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    Eastern Pyrenees, France
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    I was raised as a JW and got baptized when I was 17.

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  • My Interests
    Interest in other cultures, languages, and people. One of the learning ways is by travelling...!
    I studied the Inca, Aztec, and Mayan civilizations; the one that is outstanding to me is the Inca's.
    I'd like to know more about the civilizations from Mali (Africa), China, and about the Japanese culture, and many more... Time is missing...
  • My favorite books
    Proverbs - When I was a teenager, I was very impressed by the term 'inexperienced'. I didn't want to be inexperienced as a youth. I was asking Jehovah in my prayers to give me understanding, and His help so that I would never forsake Him. I loved Solomon when he was faithful to Jehovah, and especially when he requested from Him understanding - I was telling myself: this is what I want to ask Jehovah as well, understanding and wisdom, and conduct myself with integrity.
    The so-called minor Prophets
  • My favorite music
    *My favorite songs are #2 (Jehovah is Your name) and #76 (How does it make you feel?)
    *Traditional folk music from around the world because it mimics nature, simple and natural life, the way we were meant to live.
    *I like Latin American traditional music (harp from Paraguay, flutes from the Andes,...) and the joyful Mariachi music.
  • My favorite movies
    The movie about Hezekiah: 'O Jehovah... I trust in You'
  • My favorite quotes
    "...Please, let me fall into the hand of Jehovah, for his mercy is very great; but do not let me fall into the hand of man." David, 1 Chronicles 21:13

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  1. Patinage

    2019 Calendar

    May I have one as well? Beautiful! Thank you much.
  2. "Va pensiero" (known as the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves), inspired by Psalm 137 / 3rd act of the opera Nabucco (or Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar) by Verdi. Nabucco relates Babylonian captivity of the Jewish people. The finale of this opera has a song with the title Immenso Jehova ; interesting how many people knew and used the divine name at that time, and had a knowledge of the Bible and biblical characters… This reminds me of a poem by French novelist and poet, Victor Hugo – La Conscience / from the Legend of the Ages, where he mentions Jehovah’s name. Here it is in English; it’s quite long though… Victor Hugo (1802-1885) La Légende des siècles (1855-1876) La Conscience Then, with his children, clothed in skins of brutes, Dishevelled, livid, rushing through the storm, Cain fled before Jehovah. As night fell The dark man reached a mount in a great plain, And his tired wife and his sons, out of breath, Said: "Let us lie down on the earth and sleep." Cain, sleeping not, dreamed at the mountain foot. Raising his head, in that funereal heaven He saw an eye, a great eye, in the night Open, and staring at him in the gloom. "I am too near," he said, and tremblingly woke up His sleeping sons again, and his tired wife, And fled through space and darkness. Thirty days He went, and thirty nights, nor looked behind; Pale, silent, watchful, shaking at each sound; No rest, no sleep, till he attained the strand Where the sea washes that which since was Asshur. "Here pause," he said, "for this place is secure; Here may we rest, for this is the world's end." And he sat down; when, lo! in the sad sky, The selfsame Eye on the horizon's verge, And the wretch shook as in an ague fit. "Hide me!" he cried; and all his watchful sons, Their finger on their lip, stared at their sire. Cain said to Jabal (father of them that dwell In tents): "Spread here the curtain of thy tent," And they spread wide the floating canvas roof, And made it fast and fixed it down with lead. "You see naught now," said Zillah then, fair child The daughter of his eldest, sweet as day. But Cain replied, "That Eye--I see it still." And Jubal cried (the father of all those That handle harp and organ): "I will build A sanctuary;" and he made a wall of bronze, And set his sire behind it. But Cain moaned, "That Eye is glaring at me ever." Henoch cried: "Then must we make a circle vast of towers, So terrible that nothing dare draw near; Build we a city with a citadel; Build we a city high and close it fast." Then Tubal Cain (instructor of all them That work in brass and iron) built a tower— Enormous, superhuman. While he wrought, His fiery brothers from the plain around Hunted the sons of Enoch and of Seth; They plucked the eyes out of whoever passed, And hurled at even arrows to the stars. They set strong granite for the canvas wall, And every block was clamped with iron chains. It seemed a city made for hell. Its towers, With their huge masses made night in the land. The walls were thick as mountains. On the door They graved: "Let not God enter here." This done, And having finished to cement and build In a stone tower, they set him in the midst. To him, still dark and haggard, "Oh, my sire, Is the Eye gone?" quoth Zillah tremblingly. But Cain replied: "Nay, it is even there." Then added: "I will live beneath the earth, As a lone man within his sepulchre. I will see nothing; will be seen of none." They digged a trench, and Cain said: "'Tis enow," As he went down alone into the vault; But when he sat, so ghost-like, in his chair, And they had closed the dungeon o'er his head, The Eye was in the tomb and fixed on Cain. Translated by Dublin University Magazine.
  3. The 'vincero' part (I will win) at the end is amazing; the singer needs breadth, I have listened to that song sung by different artists, Pavarotti is one of the most talented to sing that one...
  4. 60 total prisoners of conscience including 8 sisters... in Russia
  5. No words are good enough to describe the striking beauty, elegance and grace of these birds, and their rich vivid showy colors. Just a living piece of art in display for our eyes to enjoy ! Our praise of gratitude and appreciation go to our magnificent God and greatest Artist, Jehovah ! And what an imagination !
  6. Although there are no lyrics to this song, her interpretation is flawless and impressive, imo. Music helps as well...
  7. Patinage

    Fifty Abduls!

    Thank you John, now I understand what the 'Abdul' is all about... Took me quite some time... 😀
  8. Patinage

    Fifty Abduls!

    Sorry Sylvie, still don't get it ! Is Abdul an application name, autocorrect software? I know that Abdul is a male given name, of Arabic origin meaning 'Servant (abd) of (al)'. So I am still confused... 🙂
  9. Patinage

    Fifty Abduls!

    why Abdul, and not another word, what does it mean? 🙂
  10. Patinage

    Fifty Abduls!

    I can understand A B D, but what about uls ? What do those letters stand for? I still don't get it.
  11. I think it’s also safe to say that we’ll be hearing more about ban notifications in the near future in other places too as we get closer to the GT
  12. Traditional music from Paraguay played by a very talented Mexican harpist, but the sound is not too good...
  13. To move those feet, what about some salsa music? These guys are from Puerto Rico. I used to listen to that music a lot a few years ago...
  14. https://www.audubon.org/news/scientists-make-plea-protect-rare-hummingbird-they-just-discovered New hummingbird discovered in Ecuador, called blue-throated hillstar… One of the ornithologists commented that 'it was very exciting' to discover that it was a new species. It makes me think how excited we will be to learn and know more about Jehovah's creation in the new world; we will be in constant awe, every single minute of it. That will be an exciting time for sure!
  15. A few days ago, I was listening to this song 'Fields of Gold' sung by Eva Cassidy ... beautiful song indeed.

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