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  1. The way this works is by means of so called SEO (Search engine optimisation) and search engine crawler bots (e.g. Google, bing, yahoo etc). Our brother put extraordinary efforts to make our site more SEO optimised. The way its done is by means of hidden text tags for each picture that describes the content of the picture. (this is how we find the correct description of each publication including the pictures for the weekly WT study). Then comes Google crawler bot. That piece of software literally crawls the Internet, every page, every picture, every single letter and makes them available to the search engine, that thing that finds what you input into the search bar at The better SEO optimised your site is, the higher your site will be i and the search result. There is an exception to this crawler, it won't index Web site and its content if there is a robots.txt file in the folder containing the site. However, all this does not mean that the picture is in the public domain and is free for commercial use. It is just an aggregated result from all the result that appear on a certain Web site and they still fall under the copyright from the owner. Those copyrights can be found on the owners website in the copyright section. There are many advanced techniques to search on Google, which will get you almost anything you want. Just do a quick Google search on "advanced search techniques on Google"... Oh the amusement... You search Google to learn how to search on Google Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Tapatalk
  2. Urgent prayers needed.
    We have our RC scheduled for 18th of August in a rented hall. And just few days ago the officials from the hall decided to cancel on our contract and at the moment we are left with no convention venue. There will be a final meeting tomorrow with the officials from the hall when we will know for sure if we can use the venue. The last few days we had the invitation campaign on hold, because we weren't sure if we will have a convention taking place at that time, but from today on, the branch committee decided to act in faith and we were encouraged to invite the public to the convention, even thought we don't know if we will have a convention at all.
    To make things worse, this is the first Romany RC in Macedonia, and romany brother are coming from all over Europe. It will be like mini - special convention. We are expecting about 2000 guests. Many of them have booked a hotel and things like that.
    Also, many local brothers have already asked for a work holiday on that specific date, since we were told about it 3-4 months ago.

    We have about 12 hours left from the moment I'm posting this, until we know the decision from the hall officials, so please pray specifically that we get approval to use the rented hall for the RC as we we're planning all along.

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    2. Gregexplore


      Do Not Give Up!:)

    3. JudyO


      I think that happened to our brothers at some point in the 40's? or 50's? in the US, the building was cancelled and the convention had to be held out of doors. Of course, it's much nicer to be inside no matter what the weather is, and with the new A/V equipment, being outside has its own risks. Jehovah will make sure all of our brothers get the needed spiritual food, and we are all waiting prayerfully to see how he maneuvers things for you.

    4. And_Ray


      Ok. Things are starting to unfold.

      We WILL have our convention on the same date as planned! That's only thanks to the many many prayers from all the brothers.

      However, we will not use the planned venue, we will not even be in the same city.

      We will have the convention in two separate locations, both about 45km away from the originally planned city.

      The branch organized a bus to and from the convention venues from the city where the conventions was supposed to be.

      The condition of the new venues  is not great... so it will require extraordinary efforts to clean them and make them suitable for the convention. Also, there won't be air condition in the hall, and the temperatures these days is around 38C. or 100F.

      It will require many more sacrifices for everyone to attend this convention. It's like a slap on the face, not to take our conventions for granted.


      All in all, everything should work out good, bring glory to Jehovah in two cities that never before hosted our convention, and this will be of a great encouragement to all the brothers and sisters in my country.

      I also heard that a video team will be present on our convention and they will be recording inserts for JW Broadcasting.

  3. There is always TOR and trails OS... The 'dark' Internet world has gone waay to far for anyone to completely block something. Luckily we can use some of those features. Sent from my WAS-LX1 using Tapatalk
  4. It doesn't matter that it's protected file. It's that way because i've restricted editing functionality. On the other hand, you need "google sheets" app on your phone to see the file properly. Do you have it? I tried opening the file yesterday on my phone and it showed perfectly. Let me know if you experience any other difficulties.
  5. Here's a list of languages on the webpage over time, starting with January this year. I had shared the link in another thread, but it's a good time to repost it.
  6. We'll make it one day... Im just trying to see if anyone else is working towards it. I could use some help
  7. Anyone managed to merge two different backups from the JW Library ? I'll be happy to know if someone is working toward it...
  8. Files of the app are in "System/data/data/". Unless you are rooted, you cannot access this folder.
  9. Yeah. Read about that few days ago. But Microsoft fixed it the day it was discovered. So we arrive at lesson #2. Keep all your software up to date Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
  10. Don't. Click. Untrusted. Links. It's that simple. No, you did not win 1.000.000€ on lottery. No, your grandparents did not leave you their fortune. Sent from my LG-H440n using Tapatalk
  11. Here's the transcript of the broadcasting JW Broadcasting May 2017.pdf Forgive me if there are any errors, blame the computer. It's been an automated process
  12. It's around minute 40. After the interview with 3 brothers.
  13. The notes features of the Jw Library app will be coming soon. And by soon we mean during May 2017, this month!!!!!!!!!!! Later this year, study bible will make its way onto the app
  14. It is available as of 30 seconds ago. So far only on the Afrikaans language. More to follow! Edit: It's such a shame that this language has audio on its own language. It would've been better if it was with subtitles American Sign Language now available. It's on English.. good enough