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  1. Anyone like to run?

    Just got home from a 50 min run in the gym. I am trying to get back in shape... Managed to get 7.5km today, at one point i got up to 190 strides/min for about 3 min, the heart rate was through the roof During my best days, i was running more than 4 days per week, preparing for long runs... Half-marathon for example. Which i did run few years ago. Nothing in life is the same after you prepare for, and run half-marathon or a marathon.
  2. Your system is even better than mine. I Have i5 processor with 16 ram and an ssd. Just that i run on windows 10. Wanna give it another try and we'll closely monitor whats happening? I can connect with you via teamviewer or skype.
  3. May i ask you your computer configuration? CPU and HDD would interest me the most. Do you have SSD? It is weird behavior tho... It shouldn't be like this
  4. 100% CPU usage for about a minute to keep my computer user experience safe and pleasant? OH YEAH I'LL GO FOR IT! And that's only when it scans your computer. With real-time protection, you don't even need a regular scan. Just once every few weeks... And real-time protection doesn't have any footprint at all. P.S. I've seen more than enough real examples, in person, about what a malware can do to a computer. It basically blocks any normal usage of a computer. Black overlay on display, disabling internet connection by changing the proxy and disabling the option to change proxy for wan network, messing with the browser by opening dozen of tabs and ads.. and thats' just to name a few. All of those were brought back to normal by running a scan and clean with Malwarebytes.
  5. Are you sure it wasn't scanning your computer? Because then it hits the CPU really hard. BEFORE AFTER
  6. I'm pretty sure this was understood that it's better to not update your windows.
  7. This got me moving this weekend. Also, all the other songs from Perpetuum Jazzile
  8. Well no, not really. They are just different engines that power the different browsers and the difference is in the execution of the code and it's speed and optimization, rather than the functionality. They all have to follow a very detailed specs of how the language should work. That specification is made from a third-party organization called Ecma-international and the spec is ECMA-262. Anyone can develop his own javascript engine following the specs.
  9. Many complain on google chrome using way too much RAM. While this is true, if you have many GB's of RAM in the computer, 4GB at least, 8GB would be best, you will have the smoothest browsing with google chrome. Under the hood, the main difference is that Mozilla is an open source system, developed by the community, and chrome is not open source, developed exclusively by google. For the more techy, Chrome uses what is called V8 javascript engine, which is the best javascript engine to date. The engine compiles the code directly into machine code and is optimized and re-optimized at runtime based on the execution structure of the code. On the other hand, Mozilla uses the Spidermonkey javascript engine, developed by Mozilla. The main difference is that this engine first compiles the code into intermediate language that is then interpreted. Under normal circumstances, the difference in execution of the code is negligible. And, Google Chrome is waaaay more useful and friendly for web developers. P.S. Javascript is the development language that makes the web as we know it possible. Without javacript, web pages would be static lists of text and images with minimal styling and no interaction whatsoever. (if you wanna see an example, search for a look of a webpage in the 90's)
  10. +1 for this combination. I also use adblock plus extension for Google Chrome. If you are not aware of the risks on the Internet, no antivirus will save you. On the other hand, windows defender is just fine if you don't visit fishy websites, don't visit unknown links (which malwarebytes block anyway), and be careful what you install. Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Tapatalk
  11. Football (Soccer)

    Let's start by the most recent events.. Did you watch any of the Champion's League matches in the last two weeks? Who's your favorite? I'm a big fan of Juventus I was disappointed by the defeat from Barcelona... but few key players were missing on that match, so i'm hoping for better result on the rematch, which is to be played at Juventus Stadium. This weeks win against Olympiakos was soothing
  12. New Iphone Release

    I have the nexus 7 2013, and still after 4 years it's lightning fast. I did a fresh install of the stock rom a while ago, it felt like it just came out of the store. The phones are a bit more expensive for me, but first opportunity, I'll be going back to a nexus. Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Tapatalk
  13. I just finished reading this book... It's a great story. Let's you escape from the everyday life. I read many complaining about few things not matching up in this book. Who cares. Personally I don't. I find it interesting thinking and reading about the paradise to come. It's definitely not going to be like this... A hunter running around the wilderness with a knife in his pocket ready to kill an animal or a person... That won't be the new world, however unrighteous one was in the old life. But overall, great story, good use of writing skills and imagination. I'm now going to start with "critical times". P. S. He's a prophet! Look at the excerpt below. Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Tapatalk
  14. Waste money? That's not the case On the contrary.. I know of a branch that are very comfortable going to court for violent acts against brothers and other things... There's quite some money in that Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Tapatalk
  15. I checked again and there's no official subtitle for that video. It has a flag on the file: 'subtitled:false' But here it is, i typed it for you. Life is hard, and it wears us down, there's not enough to go around. I close my eyes and there i see that ev'ry hope has come to be. (CHORUS) Imagine the time when there's no more pain when life's so good and we are young again. Imagine the time when we wake up an say: Thank you, thank you for this new life and this brand new day. Not a sound has ever touched my ears and eyes grow dim with passing years. But ears will hear when music plays and eyes will see each brand new day. (CHORUS) I might not be the way i want to be but one day soon I'll be runnin' free. Imagine the time when there's no more pain when life's so good and we are young again. Imagine the the time when we're dancing out the door. Every day is better than before. (CHORUS)

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