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  1. Although he doesn’t come across as an emotional person, his comments affected my emotions.
  2. SUGGESTIONS: one where only Sisters read and another where only Brothers read (post 13) - Qapla chapters that are with discussions, either a female with male, or male with male, or female with female (post 18) - For example, we had Luke chp1 from the Congregation Book Study read this way by a group of brothers and sisters reading the parts of Gabriel, Zechariah, narrator, Mary and Elizabeth - Kristian Isaiah chp 26 (post 26) - Job 38 - (idea from Alex's suggestion) - Hatcheckgirl, Alex, Hanah45 Luke 1 - Alexa
  3. I would like to participate, but am happy to let someone else who has not participated go first.
  4. There is also the life story of Erika Bright. I found it to be very encouraging, she tells of some challenges, but never views them in a negative way.
  5. When I listen to this, I think of your son and your feelings of loss, but I don’t hear despair. I hear the strength Jehovah has given you, and I hear your confidence in him.
  6. That was truly beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Hanah45

    Making Pizza

    You were living the dream!
  8. Hanah45

    Making Pizza

    I love pizza. I grill my pizza for a crisp, thin, crust. I make my own crust and sauce, but I am lazy, so the recipes are quick and simple. I use a recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. It calls for a dough fermentation of 1 1/2-2 hours. There are a 3 different sauces that I use, a spicy garlic oil, a traditional red sauce, and a barbecue style sauce. I could eat pizza every day.
  9. There is a old video that shows the sister saying those words. If I remember correctly, she has reddish hair? I will try to look later, but if it’s in an old DVD, I don’t know if I’ll remember how to turn on my DVD player
  10. What makes it funny is how over the top it is. There are stereotypes of white people which are funny as well. SNL has a skit called “The Californians”. It is an exaggerated take on a group of people. It makes Southern California people look vain and superficial. I have blonde hair, but if a blonde joke is good, I will laugh at it.
  11. Hanah45

    Your Top Ten Foodlist

    Pizza Sardines Pears Lamb chops Figs Salad Pomegranate Eggs Bread and butter Guacamole
  12. I also read "Wet Desert" and can recommend. I was living in AZ at the time, so it had particular interest for me.

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