is this just me? In the JW app, under meetings (change the date to a date after Jan 1), I noticed that when you click the songs linked for next week's meeting (first weekly meeting for January), the number and song correspond to the NEW SJJ songs. However, the attached picture is still the Sing to Jehovah song book. Just a little confusing.
  3. Now they are reporting that her mom (Debbie Reynolds) possibly had a stroke. Very sad.
  4. We find out tomorrow night. Most likely Jersey City again although I hold out hope for Trenton again.
  5. Say it ain't so. A sister in my congregation completely loves dessert before food. She lights up.
  6. They mentioned at the AM that this happened to aid language translation. They spaced things out to accommodate the need for more syllable spacing for words in other languages. Hope that makes sense...
  7. Unfortunately, I figured that rooting was limited to Androids. I know more about computers than I do about mobile devices. But since I'm about to start a collection of old tablets, I thought I would ask if it's difficult to learn. My dad keeps touting how he had the full WT library on his Windows 10 device over my lowly (and limited) iOS tablet. It would be nice to learn how to strip it down enough to play with. So if I jailbreak it, what exactly can I do to increase the functionality?
  8. Serious question here, can you root an iOS device?. Or is it only recommended for experienced ones, not a curious novice such as myself?
  9. With the notes feature, I thought it had been said before that it was always planned but the issue was always making sure it was compatible with the many different mobile devices used by the friends around the world. Not to mention the issue of making sure you don't lose your notes when upgrade or lose your device without creating a login based system. I thought the eQuipd brother sort of alluded to this a while back.
  10. But you can download the PDF versions of all WTs back to 2000 on jw.org. When I need a picture, I do this.
  11. Very sad indeed. The other article I found seemed too imply that he had been a part of the congregation yet they had divorced. Is that true or a poor translation?
  12. Since we have a huge cleaning project to do, I look forward to the first completed project. It will be like unveiling a new branch project along with a beautiful dedication program praising Jehovah.
  13. Can you imagine the first broadcast shows with each new resurrection of people we want to get to know?. Talk about must watch tv...
  14. Just started reading and I slowed down to look up the references under the light gets brighter. This will definitely take some time.

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