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    1- Ecclesiastes.9:4- "There is hope for whoever is among the living, because a living dog is better off than a dead lion". So if and when we are having a hard time, we can say, as long as we are alive there is always hope. Along with our faith our hope, can move mountains. Say to yourself, it is hard right now but, it can and will get better somehow, someway, someday.

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  1. No problem Sis. Sometimes we get information well after others also.
  2. We had our letter read last night telling us of this information.
  3. Even chemical and or hormonal imbalances can throw some off from thinking properly, thus making them unable to think rationally enough to not commit suicide. That is why they may need help in the form of therapy and or medication. However!, these forms of help don't always keep working or never work at all. Even doctor's say some may need additional or different types of help from different forms of help. I know I've been told that even with medical doctors. So who knows why some can avoid fulfilling those impulses of committing suicide and others can't. We can't see the whole picture with our imperfect eyes of understanding, brains and simply imperfections. Jehovah and his son Jesus don't have such a limits. We don't have the right to say what may cause someone to commit suicide, what they will experience after this life. Imho! For one thing, these people already have low opinions of themselves from whatever causes and may thereby, go ahead and do it because if they already feel the lowest of hope, that will take away any amount left, and may make them go ahead and commit suicide. We are not mental health professionals. Even so what works for one does not work for all. We don't know people DNAs make-up and the F S, have told us not to recommended any health recommendations whether they be medical or mental.
  4. Sis. I think you are responding to the Sisters post, but what is the picture about? Thanks in advance.
  5. Oh, Okay. I hope it's real then. I love babies of all kinds. I've never had the pleasure of seeing one being born, happy for you!
  6. Sis., are these your cows? I asked because I'd like to see her babies feeding all at the same time. Good that mama has four feeders. Praise Jehovah's creation!
  7. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/12/boy-16-dies-after-being-crushed-by-minivan-in-school-parking-lot-despite-2-calls-to-911.amp.html I have one of those minivans! I am sorry for this families loss however, I'm for the lack of a better word, thankful that this possibility came to light. About two weeks ago I'd given a Sis. that rides a bike to meetings a ride home, we'd let the back row seats down to make room for the bike however, when I was trying to let the seat up again I pulled on the wrong level and that heavy seat almost came down on us! Thankfully both of us reached out to keep it from falling down but it could have hurt me if she wasn't right there to help me hold it up. This is important information for people who have one of these older model vans, that is dangerous if you don't know about what can happen, which I didn't know as it was purchased used. Those seats have to be in a locked position or one can become trapped like that teen did.
  8. http://www.bagitmovie.com/ I happened across this movie under documentaries on a channel on Roku. Who of you have seen it? It brought out how we shouldn't buy a lot of stuff and to keep our life simple. Now where have I heard that before? Oh yes, from the Bible! However, they were talking about not having so much plastic in our lives by what we buy, because of it all ends up in water ways, which ends up in animals, which may end up in us. In turn affecting our health, growth of babies, hormones, which is a big possibility that males want to be females and females want to be males. Our behavior, learning, and so much more are threatened because of chemicals in plastic or made of it. Wow! Got me thinking about cutting back on plastics, but mostly everything has plastic on it or comes in it. I think its going to take the Kingdom to do away with it just as everything else that's wrong with the world and us.
  9. New Orleans is dangerous too, be careful! http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2018/01/2_killed_4_injured_in_5_shooti.html
  10. Life4u

    Watchtower Library went "Kaboom"

    Yes my computer is a Dell. Thank you again!
  11. Life4u

    Watchtower Library went "Kaboom"

    I'm sorry as this has nothing to do directly with the update hcf for JW library, however, it could prevent it from working properly. This is my reason for my post, I received a update from my computer. Is it legitimate? I can't upload my screenshot but it say it's from Dell an update, BIOS current version A09, new version A11. Should I do it? Please help, I've already updated my library and don't want to mess it up. Thank you in advance.
  12. Life4u

    Recipes Needed

    Sorry Sis. I don't have any recipes, but just wanted to at least give a response. Fried fish sounds great, enjoy no matter how you have to cook it.
  13. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so so happy to see this!!!!!! Truly a time to say "Oh my God". Thank you Jehovah . I unknowly erased all of my notes on the AM I had taken on my tablet.
  14. I`am sorry but I can`t find a Jan. 2018 Broadcast on the broadcast site, what `Am I missing?

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