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    1- Ecclesiastes.9:4- "There is hope for whoever is among the living, because a living dog is better off than a dead lion". So if and when we are having a hard time, we can say, as long as we are alive there is always hope. Along with our faith our hope, can move mountains. Say to yourself, it is hard right now but, it can and will get better somehow, someway, someday.

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  1. Lines of communication got crossed and my ride to meeting didn't call or pick me up for meeting tonight. Plus the phone tie in isn't working! Another meeting missed for me, I'm sad. I was ready too, even fell down in my tub taking a shower for meeting. Now sad and my hip hurts, got a nice size bruise on my hind part. :exclamation::cry:

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Life happens, and I’m so sorry. Jehovah knows the effort you put out to be there. (As we also know!) Look for a better tomorrow. 

    2. cerebral ecstasy

      cerebral ecstasy

      Hugs for you.  Maybe your ride had something happen too, I was supposed to be someone's householder tonight :(  I was really looking forward to it too.  Is there an alternate meeting you could get to at another hall?  

    3. carlos


      Charlotte, sorry that you missed your meeting.


      There's an arrangement for cases like this. Talk to one of your elders, explain what happened, and ask him if he could send you an invitation to watch the meeting. It won't be the same as being there, but it's still much better than missing it completely.

  2. Bay Area on Fire

    for and to Bro.s and Sis.s who are affected and those giving shelter. May Jehovah be with you!
  3. So happy to see my grandson from my son who I lost. He likes the videos.


    1. hatcheckgirl


      He's so cute!  My grandson (from my son who left the truth) surprised me in liking the videos too.  They are just so appealing to the young, and not so young.  Good for you, Charlotte!

    2. kejedo


      Glad that you can see your grandson

    3. Omoyeme


      So happy for you Charlotte.

  4. Most information can be researched in our publications, do you all have asset to the same information we do? I think you should, why believe word of mouth when you can research it even on the internet? What's a bride price? Money, material goods etc?
  5. Regards from Venezuela

    Sorry seems insincere in regards to y'all situation, sickness inside and discuss is what I feel along with my aching heavy heart over your circumstances. I/we do have praying for you all as our comfort, knowing that is all we are allowed to do in this case, we know Jehovah is yearning to make it all better and he will. The GB and all of us pray for your endurance, even those who have endured into Jehovah's memory (just can't say it). Y'all are not forgotten, you were part of the AM program as we were updated on your spiritual activities dispite all you are enduring. Keep the faith dear Bro.s and Sis.s, we love, love, love you and will never stop praying for you all.
  6. If a Bro's. wife is sick or unable to do the house work, some out of the kindness of their hearts do the dishes, cooking, laundry, and other household needs. Never been a required so as to be df. Some do the cooking in the family too, also not required but they prefer to. Also, if both husband and wife works outside the home they share all of the household needs just because. I know of some personally, it's not required but it's loving, kind and good, all fruits of the holy spirit which there is no law against.
  7. Don't Give Up In Fulfilling The Law Of Christ! Assembly, was great in helping to make sure I'm/we are fulfilling the laws of Christ. I'm looking forward to listening to it as well pondering it's instructions to make sure I'm doing my best to fulfill Christ laws.


    I  appreciated the way Galatians 6:2 was explained and how important it is to apply in our lives.


    Gal. 6:2~"Go on carrying the burdens of one another, and in this way you will fulfill the law of the Christ".


    Thanks to Jehovah we are educated to obtain the best life ever! 

  8. I love the way the book of Daniel is so descriptive! It's as if you feel like you are there kinda. Also, it's a great teaching tool for children in helping them to stay loyal to Jehovah when treated unkind because of our standards involving the flag and such going on in various institutions. There is so much to learn and to teach in just the first three chapters. Loyalty, trust, faith courage to name a few! I envy the parents of today's children, but i don't want to be one until the Kingdom come. That being said, you parents of young children have a lot of hard work to do with the temptations in this time of the end. Not that they are new but they are all around us with modern technology and kids are so smart that they pick up on things earlier in life than ever before. At the same time though as never before, you parents have teaching tools as never before too! It's panning out.
  9. I have finally reached making 1000th post! It only took 6 years.....lol


    1. Sheep





  10. One day assembly Sunday October 1, 2017 October Broadcast Monday October 2, 2017 Tuesday CLAM Meeting October 3, Annual Meeting Saturday October 7, 2017 I'm looking forward to the First week of this month to carry me forward through the rest of the month.
  11. Sorry we missed having our meeting yesterday because of Hurricane Harvey. It's really bad for a lot of people here. I pray for the Kingdom!



    1. Life4u


      People have to be rescued by helicopter from their homes \ apartments,  pray for the friends here! 


    2. Tortuga


      We are definitely praying for all of the friends in Texas! 

  12. Encouraging text indeed. Daily rely on Jehovah and not ourselves and our own understanding. Following Jehovah's example of love we cannot go wrong. Loving Jehovah with our whole heart, mind, souls, and strength is a daily endeavor we strive to do more and more each day.
  13. The leaves were made from literature?
  14. Van I love y'all's matching outfits! So nice.

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